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One day I was sitting here bored and wondering how people choose their names. Did you chose at random, picked a fantasy name, or were you communicating something important (that everyone is sure to miss)?
Now exactly, what is a "[spincrus]"? Why a "[Calico Tiger]"? And what makes [Jitter]" jitter?


You may also be interested in How on Earth did you find Elftown?, I use Elftown because, Elftown Memes and Geek Wiki.


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- Names should be posted under the proper letter in 'Alphabetical order'!
- Names starting with symbols go to the bottom of the wiki.
- Names that have been changed and no longer fit their description are removed.
- If you post your explanation in comments your name will not be posted.
- Please, please try to use proper grammar and spelling. I understand that english might not be your mother tongue (it's not mine either) but at least simple things like capitalising your "I"s can be easily done, no? :)






<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Acceber] Well, my name is rather simple. It's my real first name backwards. It's generally takes people quite a while to realise that. =) I love the username Acceber though... it's so easy to spell and remember. Which is great for me since I'm so forgetful xD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Aeolynn] At first my name was Aeolian, which I thought sounded cool and I'm obsessed with the element wind and Aeolian are people that follow the wind god Aeolus and yeah lots of vowels which I always liked. However, now, Aeolynn is the main character in a novel I will one day complete, as well as my Guild Wars main character, as well as a roleplay character :] (I eventually switched to Aeolynn because it is more feminine then Aeolian).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Alistaire] It's my first name.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Alexi Ice] I was born under the Zodiac sign ‘Cancer’ on what is called the ‘cusp’ (the changing of one sign to the other) so I hold traits from both my Cancer moon and Leo sun signs. Thus I have been fascinated with the balance between fire and ice/moon and sun/yin and yang. I created a character once named Ice and became very overly attached to him. He was my heart, the way I am but not the way I show myself to be, and Ice was the opposite of Haku (a character made by my brother) In the story Ice and Haku feed off of each other’s strength and made the other stronger. I searched for something that was both a pretty word and something that matched the balance I was looking for. When I ran across Akane in a name search engine it was so pretty and is the rough Japanese translation of the English word Crimson. Whenever I think of the color crimson I think of blood and Haku’s sword called the Soul Stealer which would take your soul essence from within the blood that it drew when he sliced you. I looked for the word for Ice but it was only slightly different from the English translation so I decided to simply keep the name Ice as it were. So yes, my name is just a color and an element much like a lot of other peoples, but it does have a pretty advanced back-story and I did put a lot of thought into it when I changed from the famous Mitsuki the wolf girl. 
<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Akayume] is a word that a friend of mine liked to use. He always said, "If you need to find me, search for this name." So when I came here, I decided to use it. 'Akayume' is a Japanese word, a combination of the words 'red' and 'dream' to create it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Akeatia] is a name with a very long history; but to make a long story short this is how I came to know and use the name "Akeatia". I AM DEAD SERIOUS THIS IS TRUE YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE ME BUT THIS IS NO LIE! One day my friend and I were playing with a Ouija board and my friends asked to get possessed; and she actually did. But because of this possession; when I got exposed to the spirit that possessed her my psychic powers "woke up" and ever since I've been able to communicate with spirits of all kinds. Akeatia is the name of one of my favorite, and most trusted spirit I know.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Aldalome] originates form the Quenya words: ‘Alda’ and ‘Lómë’, meaning ‘Tree’ and ‘Shadow’ in English. I think it fits me for a lot of reasons. One of them is that I always go sit under a tree to calm down, and that I can be sitting there so quietly that people have trouble noticing me when they accidentally pass by.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Anti_Anti_Groups]: I have had so many people say this is odd or what it means. To begin it must be analyzed in two parts. The first is just 'Anti.' It means exactly what it says. Now the second part '_Anti_Groups' is also simple. The underscroes mearly show that they are connected (as some online spaces do not accept spaces, but do accept underscores). To properly show what it means it would be easier to change "groups" to anything you want. For this examle, one that I use a lot, I will use Harry Potter. So it would be "Anti Harry Potter Groups." Very despisable group, no? They will be doing what they do and annoy everyone and just be really stupid. Now insert the original 'Anti' to create Anti_Anti_Harry_Potter_Groups. This means you are against those 'Anti Groups' and thus make you 'Harry Potter Groups' (two negativves cancel). So, just insert any name you want and it will work for you. Honestly people should mind their business more (which is why it is up there). However, this does not apply to politics just as the rules of reality do not apply to it. If you try you will hurt yourself and look really stupid. For those who still don't get it, it is a cynical statement of all those nosy people who will complain a lot (and might cause some problems!) about a certain thing and form to stop it. Even though everyone may like it they may volentarily twist some part of it so much that it stands against a small tiny, uknown pillar in their religion/views. Thus, they hinder society. Thus, they deserve to be mocked.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Aradon Templar] I went through a number of name changes. The current one has most of its basis in a wiki I used to be actively involved in. I wanted a roleplay name that sounded fantasy-type, so I thought and thought and came up with Aradon Triten (because any name that's about that long, starts with A, ends in n, and has a d/r/o sound in it ends up sounding fantasy-type- Aiden, Aragorn, Allanon, all teh cool names). I picked Templar for the second word, however, because I was previously [Templar of the Lord], and all teh non folks said I was staying Templar/Tempie whether I wanted to or not.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[arthemis_] - My own name is Cynthia. When I looked that up in a Dutch encyclopedia I read that it was sthe nickname of the goddess Arthemis. Yes, with an h. Since then, I adopted that name as my own. Mind you, I have it like since the birth of the internet. Later I've been bombarded by comments that said: you are saying it wrong it's Artemis! (from Dutchies too) But I ignore them, because I'm so used to writing it with an h, and it said so in that particular book I've found it in. So. Arthemis. The underscore is simply because the name Arthemis already existed on this site.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Asrun] - I used to be really into jRock, and there was a song on Gackt's solo album called 'asrun dream' which is hauntingly beautiful. So, it steamed from that. I'm also fearn and vireo on some other sites.. Fearn being my celtic zodiac and vireo being a little song bird.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Atayemi] - Well originally my name was 'the darkness within' which I thought was slightly twee and I wanted a name which was just one word. I ran to [Zab] and she thought of [Atayemi] for me! Thanks, Zab! :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Avatar15] - My name is a combination of my favorite show and age a month or so after I joined Elftown. I also love element(s) in general. It works whichever way you assume the reason is, I suppose, but it was my love for the television series and fictional element powers that really created it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Avoral] - Mine is the name of my V:tM character (who, in turn, was named after a D&D creature). Avoral, amidst the delirium of his Embrace, heard a single word in an unknown language. It came to him the second he died, but like a dream, he lost it when he awoke. Everyone in his bloodline had this experience, and everyone took from it an altered version of what can only be presumed was the same word. Intuitively, each took it on as his name--or at least as an alias.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Ayame the Snake] - Have you heard of the anime/manga called Fruits Basket? No!? Oh well. Then this is lost to you. >.< But my name comes from one of the zodica. Ayame is the snake. So there fore you have, [Ayame the Snake]. Why Ayame? Well I was born in the year of the Snake. That's why.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Biohazardous Peach] - my friend was hungry and said I should have been born a peach. friend number two replied with "she'd be a poisonous peach. she needs a biohazard label"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Morithin] - it is a fun word to say, but none the less it seems to some up my religious tendencies in one word, I am a devout athiest and in most all religions that is blasphemy.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Bleeding_Black] - Its mainly from one of my favourite songs by AFI - Bleed Black. However I made it a long time ago on another site and when coming here I chose to keep it. For me it means when all that is inside is rotting and feeling like your life is fading your blood isn't red with life, its black with poison. The song was important to me so I thank AFI.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Bliz] - "Bliz" has been my nickname for almost any and all groups and sites that I've signed up with on the net, and has been for a good ten years. It started, I believe, with Diablo II, as a shortened version of my user name, which I don't really remember anymore. Since then it has simply stuck with me wherever I go, and I don't think I could get rid of it if I tried.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Blue Highway] - My name was derived from my favourite book "Blue Highways", written by William Least Heat Moon. There have been times where this book has been my one and only inspiration, my 'survival kit' :) For information:
It's still one of my biggest wishes to one day have the opportunity to travel those same roads, and write my own story about it.
It's the only one of his books I've read upto now, I'd love to have the other 5 as well...especially "PrairyErth" and his latest "Roads to Quoz"(2008). I'll be sure to add them to my list of birthday wishes :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[bradlibunlimited] - "Bradlib" is my handle. (My first and last names conjoined). I added the unlimited waay back in the day because I like to think of myself as someone impossible to hold back with limits. I use this name for everything.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Calico Tiger] - OMG my nerdiness shall be shown! Years and years and years ago (back when I was 19) I had a superhero character calledCat. She was a humanoid/anthro calico woman. When I did the picture for her, I realized that she needed more to her than just the calico markings. So I added in stripes. And lo and behold, Calico Tiger was born! I still use that character design for appearance for this character name in general. Add to it that my favorite animals are tigers, and Iadore calicos, and there you have it :) And as a side trivia, calico tiger is an actual cat coloration! They're very pretty cats :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Captain Rachel Black] - When I first joined ET I was a very hormonal emotional 13 year old girl with no real direction in life. This was most certainly reflected in my names which ranged from Don't just live thrive to more tweeny things like Luke Wieland Lover >.<' I was so Naive back then it makes me want to puke...but! archaic history aside, an event occured over the summer of my 9th grade year where my life changed, I discovered a small part of who I really was. With this ephiphany came the realization that I needed a permanent representation on ET mainly through my name. By this time I had already created the rpg The Wind Arrow and my leading character whithin that story is the female pirate Captain Rachel Black. I realized that my name that I should come to be known as for the rest of time on ET was staring me in the face through the guise of the witty, clumsy, and only slightly insane Captain Rachel Black. But, how I created her name is a different story. I wanted something that included my actual name, thus: Rachel. The Captain part was obvious. Lastly I needed a last name that rolled off the tongue, like Captain Jack Sparrow. Maybe it's because Black ryhmes with Jack, but for some reason that seemed to fit. Thus Captain Rachel Black was born.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Cassave] - "Cassavius Grandsire" is a character from the horror novel "Malpertuis" by Jean Ray. In short: Uncle Cassave is a dying warlock that has trapped the ancient gods of the Olympus inside the "skins" of ordinary people and keeps them in imprisoned a crumbling old mansion named Malpertuis. Cassave is also manioc...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Caterin S.] - My name has gone through a lot before becoming near perfection. :P It started when I began to write my real name (Katja) with a C, because I was bored of it. Then it shortened to Cat, which has been my nickname since I was 15. Around that time in our confirmation camp we had "a wedding" and all the people (except for the bride and the groom who were chosen in advance) picked up their roles from a hat. I ended up as Dana Scully, a character from one of my favourite tv shows. (X-files in case someone slept through the 90's.) I lost the first name and kept the last one, so my artist name was long time Cat Scully. She was also my alter ego in a terrible science fiction novel me and my two friends were writing together around the time we were 15 years old. In that story Cat's real name was Caterin, her roots were somewhere in Russia. So I decided to go for that name here in ET: Caterin S. S standing for Scully, naturally. (I've had some moments thinking should I change the name since my bf thinks it sounds like "gathering ass", but so far I've sticked to it.)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Charismaladyn] - In order to come up with unusual names, I roll various sounds around on my tongue and see what sounds nice. I usually write down patterns of sounds too. This one came to me when I was developing my first pen name, Charisma, back in the 9th or 10th grade. My attention became distracted by conversation with a friend during such development, and for some reason I began to think of the movie "Aladdin". The two sounds started crashing together - "Charisma-Aladdin" - and with a few tweaks, namely an initial 'sh' rather than 'ch', and an accent on every other syllable, I had the pronunciation 'SHA-rihs-MAHL-ah-DIHN' Thus began the development of my fantasy character. There are other names, of course, that I've come up with over the years, but they all started with this one.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Chimes] - I'm not going to list all of the usernames I have had on this site, it would take too long. XD This one is a shortened version of one of my old usernames 'As The Third Bell Chimes.//.' I got bored of it and wanted something quick and easy. I also love the sound of Chimes and, as many know, I am a very, very musical person so it suits me perfectly. This is the only site I use this username on, however. My other usernames tend to be 'SapphireEyedStranger', 'KeyChild', 'TheBrokenDoll' and 'ChaoticVocality'. I was tempted to use one of those on here but it wouldn't seem right. Chimes was created for this site and shall stay here for all of time. ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Cia_mar] well, actually I was studying gaelic and the first lesson I learned was the "how are you?" lesson.. and in scottish gaelic that is written "ciamar a tha thu?" (pronounced "key-yah mar a ha oo") I liked the name Cia, but it is always taken so I started using Cia_mar so that I could get Cia as my nick name!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Cina] My real name is Christina, but when I was but a small lass I couldn't pronounce such a lengthy name. So instead I called myself Cina (pronounced Kee-nah) and my two older brothers caught on and started calling me that all the time. Growing up I liked the nickname because I am the only member of my family whose name is longer than four letters, and shortening it seemed natural. Many friends of the family growing up actually thought Cina was my given name! (Note: when my brothers were angry at me growing up, they would shorten it to "keenz". a.k.a. "way to go, Keenz.")

