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Helan går with soundfile

Det här är den mest kända svenska snapssången. Alla svenskar kan den, även om man sjunger den lite olika.
This is the most famous Swedish snapssång (a song that you sing before taking a snaps (vodka)). Every Swede knows this, even if some of them sing it a little different.

This is the first song in the tradition that says when the guest arrive you give them a glass of (for example) 12 cl of vodka (snaps, not pure, but tasty and still strong). This one is called "Helan" (the whole, the big one). Then they can drink as much as they want, but the second drink has to be "Halvan" (the half) which is 6 cl. Then 3 cl, 1,5 cl, 0.75cl... So the guests never drink more than 23.9999 cl.

Helan går!

Helan går, sjung "hoppfadirallanlallanlej"
helan går, sjung "hoppfadirallanlej."
Den som inte helan tar,
han heller inte halvan får,
helan gååååååååååår,
*klunk* *klunk* *klunk* (that means: Drink here!)
sjung "hoppfadirallanlej".

Not so good translation (singable)

Hell and gore
Chung Hop father Allan Allan ley.
Hell and gore
Chung Hop father Allan ley.
Oh handsome in the hell and tar
hand hell are in the half and four.
Hell and gore
Chung Hop father Allan ley.

A less bad translation (not singable)

The whole is going, sing "hoppfadirallanlallanlej"
The whole is going, sing "hoppfadirallanlallanlej"
And the one who doesn't take the whole, he doesn't get the half either!
The whole is going, sing "hoppfadirallanlallanlej"

First bad recordning:


Some more to drink and a second try:


Now the wine... I mean the snaps, starts to work:


Starting to getting tired of this:




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