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Created by [FireGypsy]

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This is a Wiki dedicated to the truth about real Vampires in the world today.

Though they are not like the myths and faery tales you have heard, there are, in fact, real Vampires out there.

Vampires, in myths and tales, are immortal, bloodthirsty creatures who stalk and kill humans and drink their blood to obtain the energy they need to stay alive. For centuries, literature and movies have portrayed vampires as such. Oh the other hand, real Vampires are not like that at all. There are even some Vampires that choose to spell it "Vampyre" and with using the alternative spelling hope to differentiate themselves from the mythical Vampires.

Real Vampires are not immortal. They are not allergic to sunlight, silver, or garlic, or holy objects and a steak through the heart will kill anyone. Actually, a lot of vampires are Christian, so religion has nothing to do with vampirism. To get rid of the confusion, Vampires are completely human, except for a few traits. They tend to heal faster than humans and they need extra energy from a source other than food. Now when i say "need" i do not mean if they dont get this extra energy that they will die.

Also, Vampirism is not a religion. A religion is a chosen lifestyle based on a certain God and certain beliefs on that god. Vampires are born Vampires wether they like it or not. There is no choice in the matter. Vampires have no God they worship, and that includes satan (since a lot of people like to call us satanists).

There are a few kinds of vampires.

Sanguine Vampires or the Element User Vampires. This is the most known type of Vampire. When most people hear the word Vampire they think bloodsucker right? Well its true. Sanguine Vampires are the kind that drink blood. Unlike the myths, they dont stalk humans and kill them. They have specific human donors who are completely willing to what goes on between the Vampire and them.

Psychic (Psy) Vampires or the Powerful Vampires. A person who preys on the life energies of others. They are the type which have the ability to compel, teleport, phantomism, magic, tellekenesis, manipulate energy and reading the heart. Some Psy Vampires dont even know what they are or what they do. They tend to steal the energy around them without knowing it. When the awakening process occurrs with a Psy Vampire, he/she will start to notice that he/she is doing such.

There are several methods a Psychic Vampire can use to gain energy. There are Emotional Vampires that use attention getting behaviors to get people's attention on them emotionally and draining the emotional energy. There are Sexual Vampires whcih feed directly upon the sexual energy created by their partners during sex. There are Pranic Vampires which feed directly on human vital energy. They will pull the energy to them from accross a room or they may drain it with a touch.

Whichever one a Vampire has traits for, its all for the same purpose. Its all to gain extra energy for themselves. Wether they feel their bodies do not create enough energy or they feel they have a high spiritual metabolism and their body uses energy faster then their bodies can produce it. Every Vampire is different. Therefore every Vampire will have different traits and symptoms along with abilities.

Vampires live by a certain code. Its called "The Black Veil". Any vampire who knows his/her community well knows this code.


The Black Veil was composed by Father Sebastian Todd in 1998 and revised by Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu In 2000 and again in 2003. The Black Veil as it stands now is purely a set of guidelines and moral suggestions.


Respect yourself and present yourself so that others also respect you. Take care in who you reveal yourself to. Explain what you are, not to shock, but to teach and to inform. Do not flaunt what you are, and know that whether you want them to or not, your actions will reflect upon the rest of the community.
 Share your nature only with those with the wisdom to understand and accept it, and learn to recognize these people.


Among us, there are many different practices and many points of view. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect each person's individual choices and beliefs. Learn about them and share what you know. Our diversity is our strength, and we should not allow misunderstanding to weaken our community.
 Find the path that is right for you and uphold this freedom for others.


Do not allow your darkness to consume you. You are more than just your hunger, and you can exercise conscious control. Do not be reckless. Always act with a mind toward safety. Never feed because you think this makes you powerful; feed because this is what you must do.

Be true to your nature, but never use it as an excuse to endanger those around you.


Give respect to those who have earned it. Anyone can claim a title, but a true leader will prove him or herself through dedication, hard work, and great deeds. Even so, leaders should be guides and not dictators. Look to them as examples, but always decide for yourself what you must do.

Respect the person, not the position, and understand that your choices are always your own.


Know that there are repercussions to every action, and that you alone are responsible for your decisions. Educate yourself about risky behaviors, then always act with wisdom and common sense. Do not allow others to abuse you, but also, do not selfishly abuse.


Feeding should occur between consenting adults. Allow donors to make an informed decision before they give of themselves to you. Do not take rapaciously from others, but seek to have an exchange that is pleasant and beneficial for all.

Respect the life that you feed upon and do not abuse those who provide for you.


Reach out to others in your community. Exchange ideas, information, and support. Be hospitable to others, and appreciate hospitality when it is extended to you. Do not engage in illegal activity, for this can endanger us all.

Seek to nurture our community and support all those who do the same.

Sucking blood while having sex is taboo
- it means it is forbidden for the entire vampire race.
There are Prince and Princess in vampirism.
Van Helsing - the famous vampire hunter.
Vladimir - legendary vampire, next to Count Dracula.
Two elements of a Psychic Vampire
*Shadow User Vampire
*Spirit User Vampire

That is all I, myself, can teach you. Here is a list of sites which deal with real Vampires in the world today.


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2005-08-31 [Prince of the Vampyres]: i would have to agree with the diversity within our species. there are many kinds and there are leaders and followers. my apprentice for example. he is a newly awakened. i have taken him under my wing to show him the ways. guidance you might say. i do not control him only show him things along the way.

2005-12-06 [~*Luna*~]: I agreed with [Prince of the Vampyres]. He makes a good point.

2006-01-11 [lucetgirl]: Dude! Check out this sight! Get paid for surfing the net!

2007-02-22 [ninje]: how can you classify us as a species were evolution if anything different and controll is term too slung around now

2008-07-24 [invictusbass]: um, wow, im surprised. i felt so alone. i only know one trueblood vampire personally and i feel like such a freak around normal humans. i dont know what to call the type of vampire i am, but im glad to find others even remotely like me. i beg you, someone to please come talk to me about this at Katherine Says Hi

2008-08-08 [Blackshire]: I am deeply moved by this wiki as well, Anastasia <3

2008-08-08 [invictusbass]: lol i didn't show it to you. katherine did.

2009-06-15 [..Curious..]: I read on a website that one thing you can point out a vampire with are their eyes.. a dark ring around the iris and a different color than most of your eye around the pupil, and every vampire has it. Is that true?

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