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Chishio] i picked this cause of one of my OC's(naruto) her jutsu is Chishio Kumo no Mai(Dance of the Blood Cloud) so i just took the Chishio from it. Chishio means Blood in Japanese. i think it sounds pretty.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [CuteCommander] This is an odd one. One night while hanging with some friends and browsing National Socialist Black Metal bands on YouTube, we spotted a poster of something like a soldier with what sorta looked like 'Cute Commandant' written in gothic writing beneath it. I've kinda used it as a username for a lot of things ever since.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Daisy_Sandybanks] I found this name through an online Hobbit Name Generator (isn't there a wiki around here related to that?) when I was a memeber of a Lord of the Rings forum (a long, long time ago). It was simple, I loved (and still love) Hobbits and I enjoyed the 'Daisy' bit of it. I regret using the _ to link both the first and last part of the name, but I've had it as is for too long (and Im a lazy ass) to change it. I also made Daisy Sandybanks into an actual RP character at one point, but that didn't last for very long, as my interest in RPing faded away. So yeah, that is that.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Dark Side of the Moon] From the infinitely awesome Pink Floyd album of the same name.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[dayah]- When the tv show Hercules was on, his wifes name was Dayahnaira (surely spelled differntly) but ever since then it has stuck, not to mention its the name of the main character in the story I am writing.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Deadlock jester] decided to add deadlock to my name when I was new to big cities, and I got into deadlocks on a dayly basis. The jester part is a nickname friends gave to me for my..jester-ish behavior :p

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[deeterhi]the name came when watching t.v. there was this guy on it who's name was deeter. I don't know if it was his real name or a nickname but I liked it. deeterhi came together during my visual computing class in college when we were making our own webpages, I was making a webcomic. we needed to sign up to this domain. etc. etc. basically, I liked the name deeter, can't remember if there was someone else who already had the name. I thought "hey, I'm a decently friendly person, so I'll just add 'hi' onto the end of it" and that's how it came together.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[de Morte] came to me a few years ago because I've had a slight obsession with death and I wanted a new screen name (my old one being Elskestar) Well somehow I came to a translating site and looked up the word "death" and came out with a few versions, one that I love being "morte" meaning "a dead woman" I added "de" in front of it so that it now means "of (the) dead woman" This name also suits me because of my vampiric tenancies.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[dew_farie] My name was actually chosen for me. I was looking through pictures of faries and saw one that just literally jumped out and grabbed me. The picture is on my homepage as well.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Diiwica]My name comes from a goddess. A friend gave it to me because I love to walk in moon light. I don't remember what culture but, I do know that she is a goddess of many things I think most often associated with Dana *I could be wrong*. Since it was given to me its always stuck.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Dinduwen] My name is actually one of those faerie name generator names from some site, I've forgotten which, that I came across 7 yrs ago when I had my daughter. It is supposedly fae for Stephanie, my daughter's name, don't know if it is or not, but fell in love with it and use it for everything.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Dint] My 5 older siblings bestowed me with the name Dint when I was a toddler. It's a weird spin-off of my real name, Jacinta. They gave me other nicknames too, (Justilla, Bacinta, and Stinky) but they didn't stick like this one. That's pretty much it, really! 

