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Covenstead Members<img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png>Guide to Play<img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png>Maps and Directions


A Paradise in the Making

a place for
Pagans and Free Thinkers
To Gather, Live and Play

[LynnAnneBrown] Crone, [moira hawthorne] Mother, [wicked fae mage] Maiden, [Madhalf Heatlump] Bard, [Rebulous] Healer, [Araglas] Hunter.

If this place sounds like fun, come join us down in the comment room and make yourself at home.


In the meantime let me tell how how Covenstead came to be......

And so begins the tale of Covenstead

I'd like to begin by showing you the map.


Georgious, Isn't it

[moira hawthorne] our Head Cartographer has been doing an incredible job of helping folk figure out how to lay claim in ElfTown and seeing that it gets put on the Map. She's taken a rough scratch, the map I'd quickly fashioned when I first got here and got folk to help her turn it into what it is now.

To Lay your claim, and for help in making your own edition of this map. See Moria over at Maps and Directions.


Now let me take you to that place on the road where it all began

[LynnAnneBrown] *Sits in an comfortable old chair, beneath the wide spreading branches of an ancient oak tree. Pulls out a map from a weathered leather satchel at her feet and begins to examine it.*

[moira hawthorne] *Dressed in a bright red and black hunting suit, with her her bow and quiver stung jaunitly over her shoulder, singing merrily as she makes her way down the Ramblers Way making her way toward the spot where raven had made her call.

[LynnAnneBrown] *Hearing the song, she raises her eyes and sees her friend approaching. Setting down the map she rises and walks over to greet her. Gives her a hug and gestures for her to come join her over by the tree.*

[moira hawthorne] I caught your thoughts, did I hear you right, you found the spot?

[LynnAnneBrown] Yes and I've just finished laying the claim and now you are the first to know of it. I know we've talked about this forever, now we have a place to build.

[moira hawthorne] So what name do you give to it?

[LynnAnneBrown] *smiling gleefully* Covenstead

[moira hawthorne] *trying not to crack a smile as she proceeds with the ritual of the calling of the names.

And what name do you give yourself?

[LynnAnneBrown] RavenLynnBrown, Crone of Covenstead, Mistress of Alvanby, Keeper of this grove.

[moira hawthorne] And what name do you give for me to be known by?

[LynnAnneBrown] moira hawthorne, Lady of Covenstead, Mistress of Caledon, Mother of this Grove.

[moira hawthorne] Then it is done.

*puts her arm around her friends shoulder and asks*

So what's the plan.

[LynnAnneBrown] *takes a seat in her chair and gestures to another inviting moira to sit.*

I was thinking we could start by making a nice little home for The UNofficial Coven complete with gallerys to showcase the UNofficial Contests.

But before we get to far ahead. I'd like to send a note to [wicked fae mage], I think she is out of earshot, I know that they've been doing roadwork since that big storm over in ElfTown. Let her know what going on.....

*Pulls her writing implements out of the satchel, spreads out a sheet of parchment on a writing board she rests upon her lap, dips her quill into a silver inkwell and pens a note to wicked*

Dear Wicked

I have just claimed a small piece of land in the south end of ElfTown that I have named Covenstead. What I want to build there is a Pagan Estate a beautiful place for pagan folk to gather. I am proud to say that [moira hawthorne] has offered to help with the building. And I thought you might also be interested as well. The first thing I would like to see built is a special place for The UNofficial Coven to call home complete with galleries to showcase the art the has been entered in our contests.

I hope that you are interested

Sincerely [LynnAnneBrown] Crone of Covenstead

*Dusts and folds the parchment, melts wax across the join, and places her thumb across into warm red glob to seal the words. hands it to her companion bird Corva and asks him mentally to bring it to wicked*

[moira hawthorne] What you think of the gallery name?

[LynnAnneBrown] I think you have one in mind, my friend. What be it?

[moira hawthorne] Now I could be normal and name it The UNofficial Winners Galley but I think a name like The Bridh Gallery would be nicer... Bridh being goddess of Crafts and Arts.

[LynnAnneBrown] *Rises from her chair, walks to the mouth of the grove she has chosen for the gallery, stares vacantly for a moment, nods her head, stretch out her arms, and declares*

Lady Bridh
Goddess of Craft and Arts
Poet, Smith, and Healer
I ask you here
to bless us with your name
as I dub the new home
Of The UNofficial Coven's
Collection of Art

The Bridh Gallery

[moira hawthorne] *After awhile of enjoying Raven's company and waiting for Wicked to make her appearance Moira Fae rises from her chair, bids Raven a cheery farewell and leaves, heading in the direction of Elftown. Soon tho she returns draggin [Madhalf Heatlump] to Covenstead.*
HIHI! *waves to Raven again.* I figured we needed a resident Bard and Satyr!!!

