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How do I advertise my wiki
How do I block members
How do I get more text colours
How do I Join a Wiki
How do I make a forum
How do I make a relation
How do I make a wiki page
How do I make a poll
How do I talk on ET
How do I upload Art
How do I upload moods


How do I use html here?
See Pseudo HTML

Ok, I have looked at How do I upload Art, but How do I put an image in my description? Look at img


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2011-12-15 [Teufelsweib]: you can't, you can delete your description, name and everything and never log in again, but you can't delete your account.

2012-03-03 [hjkhjk]: when the developer created this site I think they forgot to run through the CRUD design... right now it is CRU no DELETE ><

2012-05-10 [~yup thats me~]: How do I delete my profile?

2012-05-10 [Yuriona]: Read up two comments.

2013-05-02 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: Can someone tell me how to upload a photo from a iPhone please cause I have a photo I want to use as my profile pic but I can't upload it

2013-05-02 [SilverFire]: Elftown's not really phone-friendly and I don't think you can upload a photo from your iPhone directly, sorry. :(

2013-05-08 [thorfinn]: how do i submit a story and become and an elfwood writer?

2013-05-08 [SilverFire]: Elfwood and Elftown are two separate things. :) If you want to become an Elfwood writer, you need to join that site (

If you want to submit a story here, on Elftown, you should checked out the Featured Story.

2013-08-22 [Pichu Yang]: Poor website, can't get deleted my account.
It is a big joke when I heard you can't remove the memory although you don't want it anymore.
And this website is very clutter, unfriendly GUI.

2014-01-04 [Lady_Tigreshee]: Wow, I joined in 2005 and I've not been here since. Please delete my account. Honestly, having my account chew up needed server space is a waste. You could upload someone's artwork for this space. Please delete my account. Thank you.

2014-11-07 [Douchbag11]: Fun fact,seeing as I've read up on things,if a person does wish to delete and account and funny thing here A LOT OF PEOPLE DO,the admins of a page are obliged to delete the account,now if the admins of the page refuse,+ to do just that,the can (and trust me will) be sued for missuse of personal information that has been given upon registering,so please do delete the accounts that are asked to be deleted ,my account insluded seeing as I made it while I was a brat that actually thought this was fun.You have a week time to delete my account,cuz I swear to god I will sue yer asses if you dont.The accounts I want you to delete are Blitzking22 and this account.

2014-11-07 [Douchbag12]: Yea Delete Douchbag12 too(was Blitzking22)

2015-01-03 [delete_001]: please delete account "delete_001"

2017-01-26 [violentworld]: please delete "violent_world"

2017-01-27 [Paul Doyle]: How do I explain the appeal of shredded wheat to the unshredded masses?

2017-05-20 [deletedguy]: please delete "deletedguy"

2017-06-02 [deleted10]: please delete "deleted10"

2017-06-05 [Yuriona]: Elftown houses cannot be deleted. Please stop acting.

2019-04-01 [Frostmournd]: Can houses be deleted now? Come on, i mean, it's 2019 already. Please delete "frostmournd"

2019-04-01 [Yuriona]: Nope. Sorry. ^_^

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