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Doormat] Originally it was DiabloJr. after my favourite game at the time :S (I'm still waiting for teh Diablo 3 :O). Also came from playing around with satanisms and such :P. Doormat: always the underdog. Because it feels so good when you win, or when you eviscerate your opponents (from one of my poems of the same name)...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[I have left]: Originally, I was Dragonkid but since I grew out of my childhood years I decided an update was in need. So I thought of what would give an interesting picture and I remembered I was writing a story about a dragon's Scribe and how he lived. The idea of a man sitting to the side of a dragon with a notebook and pencil writing down what his master said seemed intriguing and thus I have been the assistant.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Dragonous] My name was out of a book that I was writting and still have not finished. When i finish it and get a copy right i will post it on elftown first in a wiki.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Draugluin]*Stole it from reference pages in the back of the silmarillion XP.(added by Jitter, originally posted in comment)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Draymond]: Now I can't recall which came first, my screename for ET, or the name of an anthro type draconian I created as my 'fursona'...or 'scalesona' if you will. Perhaps too the influence for the name came spontaneously for the need of a name that immediately brought dragons to mind...but Dragon as a screename was albeit quite unoriginal, uncreative, and too broad of a word generalizing a whole universe of ideas versus identifying the induvidual; myself. Whilst in a fray of choosing between an arsenal of my own character names, I happened upon a simple play on words...combining what seemed rather badass at the time; guns and dragons. *cheeky smile* An added 'y' and a changed vowel contorted the word dragon into [Draymond], my longstanding screename (I've not changed it since I first was accepted to ET). In writing and in art, I've taken it upon myself to develop this fantasy representation of myself, and it makes for a good nickname. ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Duhe Rahn] My name is just my penname. I actually have a really strange story behind it, but for the basic jyst it means Dark Phoenix. Kind of cheezy, I know, but I still like it (added by Jitter, originally posted in comment)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Duke Devlin] Well, basically as a child I adored the anime 'Yugioh'. It was amazing to my young mind :) And of course my favourite character was Duke, or Ryuji as he is known in the original Japanese version. Sadly I only ever saw the 4kids dub version, so I can't say I loved his original character, but he really appealed to me when I watched it. So much so that my Elftown name became his, and I have grown a deep obsession with Dice, plural. Seriously, I am never seen without my hanging dice-earring. :) Very special is he to me.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Easterling] - At the time when I was becoming an elftowner we were in the middle of the frenzy about the Lord of the Rings movies. I remember that a friend of mine dressed up as an elf when we were going to see one of them (I think it was the second one), a group of other friends were learning the elf language and so on... Myself, I've always liked the Easterlings better - those soldiers from the east who comes with their gigant olifants andreally should have beaten the crap out of Legolas instead of the other way around.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Elegy - gone] - I actually came by it one day I was browsing through the thesaurus, and it was love at first sight. Something about the word 'elegy' just rang out to me, and I knew I had to have it as my name. I love the sound of it, and the sad associations I get when thinking about it. I've been through many names in my Elftown career, but now I think I've finally found the one that is unquestionably me.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Elisha Kelly] I wanted a fantasy name that closely mirrored my own name, so I went with Elys - forElisha and iann - for Habermann.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[End of Eternity] I have a great love of writing, and my goal is always to make people think - and my usernames are no exception. I cannot say if I have suceeded this time - I guess that is for you to decide. However I did want something rather bold. The end of eternity is basically the end of the end. I liked the finality, but have no idea why I thought of it. I also liked the alliteration. Maybe that's lame. I don't know. I think I like it though.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[ericthehatchet] I am commonly called by my middle name, Eric. When I was a teenager I had a hatchet with the "Psychopathic Hatchet Man" engraved into the head that I always carried around in my pants. Because of that people started calling me Eric the Hatchet.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Estantia] It was the name of a character in my first big story elemental alliance. It means Guiding Star in that language and she is the Great Guide of that universe. My character is the great guide of this universe and needed a cover name, so she's now more thoroughly Estantia than the original. It's my well established internet alias now, if you google it you either get me or a city in mexico which is spelt differently.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[evil beavle] An evil beavle is a drawing I made when Allison ([Teufelsweib]) and I were just doodling during, I think it was French-class. It's a combination between a beaver and an apple, therefor the word beavle and he looks angry, therefor evil. And somehow it got my tradename. If you want to see this vicious little beast, just click on [evil beavle] and look at my drawing ^^ it'll always be there.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Faggot_Frank] Munky cause my parents call me that. I brake everything that stands beside me. Most of the time I brake something with my legs. Sometimes I swap everything of the table with my arms. Sometimes with my butt xDD Drunkn cause I'm too crazy and positive.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Falx] It's Latin for falcon, though depending on which dictionary you look at it's either spelled as seen above or as Flax. *shrugs* I like this spelling better. That aside, I've always felt a connection with falcons.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Feasting on Needles] Well, I was really into this song called "Needlefeast", and I just warped it to my own tastes and it stuck. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Feroku] My name is oddly enough just about everywhere on different networking websites and all that jazz. But all of them are me. Feroku derived from one of my friends, mainly [Shishiru]. We were at her birthday party and some one decided that I needed another nickname. We were watching Inu Yasha and everyone was laughing at how I was so perverted like Miroku the Monk. Roku seems something close to pervert in Japanese. But being a girl they called me Sheroku, which wasnt too bad but the "fe" in female sounded better to [Shishiru], hence, she perfected it into what we now know as the Fantasmic, Orgasmic, Infamous Perversion, Feroku! (at least I believed that is what happened. ^.^)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Figgy] My username is my irl nickname u_u In 8th grade, a friend discovered that my last name is Newton, and they decided to name me after the infamous Fig Newton cookies, but Figgy apparently sounded cuter. It stuck.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Fireblade K'Chona] Quite simply, it was my name at the time I joined Elftown, and it stuck. I chose it as my name sort of in two parts. The "Fireblade" was first. I used to be obsessed with Mercedes Lackey books, and she's got this race called the Hawkbrothers, and they pick their own names at around age thirteen, which is the age I was. I thought about it and decided that "Fireblade" best described me. The "K'Chona" part came when suddenly realized it had duplicate names on the site and added a "5" to my name. I did not like the 5, so I grabbed the nearest Lackey book and randomly picked a Hawkbrother clan name. I think it means Clan of the Raven, but as Lackey has never defined it I really have no clue. I am now 19 and am no longer obsessed with Lackey, but the name has stuck with me and I'm actually now quite fond of it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Flisky] "Flisk" is my favorite of all my created characters. He is from my bookThrough the Sky, and yes, I did kill him. I had to. The book was getting too Flisk-centric. I started with the name 'Flisk_girl' and only changed it a tad because I don't want to go through and redo all my wikis.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Gastogh]. When I was roughly thirteen, I bought the game Starcraft. I've always had a preference for categorizing and compartmentalizing certain things for no real reason, and so I played each of the three races with a different commander. "Gastogh" was the name for my Zerg Cerebrate. It was a completely made-up word that I produced while sitting there, without torturing myself about the finality of the naming; I had no idea I'd be using it anywhere else. It doesn't mean anything and has no deeper significance other than I thought it looks cool when written. I now use this nick everywhere; every board, forum, site or e-mail address has it included somewhere.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Grandamelf] I just ran three words together, Grand is for "grandmother", because I am one, Dame is a term for a woman, and elf, of course is what I aspire to be! Each word overlapse the other and becomes Gran-dam-elf, it is pretty simple and I like to play with words. As a child, my parents always had a "game night" "Scrabble" and anagrams were favorites! I love crossword puzzles too!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[grayghost] Believe it or not My name is the name of a car that I had in my early twentys.The car was a 1975 Plymoth Sports Fury with a lifted rear and huge raceing type tires on the rear. The car was painted a primer gray all over so I called it the grayghost. When it came time to pick a screen name for the internet I chose it because of the fond memories that it broght up.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[guest101] Because it is meaningless and I don't have to go through the trouble of explaining the meaning of my name...and I think my purpose has just been contradicted...anyway



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[_habnabit] for starters. I went by "Ferazel" for a long time, but it was unintuitive to pronounce and not always available. One day, I lost access (by a fluke) to an account I had named Ferazel, and had to reregister. I picked Habnabit, and I thought it was pretty catchy, so I stuck with it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[hanhepi] I've always been teased about being pale. (grow up in Florida and never get a tan, see if you dont get teased too). my cousins started telling me I had a "moon tan"... well years pass and I start dating this Lakota (thats Souix Indian, for those that dont know) and I was teaching him the language, the little I knew anyway. he looks at me, says "How do you say 'Moon'?" "Hanhepi Wi." so he says "what about 'woman'?" well, thats either winyan or wi, depends." and started calling me Hanhepi Winyan. winyan is a bitch to type when paired with hanhepi, so I shortened it to hanhepi wi for my yahoo account. that was a hassle too, so for here I shorthened it again. so, I've gone from Moon Tan, to Moon/Night woman (hanhepi being night, wi being sun, litterally) depending on the translator, to just Night. lol