[Madhalf Heatlump]: What is required of me in said position? Or positions lol

[moira hawthorne]: oooooh you can use your imagination! *wink*

[LynnAnneBrown] Greetings [Madhalf Heatlump] I bid you welcome and name you Bard of Covenstead, Master of Gaventry.

[LynnAnneBrown] *sees Corva flying in, holding a note in his beak, and raises her arm to receive her friend*

~Thankyou, Corva~ *removing the parchment from Corva's beak

(Corva) ~Welcome, Raven~ *flies away in search of food*

[LynnAnneBrown] You'll have to excuse me a moment, folks.

*walks over to the great oak, which has now started growing itself into an outdoor office and makers lounge complete with desks and comfortable chairs and cubby holes to store all the miscellany.*

~Thankyou Druinda, I see that you have been making youself very busy, I love what you have done to the place~

(Druinda) *Rustles her leaves gently* ~I am glad you like it.~

[LynnAnneBrown] *pulls up a chair, sits at her desk, and breaks the bright read seal with a silver letter opener and proceeds to read.

Dear Raven

I would also love to help in anyway possible. Unfortunately we had a big storm out my way and the roads are in rough shape, but I will try to make it out as often as possible.

Sincerely [wicked fae mage] Maiden of Covenstead

*pulls a fresh sheet of parchment and the most recent of moira's maps of Covenstead and begins to write.

Dear Wicked

I am sorry to hear about the problems with your roads. I hope you are able to make it over soon. In the meantime I thought I'd show you some of what we have been up to so far. moira and I have started mapping out the place and would like to have you claim your home and offer idea's for the rest of the place before we get to far along.

I am enclosing the latest copy of the map so you can see where we are going. If you feel comfortable adding to the map yourself we would welcome seeing your version, if not either moira or I will be most willing to help.


P.S Moira thought you might like somewhere near the windy stream.

*Dusts, folds and seals the letter, places it in a small pouch with a long pull string tie and hangs it from one of Druinda's branches.*

~Corva, when you have finished eating, would you take a letter over to Wicked~

(Corva) ~Of Cccooourse.~

[LynnAnneBrown] ~You'll find it, hanging from one of Druinda's branches.~

(Corva) ~I see it now~ *swoops in and catches the string of the pouch, disappearing almost before he is seen.*

[LynnAnneBrown] *catching sight of madhalf*

Why don't you sing us a song while were waiting for Wicked to get here? Maybe Mystic Us?

Lyrics too if you can remember them.....

*sees a yellow hat bobbing up Rambler's Way and the head of her friend Rebulous smiling blithely beneath it.

Hello Rebulous, Welcome Friend, I am glad your wanders brought you here today. So what think you? Want to be a part of this.

[Rebulous] I'd love to be a part of this, but I'm not sure what I could contribute. I wouldn't mind having a simple little hovel or tent in-between the clothing optional beach and the mouth of the river. I suppose I could care for plants and trees - sort of a gardener, if this place could use such a person. Or I could just hang out (no pun intended) at the beach all day long. I could even just stand in the middle and fly a kite and wave cheerily at passersby.

[LynnAnneBrown]: Lets see. What could Rebulous offer to our little tribe. Good Company to start with, and that is always welcome. Lovely photographs, A garden, what a brilliant idea, What would a community be without a place to get it's food and medicine. And I think that you will need a little more than a hovel if you are going to set up a Holistic Practice here. Imagine what you would like to have if you could set up a healing center and I will help you with building.

Think about it, wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere and get your treatment. Take a sauna if it would help. Have a theraputic hot tub. A comfortable room, where folks don't mind waiting.

And I suspect that where you are thinking of, down by the lake would be a great place for both the gardens and healers cottage. Right next to all the action next to the Nikkid Beach. Of course you'll probably want to hone up on that old "Burnt Butt" for all those Nikkid People who are sure they can jump all the way to the otherside of that bonfire.

[moira hawthorne]: which stream? the one closest to my place or raven's?

[Rebulous] Ohhhh yes, I like these ideas! A herbal garden. Yes. And a Holistic Practice. A Healing Centre. A fine start I should thinkest.

[LynnAnneBrown] *Sees another shining face, Making it's way to Covenstead.