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[HardRockAngel] I chose this name because I like rock music and have a weak spot for the winged creatures. I draw them a lot and listen to the music alot, hence the name was born ^^.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Hatchet City All-Stars/MMG Girl] I chose this name because of my friends (and one of my favorite professional wrestling tag teams) the Motorcity Machine Guns. I have many people from TNA wrestling who to called me the Machine Gun Girl because they didn't know any other name for me and knew I was a big fan of the team. It just kind of stuck so everyone there knows me by it and I use it whenever possible for my display names.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Hedda] - "Hedda" has been my nickname since I was 11 and there wasn't really a reason behind that. I usually use "heddahenrik" on sites I don't control though.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Hendercrazy] - When I first got online back in early 2001 (I was a bit of a late worldwidewebber)... I needed a unique username that would stick with people, not use too many letters and still describe my personality to some degree. I wanted something that resembled my last name and could still connect it to Henderson. Hender had a nice touch. Next up was the second half. Sooo many people have called me a lunatic, nuts, bonkers, outta my mind, whacked and crazy. Crazy sounded good with my last name. Thus Hendercrazy was born. :D Hey... it beats my childhood nickname "Ninja Hippie". Don't ask. :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[H3_six] - This is a strange sort of a nickname to choose but I like it. It is a contraction of a much longer name I used to have ,centuries ago, Heaven_666. Get it a sort of duality angels and demons thing. So H-heaven and 3, 6's= 666. There you go. It's good because it's blank, people don't tend to form assumptions about me before talking to me first. Even though the first question is usually, "how'd you pick that name?"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Hobbit teen] - This is a strange name that i always used to be called when i first gone online, when i first started here I literally thought I was a halfling blood and my parents weren't telling me (Forgive me i was what? 13? 14?) but, now I'm 17 and its like an old trademark that i remember so fondly, though it caused me much anguish through high school and that, its still a part of me :) and that is how it is part of me.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[iippo] Very simply, I was given this nickname, back when I went to 7th grade - a 9th-grader tutor friend gave me this name (we have to change schools at that age, so the 7th graders are the youngest in the school, and that's scary so the oldest students become tutor friends to help out with the scariness), I guess she ended up with iippo because my first name starts with 'I' and my last name with 'Po'. I've used it as long as I've been in any internet community, and along the way I've found out that you can write it upside down as "odd!!" and I am odd. You can write it backwards "oppii" which means "learns" in Finnish. And it fits perfectly in the Marx bros. series Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, Zeppo and iippo! Also, when you spell out the letters I, I, P, P, O, it sounds like you are in pain: ai is ow in Finnish, pipi is booboo in Finnish, (like what kids say "I got a booboo" :C) and oh is oh. x)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Iktomi] Iktomi is the trickster god of the Lakota tribe (Native Americans). He is half shadow, and can change his shape at will and talk to animals, but he prefers to take the form of a spider. He was once the god of wisdom, Ksa, but was tricked out of that position and now is a trickster himself. However, he has also done beneficial things as a trickster including giving the people the Dreamcatcher.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[imperfectionist] erm its hard to explain it came around after an hours long descsion with a friend about peoples imperfections making them who they are.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Indigo Butterfly] I am an Indigo Child (and my favorite color is purple) and one of my totem animals is a butterfly not to mention that I am delicate as a butterfly and love the symbology.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[irulan] - after my favorite character from Dune by Frank Herbert

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Isfet] - In Egyptian mythology there isn't considered anything evil, because everything came from the same creator and he/she did not create anything terrible. Though, there was an ultimate good called "Ma'at" and it's opposite, Isfet, which translates to disorder. Basically saying, anything trying to set the natural world off of it's course (thus causing everything to plummet, and everything to end because nothing is in it's natural position anymore) is considered to come from the force Isfet.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Iske] just my middle name , not very spectacular I know

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[It Ain't Easy Bein' Sceney] It's a lyric from a Hollywood Undead song :) The song is called "Scene for Dumbies" :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[itoe] In the fantasy setting my friends and I are working on, Itoe and Kendran are two characters based on myself. They are counterparts to each other, with Itoe being straightforward, yet laid back, and Kendran being both very silly and wound really tight. Kendran's always been a bit closer to home, on the personality front, which is why I tend use Itoe's name as userids more often. And the lack of capitalization is reflective of the view that capitalization is a cumbersome and needless construct imposed upon language by elitist grammarians bent on world mediocrity (or something like that).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Ms. Steel] My full first name is 'Alexis' and 'Lexi' is my nickname. 'Ixel' is simply 'Lexi' backwards; I realize I won't be winning any originality points, but it's what I thought of at the time.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jack Off Jill] So, Jack off Jill. To be honest it is one of my Favoret bands :) nothing too fancy.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Janouk] I guess mine would be pretty boring, it's my real name ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[jaraden] well jaraden is one of two comic book characters I created way back in the day, that's over two decades ago kids. he and canton have been with me since then and I've molded two very unique universes for them both. but jaraden has always been closest to my heart because he is infact 'me'. so whenever I use a nickname, naturally I use his name. so there you have it, nothing terribly dramatic, but it's a story in the end, and that's what you wanted... so there!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jeccabee] I actually sorta stole the name Jecca. When I was a freshman in highschool, there were about 20 Jessicas in my class. I senior frend of mine had been called Jecca by some of her friends. When she graduated (I was a sophmore by then) I told my friends to start calling me Jecca. Mostly cause I hate the alternatives, Jess and Jessie. I even got a teacher to call me that cause there were 4 other Jessica's in the calss. My friends eventually started introducing me to other people as Jecca and so on. I found out later that when my cousin and I were little, he couldnt say Jessica, and said Jecca instead. Ironic huh? Anyway, Once I got to college, a friend decided to add the "bee" to the end just to be cute...cause she said I'm cute. ^_^ So there ya have it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jewl] I actually have a wiki on my Screen-name up already, take a look! Here's a bit of history on my name

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jiten] The original name came from the old anime show, Urusei Yatsura (loosely translated as "Annoying Aliens"). The character was a small demon-child with blue hair that could fly and breathe fire, which was a constant source of comic relief in the show. The reason it migrated to my username on here is because of a character I made for an RP I joined a couple of years ago, in which I played a small assassin-child named Jiten (more on him can be found here: RotS Characters). Also, I noticed that this wiki has a distinct lack of the word "walnuts" so... Walnuts.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jitter] it is short for Jitterbug Perfume my first ET username coming from one of my favourite books (click link)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[justjoe] So, I get tired of being pressed to remember all of the names and passwords I have to use to satisfy my on-line addictions. I was trying for memorable and easy, I thought, "What's wrong with just joe?" Justjoe it is.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kai Crewger] - Back when I first started on ET, [Thatz] and I were really in to a manga series called Dragon Knights. Crewger was the name of one of a pair of demon dogs, and there is a long complicated story (I happen to enjoy complicated stories) that ends up with Crewger being a big part of my favorite character's existence. There's more, something about a fanfic (in my head) and a few other things, but that's the gist of it. The Kai is a name I came up with because it was short, asian sounding, and I liked it better than my IRL name. Funnily enough, there are quite a few people out there who know me as 'Kai' now.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kaimee] - My name IRL is Kate-Aimee, and I've often been called Kaimee by friends, family etc. When I started using the big bad internets I often made up 'elvish' or japanese type names for myself, but by the time I got around to joining Elftown I wanted something slightly more real, if not exactly my own name! So I stuck with Kaimee, and Kai for short. At the time, I was the only Kaimee on the internet (said google) and I was quite proud of myself, but since then it's been taken over by many other people... Hmph.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[kay-chan] - Yay, the lamest name! When I was little, I made up the most intense Mary-Sue on Earth with my friend, and her name was Keiko, because that was my favorite Japanese name. No idea why, I just had one because I was WAY more obsessed with anime than I am now. Anyway, I made 'Kay' short for 'Keiko' and when I got on ET I decided to use it for my name... The chan is because, again, used to be WAY more obsessed with anime and whatnot. But Kay is my main online nickname and I will respond to it in real life.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kelaria] Well... honestly... it's hard to remember. All I remember is that I was watching Lord of the Rings and then trying to think up an Elven name for myself and Kelaria popped into my head. It immediately felt right and I've stuck with it ever since. Kelaria is the name of my Elven self. She is the daughter of Galadriel and the wife of Legolas! Now the name is so much mine that I use it everywhere and if you called out "Kelaria!" I would answer!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kiddalee] - I love jazz, and singing, and singing jazz. My voice is well suited for jazz and showtunes. I also consider myself cute. Kidda is an affectionate jazz slang nickname for a girl/lady. I slapped thelee on because Kidda felt too short for me on its own, and I was reading a book with a main character named Siddalee at the time, which sounds very similar (oddly enough, I don't even love that book more than others I've read). I'm considering changing my name to Kidda in the future. Something's stopping me. Maybe I find it limiting? I don't know. Even if I change my official nickname to something totally different, Kidda will still last; it will always have a place in my identity. That's why, when I want to stick my name in wiki-names, I use Kidda just in case the day comes when I don't want to be Kiddalee any more.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kileaiya] I made this name up 6 or so years ago, for my Neopet (at the time I was addicted). I decided I liked the name enough to adopt it as my online persona and it has been with me ever since.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kiski] was the name of my imaginary friend when I was a child; God knows where I came up with it. I had completely forgotten about it for years before my mom started talking about how my brother used to 'throw my imaginary friend out of windows' or 'flush him down toilets'. Now, I realize that makes the name male, but it just sort of... stuck. I guess it's kind of my first act of creation, you know?