*smiles* ~Another fresh face, I love it.

[Araglas] this is very interesting!!! I like it! ^^

[LynnAnneBrown]: Hello Araglas, Welcome to Covenstead, make yourself at home.

[Araglas] Thank you LadyRavenLynn I will!! ^_^

[moira hawthorne]: I think Araglas should be Master of Foxes! lol

[Araglas] Lol Master of Foxes? lol

[moira hawthorne]: a pagan friendly version of the fox hunt... more like hide and seek with craftey foxes leading a merry chase... just an idea...

[LynnAnneBrown]: Oh I love it absolutely, I know folk who just love bein chased, till they let someone catch them, it should be fun. So would you like that Araglas? To be Master of the Foxes.

[Araglas]: Lol of course! That sounds like a merry idea! I do love a good game of hide and seek...I was champion of my family! lol till they found my hiding spot under the bathroom sink lol

[LynnAnneBrown]: Sounds Wonderful. Then How about we name you both. [Rebulous], Healer of Covenstead, Master of Inaswell and [Araglas] Hunter of Covenstead, Master of the Foxes.

[moira hawthorne] *gives both her friends a Fae hug* Glad to have you both here! Check out the wiki Maps and Directions to stake your place on our land... If you need help I can fancy up around your place as long as you let me know what you want and where.

[LynnAnneBrown] *smiles widely*


And Now that
You have seen
How we all got here
Lets' pick up our maps
And move onto

Covenstead Page 2

and start the next part of our story

Covenstead Members<img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png>Guide to Play<img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png>Maps and Directions

If you have any question, Visit us in the Comment Gallery Below.


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2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: Im draggin [Madhalf Heatlump] to Covenstead as we need a resident Bard and Satyr!!!

2009-02-24 [Madhalf Heatlump]: What is required of me in said position? Or positions lol

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: oooooh you can use your imagination! *wink*

2009-02-24 [Madhalf Heatlump]: Well I guess the first thing I'll do is become the part....

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: yes yes... and if you are any good at map making stake your claim on some land.... if not... tell me and Ill help you... we need wicked to choose where she wants her home...

2009-02-24 [Madhalf Heatlump]: There's a map somewhere? lol

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: see at the top of the wiki...Maps and Directions

Covenstead Members <img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png> Maps and Directions <img:stuff/aj/186536/Covenstead-button.png> Guide to Play


2009-02-24 [LynnAnneBrown]: I got a response from wicked saying the net in her area is acting up like nuts and that she is going to make it in as often as possible. I think that I will rewrite it slightly to fit the story. I will turn the problems with the net into roadwork, or a bridge washing out, or something. I am going to give it some thought as I archive the maps.

Here is the text of the letter I will be adapting.

Dear Raven

I would also love to help in anyway possible. The net's been screwy here, but other than that I'm usually a dedicated Elftowner. ><;;; I'll be on as often as possible.

Sincerely [wicked fae mage] Maiden of Covenstead

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: sure... sounds great... I hope she can be online soon tho and state her claim in Covenstead

2009-02-24 [LynnAnneBrown]: Me too, I will send her a note, letting her know about the work we are doing on the map and inviting her to make her claim.

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: maybe you should email her the updated map...

2009-02-24 [LynnAnneBrown]: That's a very good idea, Thanks

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: better send her the one I just updated... she may like the windy stream...

2009-02-24 [moira hawthorne]: where on the map is the great oak? up by the road and Bridh's galley an Odin inn... or down by your home?

2009-02-25 [moira hawthorne]: updated the map... again...

2009-02-25 [Madhalf Heatlump]: Nyah nyah nyah me too lol
Just let me know if Faerffolke Woods is too big (I'm a little greedy lol)

2009-02-25 [moira hawthorne]: big house! hey Ill move it to the map page tho..,

2009-02-25 [Madhalf Heatlump]: I need the room for all the beautiful Nymphs to stay in when required... ;)

2009-02-25 [moira hawthorne]: well you are right on one of the streams so they shouldnt have any problem getting to their fav satyr

2009-02-25 [Madhalf Heatlump]: *shwing* ;)


2009-02-25 [Rebulous]: I'd love to be a part of this, but I'm not sure what I could contribute. I wouldn't mind having a simple little hovel or tent in-between the clothing optional beach and the mouth of the river. I suppose I could care for plants and trees - sort of a gardener, if this place could use such a person. Or I could just hang out (no pun intended) at the beach all day long. I could even just stand in the middle and fly a kite and wave cheerily at passersby.

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