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kito-Tai] is a character from a book. She is a poet and artist.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[kittygirl1017] the name started out as -Battlegirl1017- since I was playing Starcraft and I loved to piss of guys when i bet their butts on StarCraft with my girly name ^_^ So I named my self [kittygirl1017] in replace of -battlegirl1017-. The 1017 if from Star trek because my dad is a treky and it offen rubbs off on me :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Klaproos] it's dutch for 'poppy'. I chose it 'cause it's my favourite flower and because I see it as a symbol of freedom wich is one of my obsessions.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Kyrinn] when I first came into ET I wanted something fun, not to mention when I did come into ET the first time, I had this Earthdawn character on my mind and was feeling fun, so I named myself after my fun loving elven swordmaster Kyrinn Makorla. I tried changing the name to a newer character, but everyone ordered me to take this user name back. So, it stuck. XD

[Kbird] I was nine or ten when I joined and was why to embarrassed with the thought of using a character name, so instead I shortened my nick-name, (Kira-Bird) to other words I was to unimaginative to come up with something interesting. XP


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lady Chaos] - the name of a statue worshipped by the villain, Thanos, in the Silver Surfer cartoon. I just thought it was an awesome screen name, and summed me up because I can be a bit chaotic at times, but can also be like a statue. I found out that in the actual Silver Surfer comic books the statue was called Lady Death, but they had to sanitize it for the kiddies and called her Chaos instead.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[LadyMoon]-'s a long story. For starters, I've always loved the Moon. I can stare at her for hours and not become bored. Moongazing and worshipping is one of my greatest hobbies. And some years back, me and my sister were totally Sailormoon crazy. We were even that crazy, that we decided to built a fan- website. We also decided, not to use our real names, but screennames and my sister called herself 'LadySun' and I decided to call myself 'LadyMoon' because of my love for the Moon :)
The rest is history. I never got rid of the name because it fits me perfectly and I've been calling myself 'LadyMoon' for the past four years now :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lady Neit] I wasn't always called this. when I first joined up, I was called Arima, because it was going to be the name of my first character. but then I made more and I made a race called Diaelo. so I changed my name to Diaelo. after a while, I got more interested in egyptian names so I found the cat nae 'Neit' meaning huntress, and I like the 'punctuation kitty' (=^..^=) so I changed it to 'Neit=^..^=' but after a while I got tired of having to type the symbols all the time so I changed again to 'Lady Neit' to make myself feel special ^^ (it worked)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[lady nytmare] is my nickname, and it reflects the bond I have with a very close friend of mine, [Lord Nytmare]. It also reflects how even though I'v been through a lot of really crappy stuff, the stuff of nightmares in fact, I've come through it, and I can still joke and laugh, and yes, be a lady. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lady of Lore] I've always been delving into mythologies and bestiaries and so loved studying lore. Somewhere I got dubbed the Lady of Lore for always writing novels and reading lore, and so thus I am the Lady of lore.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Pinup_princess] it just poped into my head like a daisy and well I was feeling vampish anyway........

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lerune] Years ago, I was sitting down at the table, returning to tabletop D&D after years of not playing. I started rolling up a little green-eyed elf ranger while a friend across the table started to roll up an elf scout. I didn't know what he was doing, he didn't know what I was doing, and when we finally showed the GM our papers, he lauged because we had two wood elves named Leralam and Lerune. He gave us a small percentage chance that we were related and it turned out that the two were siblings, so we decided to make them twins. It was such a fun, unexpected thing -- and I have always, always loved the name that came to me for her. Originally, I pronounced it Lah-roon, as I am sure most of you do, but after learning Quenya, and the pronunciation of the vowels in that language, I discovered it would be pronounced Ley-roo-ney in Elvish, and it made me love it even more. It absolutely came to me out of the blue one day, and it's now my name on every single site I belong to. 

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Levoton] I originally went by the name Keyshika which was made up as an artist name when I was 10ish. I took a Finnish-English dictionary, opened it at a random page, stuck my finger somewhere and looked what letter it pointed at, repeating this until I had eight letters. Then I jumbled them up to something I liked. The nick is basically the same now but I changed it to be more Finnish: I changed the vowels to match pronounciation, removed the sh-sound which doesn't exist in Finnish and also killed the k at the end because it was silly. The apostrophe is to mark the break of syllables, because with three I's you don't know where it is, and sounds like j (y in English).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[liiga] It's my given first name, adjusted for interneticised spelling, since the world wide web does not take kindly to special characters with lengthening marks.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Linderel] is the name of a character of mine. Actually, two characters have carried this name, and the original had a 'surname' - Silverbell. However, I decided not to take it into my username. Nowadays this is one of the names I go with all around the net. (The others are Calann and variations on Lamiena.)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Linn Scarlett] is the name of my very first DnD character who most now know as Linnerial Moriganna Baerne-Idrill. She started out as a human rogue, then pirate, then she became an elf of the afore mentioned careers. Later she evolved into a drow pirate, to a corsair thiefling to eventually end up as a half-succubus princess married to a genuine king-to-be of one of the major Drow cities of the Underdark. I created Linn Scarlett when I was 14 and first got into DnD, and this is the track of 6 years she has evolved with. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lite] is a race of elves from the future in my stories(my favorite race, though my fave char will always, ALWAYS be Crystal Nova), and my unfinished RPG. If you want to learn more check out my rpg site, War of the Races, and the character creation sheet from there.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[litle ego]Got it from one of my favourite songs. Litle Ego by the swedish band Kent. The original title is Lilla Ego.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lord Josmar] I did a lot of Star Wars roleplaying on Myspace and that was my character's name. I was one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the rather large group I played in. But now, due to lack of solid internet, he must sit in purgatory plotting his next attack.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lord Nytmare]: This name is the same name I use everywhere online. It has gone through quite a few changes through the years, but it has finaly decided to stay as such. My full name is Lord Midian Nytmare, But I dont feel like typing that in every time I want to log into ET. Nytmare is the callsign I was given during the wargames trials in London, Midian was a name I used to use by itself, before deciding on making it my new first name. My friends back home are all elitists, and I am one to a degree as well, I dont assosiate with rifraff in real life and I though to show that fact online, therefore my title was born. Funny thing is, If I search for my birthname in goolge, I get practicaly nothing, However, searching for 'Lord Nytmare' brings up lists of stuff pertinent to me. I think one of the few reasons my name has stopped fluctuating and changing is [lady nytmare], She is one of the few people out in the world that actualy inspire me to try and be better than than the rest. an excellent artist and photographer, her work was what first got me interested in Photoshop, which in turn led to me getting my current job, so I owe her for that!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Lothuriel] I am a Tolkien fan...too much perhaps. Eomer is one of my favorite characters. His story I found the most interesting of all the supporting characters. Not to mention my insane obsession with Karl Urban. I chose to spell the name with a u instead of an I in order to make it a bit more my own.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[lythiel] well, theres no big story to my name. basicly one day I was writing a story and I needed a name. then lythiel popped into my head from god knows were, and I liked it, so I use it online a lot.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Madhalf Heatlump] Having been a long time John Lennon fan and a long time corruptor of words I was deeply amused by Lennon's corruption of a somewhat famous WWII instigator's name which he changed to Madhalf Heatlump.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Maeve104] Maeve is the gaelic word for songbird, and I've always loved birds and thought the name sounded pretty. The 104 is because I made this name last year when I first moved into my new dorm and couldn't for the life of me remember my room number. After typing Maeve104 into the login page every day I remembered it! hehe.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Malnu] When I went through Basic Training in 1992, I weighed approx 128lbs. I was the thinnest guy in my Platoon, so they dubbed me Malnu for Malnurished. The name stuck, and it was always a good coversation starter.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Rye] I am and have always been quite intrigued with Latin, and have picked up bits and pieces of it through the years. I'd been xxMariahxx for a while, and was looking for something a little more imaginative, and had just been through a rough patch in life when it occured to me that the calm was returning. The ocean has always been soothing to me, so Mare Pacificum, or peaceful sea, was born.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Midnight Artist] My mother once called me 'midnight artist' because every night I start drawing at 12 and don't stop until like 7am.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mikhul, the Bard] -- I embody the story-telling Bard persona...and Mikhul is just an alternate spelling of "Michael" -- which is my first name.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[MisLuck] I once had a very bad day. At work everything fell apart, at way home I was almost killed twice, a car drove over me and left me in the gutter and such. When I finally in the evening moaned about my day my friend laughed that I'm quite a MisLuck. (Notice, it has only ONE s!) I liked the name as it really tells about my non existing luck.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mekashef] means "sorcerer" in Ancient Hebrew. Mysticism & the occult is my area of academic expertise.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Melocrie] is the name of the lead character in my PristonTale fanfiction. I became a full-time member of the FGPT-clan under this nick, so I chose to adopt it as my regular online username. How I came by this name in the first place, I can't remember...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[moira hawthorne] is my name. really. moira is my birth name and it means stubborne. (moira is the anglaized name of morag the gaelic name: mor is the sea = great high (so morgaine is high queen) ag is will therefore stubborne.) hawthorne is my pagan church name. it was given to me in ritual. hawthorn is ancient flowering shrub/tree with pretty white flowers and lots of sharp thornes. use for hedge rows to keep unwanted people out.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mom] is my name...24/7.My kids, their friends all call me Mom or Momma D. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mooncows Shadow] Its the name I have nearly every where on the internet like on Deviantart, but on youtube, I'm known as 'Mooncowsback' for some reason... Mooncowsshadow is a change from my old user name 'Mooncow' but kept Mooncow in it so people would recomise me a little... Also, I find Mooncows Shadow is a form of a follower of the mooncow, and he loves to create :3

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Moonknight] Well, Theres a few reasons why I chose this name, mainly I love fantasy and medieval lore. I found out one day that my family crest (old Portuguese/Spanish family name) is a blue shield with silver moons on it. and because of other esoteric things I like the symbologies of the moon and its pressence in lots of fantasy and old cultures. I thought for all these reasons that Moonknight would be a good name. it also turns out to be a cool Marvel comics character ;) but I only found that out later on. 

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[moonscale] I think I dreamt my name. I just needed an internet name. I also call myself Silkscale sometimes and someone called me a windfish once but its also sort of draconic.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mordigen] is my 'Pagan name'. As traditional in druid beliefs, and becoming more common in neo-Wiccan beliefs (which I'm not associated with, please be noted) that they are given a so called "craft-name" that they are inducted into the belief with. This name can come to them in a vision, or be appointed to them by a respected Elder and Mentor of the practice. This one was given to me by my eldest brother, who was a respected mentor, and is now going through the 20 year rite of passage to become an actual druid priest. It was a combination of my patron diety based on my totems, and a prophet of our times -- Morganne, and Merddin (which is the welsch spelling of Merlin) combined to become 'Mordigen'. It is also, coincidentally, a mis-spelled version of one of my Favourite characters "Mad Mordigan" -which was Val Kilmer's character in the movie 'Willow'. 

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Mortified Penguin] is the ripped off code name of a terrorist from Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (a game).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Morrigon] This has been my main online alias for seven years now. I was flipping through a Goddess book and I read this name version of the Phantom Goddess Morrigan. Her dark strength stuck with me.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[muffin_killer] In high school I used to eat muffins, a lot--nearly every day for breakfast (I still would, but I can't find the kind I like). One of my friends asked me why I ate so much of them. So I struck a dramatic pose and declared, "Because I am Sophie, the Muffin Killer!"



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[NamelessMerc] - Hmm, I gues thi name comes from before I knew what my mercenary character was called. I've used this handle in chatrooms since I was 14, while I was developing the character Tethis Ironfold for use in a failed novel. It stuck, as it seems more enigmatic than simply "Tethis" (I know, how vain am I?), and nowadays I use this everywhere, seeing as somehow it's never taken, as popular as mercenaries are in most communities as characters.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[NancyDREW] - My nickname was given to me awhile back by my boyfriend. He was my mentor when I first started pursuing journalism and I would ask him questions all the time trying to figure out the nature of the field. And on top of that I ask a lot of questions in general. So he jokingly started calling me "Nancy Drew" because if there's anything out there that I want to know, I'm going to get to the bottom of it.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[navrix^^*__*^^]I pick this one because is a short nick from my real name...and I like it and this (^^*__*^^) is an angel xD with the wings and everything

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[nehirwen] - I wanted to make myself a unique name when I was 15 or 16. I started out with Arwen, since I liked that name a lot, and I began adding and removing letters until I had a name of which I liked the look and sound. I puzzled for more then an hour, and ended up with Nehirwen. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Nioniel] I've changed my name many times now. I started out as Lovelyscars, then switched to Impossible Girl, then to A Phoenix Rising, and now I'm Nioniel. Nioniel is, very simply, the name Melissa in Elvish, which is fitting, and which keeps me from changing it every time I have a moodswing. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Nocternity S.] I was trying to mix, Nocturnal and Eternity, and I got sanctuary from Dark Sanctuary, my favorite band. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[~noctis lingua~] It is Latin and it means "night tongue". I was thinking of creatures of the night when I decided to change my name to this, and I thought that speaking the language of the night was essential to understanding its creatures.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Nocturnaliss] - I used to be a completely nocturnal person several years ago, but I thought the name 'Nocturna' was just too plain and boring... I got the 'liss' part from the brand of my haircurler/straightener: Babyliss. As a sidenote, the word 'lisse' is French and means 'smooth'. Smooth darkness ^_~

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Nonchalant] mine is just the it is my favorite word

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[notincalifornia] - Well, once when I was at school with friends I called my dad to ask him to come pick me up. For some silly reason, he couldn't make out a word I was saying and yelled into the phone "WHAT? Where are you?!?" to which I replied casually "The school.". And then, he screamed (for all beside me to hear as well), "WHAT??! YOU'RE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!" and then, I replied, as embarassed as a I already was with the phrase my present friends will never let me forget: "No, dad. I am not in california."



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Ocean Soul] - "Ocean Soul" is the title of a Nightwish-song. This is a very emotional piece of music - and art - for me. It kind of describes me a little, but in a more between-the-lines sort of way.
I only wished to become something beautiful
Through my music, through my silent devotion

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[One] - It sums up my theory on myself, a being who will never be any more or any less than One. A creature as pure and as demonic as any other, someone that no matter how much or how little they try will never be anything more than they can be. Eternally, just [One]

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[orchidflame] - I picked orchidflame as a random representation of my personalities. One half of me is more delicate, feminine, gentle and caring(orchid). The other half is agressive, dominating, and destructive if not handled properly(flame).



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Synsae] Well, I am a fan of, the NHL hockey team, the New York Rangers and I also tend to roam around alot like a Ranger. So, since I found out that Padurar means "Forest Ranger" in Romanian, I ignored the "Forest" part and picked Padurarul (which means "The Ranger") to be my name here on Elftown.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Panthalassa] It's a geographical term in ways, meaning the opposite of pangaia (pangea, however), that enormous continent. Panthalassa then would be ''all the sea''.
I like ocean yes, but the reson why I chose this name is much more superficial.
..It sounded good.
Nowadays I am totally stuck with the nick and using it whenever possible. I have even gotten some nicknames based on it: Lassa, Panthy, Panthie..

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Patri] It's just the short form of my real life name: Patricia. It's also the way my family call me. I also have other nicknames (Pato, Pat, Patito, Patita, etc.) but that's the most popular one. So yes, it's very boring, it's my real name :-(

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Paul Doyle] When I first joined in June 2003, I thought about using any of several character names from my first novel, which at the time was only semi-done. (I finished it in 2005.) Then it dawned upon me to use my real name---thanks Mom and Dad! Why did I go this route? (Pauly the Anthro-Dragon did not even exist yet!) This is why (and it's the same reason why my name in the furry fandom is also Paul Doyle): (1.) I joined when I was 29 years old, and though I've got my fair share of personality quirks, I'm secure with who I am and what I am, and am fairly open and honest about myself. It's not like I'm posting my Social Security Number and bank account information online! (2.) Again, the stalker issue: I am neither the creepy jailbait nor the creepy stalker. I'm me. I'm a 34 year old guy, somewhat hairy, and though I've been complimented on my looks plenty of times, I don't think for a second I'm "asking for trouble" by the usual fun bunch of horny guys from Turkey. (3.) The truth can be ugly, the truth can be extremely awkward, but even though I have plenty of characters of my own, I am me, and I do not wear masks. What you see is what you get! I'll leave the imagination for my creative endeavors. 

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Paz] (I get asked a lot) :P Well back when I started taking Spanish in seventh grade we had to pick "Spanish Names". In other words we all picked a random name from a list. I saw the name 'Paz' and immediately had to have it as my name :D Then it slowly evolved as my nick name for everyone even my teachers! Then it gradually became my username for everything online ;)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[pegasus1000], Everyone thinks I am just using the mythilogical winged horse. Nope, My name comes from my story. My main character is named Pegasus the Whispering Wind. (a "wolf name")Anyway, somehow my friends found out about it and some of them now call me peggy in real life. How silly.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Jeesum Crowe] When I was in middle school I wrote a relatively popular comic book within the school called 'The Adventures of Jeesum Crowe,' about a boy who unfortunately was named Jeesum Crowe due to his father's exclamation of this non-swear upon seeing the hospital bill at the time of his son's birth. Jeesum's father later dies, which drives his mother to insanity, and she never accepts this fact, continuing to argue and converse with his now-dead father. Jeesum therefore is left in charge of his little sister, who has an emotionally abusive kindergarten teacher and -- I doubt you care about all of this. In the end, I was just very into my comic at the time and thought it would make a fine ET name. Nicknames include, but are not limited to, Jeesum, Jeebus, JC, Crowe, and the Mighty Crowe.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Perplexity] Hey, [Elegy - gone] stole my story =9 That is the exact same way I acquired my name. I think I could not have made up a better name, and that perhaps it was not by chance I stumbled across the word "perplexity" that day.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Pinkdonkey] This is slightly embarrassing, so please refrain from going "aww"... Anyway when I was about 6 or 7, I learnt about forums and chats from the 16yr old girl that used to look after me. She explained that you used a screename, which was often a nickname or something important to you. I quickly exclaimed "so I would be pink donkey!", the donkey in person being my favourite soft toy (no, this isn't cute ...). The years passed, until I was 11/12 and started going onto forums and such. When asked for a screename, I remembered this particular conversation, and decided to type in Pinkdonkey. The name stuck, even though I don't really like pink or donkeys. I am now thinking of changing my name, but can't really be bothered to go through the fuss of warning everyone.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[pleiades] I went through an obsession with astronomy, string theory, and astrophysics. I don't quite remember why the pleaiades star cluster stood out to me; it just did. I've always loved this cluster. My dog's name is Atlas, after the father of the seven pleiades sisters, and my computer's name is Maia, one of the seven sisters.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Pnelma Tirian] it's the proper noun for a singular entity in an alien race(The Pnelma Tiris) that I made up in third grade and they have stuck with me since, lying dormant in a dead novel I have tried to write several times. Yeah, I know, it's dorky, but this is Elftown--I'm not the only one!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[PnkShpGnWld] It literally means Pink Sheep Gone Wild. I've had this name for.. 3 years I do believe. And It came about from my friend Rebecca thinking that Pink Sheep taste good, like cotton candy. Then They came out with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny depp and she cried. She claims they stole her pink sheep idea, so the Pink Sheep went Wild and took over the factory. A wonderufl story actually. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[prowlie] it's the name of a creature that lives in the world of Brackenwood, as seen in the flash movies created by adam philips. the video "prowlies at the river" can be seen at ^^





<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [raincloud] - I can't remember what my original name was but I'm sure it was wonderfully childish since I came to ET in middle school. For the entirety of high school, it was "The Slave Queen" which was the nickname of my favorite character from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth novels. It was a dark time... And then I began working at anime conventions with the company Sleeping Samurai. At the last convention before I went to college, I was really upset because I thought I may never see them again and I cared about them. So I got really snappy and bitchy with the boyos and they began to joke about how I was like a Raincloud, literally darkening the room when I walked in. When I got even more upset, the nickname changed to "Raincloud Tornado" because they could see the disaster coming. Raincloud just happens to combine my two favorite elements (water and air), which are the two that describe me. So, after I calmed down, I took it as my convention name. If you go up to a Sleeping Samurai guy (specifically the tall blonde one with the tattoo of a tribal wing on his arm) and ask for "Raincloud," he'll know me. But he'll also get REALLY upset with you, more than likely, so please don't (although that would be entertaining and I'd get a wonderful e-mail from a friend of mine...).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[xXTheDorknessXx] - I picked This name because I have a rosy boa whose name is Raidyn. Raidyn is the Japanese God of Thunder. The reason I put "the cute" at the end is because he's still a baby so he doesn't really resemble the "God of Thunder" yet. :) He's my little best friend and I love him so much that I think he is worthy of a username :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Alfirin Lindlea] - originally I was 'Alfirin Lindlea' the name of my roleplay character. However, I fell out of using Elftown for a few months, and when I came back I felt it was time for a change. Having been using either 'Raptured Saint' (From a song by an awesome band I'm actually pretty good mates with now) or 'Miss Toxic' for my alt modelling/general internet usage I figured I may as well just use one or the other. As 'Miss Toxic' is the name of my alter-ego I decided to go with 'Raptured Saint' because it's more me. Long story, not that interesting haha!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [Rat Hacker] Rat is the name of the hacker from the movie The Core and he's my favorite character. Also along with many other interests I am a computer geek/nerd. Rats are cute and are very intelligent and clean if they are given the right circumstances. Like me I guess.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Rebulous] - One of two DnD characters I created in 1978, which means my elven thief is older than most anybody in Elftown. Probably. He and I have spent many wonderful adventures together. I would love to bring him out of retirement.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Rikke Leonhart] - Rikke is my petname irl, so that made kind of sense. Leonhart? Well, I'm the pathetic girl who has been hopelessly crushing on a game character, Squall Leonhart, ever since the game came out, what, almost 10 years ago. So I figured if I kinda took his last name..I would be even...more...pathetic. Hokay, move along, nothing to see here!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Robert Mischief] I was was supposed to design a character that would fit into a comic book world for a class that was based on me, and I am a good-natured trouble maker by heart. The name for the character was actually inspired by a book called The Abarat (recommended read) which has a character named John Mischief. I couldn't think of a better name for me than Mischief, so I just found another first name that had as nice a ring together as John Mischief.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [Rochala] It's a name my wife came up with when I was trying to name my WoW character a gnome warlock with green pigtails. I decided on Rochala which is a Greek word for phlegm only cute :P My previous name was Lifebringer

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [Roma] I went through a few transitions before I settled on Roma, which I suppose is poignant in the fact that Roma is another word for gypsy. I've spent all my adult years traveling, roaming around, kinda transient. It fits. That and it's pretty.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Rook] came about a few years ago, actually. I orginally had the name WillowElf on here, but then I thought it was time to change seeing is how that name really didn't fit me. So I was at church on night and we began to play a game of human chess and, go figure, I was the Rook. It kinda stuck after that. I love the way it sounds and it fits perfectly even though another definition for it is a swindler or a cheat XD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Roulette] I have a problem that I cannot explain, I have no reason why it should've been so plain. have no question but I'm sure have excuse, I lack the reason why it should be so confused... ♪♫♪♫ do I have to say anything else? ;)
It's a SOAD song



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sagacious Turkey] - My last name sounds kind of like "gobble", so I've been called "Turkey" for a long time. The "sagacious" part of my name is just an adequate adjective that describes me. "Sagacious - having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense; shrewd"

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[SapphireArcher]- Haha there's actually not much to it. Sapphire cuz sapphires are my favorite gemstone (not to mention blue's my favorite color..) and Im into archery. There, ^-^ mystery solved.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[schitzo]- Lets just start this story with how to say it. Skit-So. It's not a bad word or me being "funny" and trying to make people say bad stuff. I enjoy the diffrence between Schitzophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder and am amazed at how may people mix them up. My real name is Scotty. So in high school I was alwas correcting people on this minor detail and got nicknamed [Schitzo.] I liked it enough and though short it worked well as a nick name so I've been using it ever since.
My other options were : McGiever,F.N.G. (that is a bad word in there),Newbie ,The Kid. so given the options I liked Schitzo the best. I hope this explanes my name well enough. have a great day.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[sequeena_rae] Eeee...I barely remember o.O I was on this baby name site one day (as you do XD) and found the name Rae which is german for Ray I believe o.O Anyway, then I was reading through a book on Celtic Gods and Goddesses and found the name Sequena (I think) who is a french river/war Goddess (again, I think. I can't remember o.o XD), I added ane, stuck a_ between the two and there you are :P It works ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[sevengem] I wanted something ambiguous that would apply to me. Since my initials are EGM ("gem," rearranged) and my middle name is Grace, I was searching for something that had either "gem" or "grace" in it, so it would associate with my name and be artistic at the same time. I thought of a compliment a friend once gave me - he called me a near-perfect diamond, or something of the sort. "Nine gem" popped into mind - meaning, a gem that scores a nine on a scale of one to ten, and nine is my favourite number. I didn't like it, though. Seven had a better ring, and the result,sevengem, looked like a word in itself, and an angry one at that - like "savage," almost.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sheenio]: Ever since I was little, I loved making up names of my own. I was really into tribal names like 'Ayla' or 'Kirkara' and other stuff like that. So, about five years ago, when I moved to NJ, I decided that a new life needed a new name. Well, on one of those days of trying to think of a name, I saw two movies: The Matrix, and Jimmy Neutron (I'm always a kid inside) so if you watched both, you would note that there is a crazy kid on jimmy Neutron, and then there's Neo from the Matrix! XD it was all a matter of putting them toghter. I dunno. The name just stuck. At least it's not like my new nickname here in MI: Cookie. <3

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[shirono]: I have used a total of 3 nicknames on the web over the years, Shiroikaze was a play of my brothers "Kuroikaze" (white wind and black wind), then I recieved the title of "sakka" (writer) from a friend and I used it for a while. Finally, while creating a new Hotmail account about a year and 1/2 ago I was trying to pick something close to the first name and it popped into my head "I'll use Shirono" I have no Idea where it came from, I use it and the name Sakasama_No_Chou (from the SNoW song) almost always on sites.
Unfortunately, my friends decided shirono sounded like a brand of Japanese Beer....but oh well C'est la Vie...
if you ever see a shirono (or Shirono1 or shirono@) on a website, message and find out if it's me ^^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Shishiru] I came to the decision of my name, because at the time it was the name of my favorite OG character I had made...and after a while, the name "Shi-chan" people had given me had started to stick..since then ive been known as Shi-chan by everyone, and I dont dare change my name. I also like it too much xD

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[shotokan_gal] - Didn't put a lot of thought into it back when I first joined admittedly, Shotokan is just the name of the style of karate I practise, and was the first thing that came to mind. The gal part is hopefully obvious :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Satomi154]: My niece called me Shujiko when she first started taking Japanese. It means "calligraphy child" which doesn't have anything to do with me, but I'll keep using it because she gave it to me.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Foxy Shazam]: When I was signing up for one site or another, I couldn't think of anything to use as my username, so I decided to spin around in my computer chair with my eyes closed tightly, and use the first thing that I saw. It just so happened that when I opened my eyes, the first thing that I saw was a box of sidewalk chalk, and it (or some variation of it if it is taken) has become my main handle on just about everything.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Silent Procession]- Back when I was in 8th grade my friends had introduced me to Elftown and wanted me to get one so I did and I still suck at coming up with names for internet sites so i decided to let the name come to me. A few hours later I was looking at this new shirt I had just bought and the company name was Silent Procession.and I thought PERFECT. Thats how I got my name and it just stuck.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sinchao] - It was actually my first account name, though it later turned into my pseudonim. Plus, I use it one nearly any main character in my stories, it's best to connect to the main character ;].

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Serwa] - Some years ago I started on Elftown with the name ShaolinWaka. I was training Shaolin Kung Fu at the time, me and my friends made e-mail addresses starting with Shaolin<name>@whatever.
My friends gave the nick name Waka, which means painter/artist in chinese(Pronounced and properly written as I been told as Wah - Ka), they called me that because I'd always be drawing.
The later change to SirWaka is because that's a name I've been using in several games over the years, the Sir part is nothing else than that I am fascinated by the whole King Arthur legends, so I made a small link to that in my nickname!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Skw3rlch4n] My nickname amongst my friends is "Squirrel". Awhile back, my friends got into drawing mini-comics about our daily lives, so we decided that we would make characters of ourselves and take our names or nicknames and tweak them a bit into l33t (1337/etc.). And now you know my name. :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Skydancer] Quite simply is my real name. {chuckle} My Grandmother was a full blood native american. When the time came for my naming ceremony, I would normally have taken her name but because she was the last clan member, I asked to have the clan name rather than the personal name in her honor and to honor all the ancestors of a clan that was wiped out in the indian wars. Thus Skydancer which is not a common or usual native name but is rather the clan name but translated from the native language. And that is way more than enough information.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Slinky] I was in a leader in training program for my city's day camp, where all the leaders had fun camp names. I had to think of one for myself on the spot, so I came up with Slinky. I'm family friendly ^_^.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[someelf]. [someelf] is a name I used like for 2 to 3 years now. Ever since I came to Elftown. I atmid I changed it a couple of times. But Someelf is my one and only username I use for over 30 sites. How I cam upon that 'freaky' name? I think it was because I wanted to be someone. yet an Elf. Yet something with fantasy. I wanted to besomeone withElf in it. And that's how I think how I came upon Someelf. I am not sure though.. But I love this name and people just know use it as my nickname now XD And I don't mind it ^^<3

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Some Random Thursday] It all started out as an inside joke among friends at my school and soon became a great nickname as well as a fellow classmates band name. I chose it as my username because I'm the one who said it. My friend told me to drop by her house whenever. So I asked her "What, like some random thursday?" and it stuck. I now use it as a username in most everything I do.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[spincrus] Quite some time ago, about 12 years ago even, my parents brought me a framed giant spider and a scorpion from Hong Kong. Part of the Latin species name of the spider was [spincrus], and the name comes from there. I wanted to have something unique, something that nobody else would have. The first place I started using a nickname was Westwood Chat and I came up with these stupid variations of Supercem, Hypercem, etc. (Cem being my name of course). Cut me some slack here, I was what, 11? 12? Anyway. [spincrus] basically stuck with me. This uniqueness and weirdness in its pronounciation has worked for my good, though, as I have become (for some reason) a semi-famous internet persona in Turkey thanks to some of the online communities I've been a member of (an online gaming community and a wikipedia-like community). I've had people come up to me in internet cafes and such an go like "you spincrus?" back in the day. Sheesh, good old days. I've even seen immitaters of my nickname (whom I've dealt with in diplomatic means and asked them to change their nicknames). I'm enjoying the uniqueness of the situation to this day :D

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Stray Kitty] My initials are SK and I wanted my Elftown name to match them. I've always wanted my nick name to be Kitty instead of Sar. And Stray started with S and thus Stray Kitty was born.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sunny Silverunicorn] Well, Sunny, is actually my nickname. You see my own name being Sanaz (which is pronounced like 'Sun'+'Oz'), so the short form would be to call me Sunny. And as for the second part; well, it all started from my email adress, which at first was sunny_bricabrac cause I was born a mouse, according to the chinese zodiac, and I do gather everything and anything. But since many didn't think that was a suiting name I started thinking about a new one. At that time the Harry Potter fever was so high and I had read about the unicorns, and that they were first golden and then silver, and when they were mature, they turned white. So I figured, since I'm always acting a bit younger than my actual age, I'll never be mature enough, I'd probably be silver; And there you have it: 'Silverunicorn' became my new second-half-of-a-name. Sunny Silverunicorn is the name I'm known as, on the net, and it's initials S.S. match my own real initials too. :)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sunrose] Around the time I was 16 or so I befriended someone from Australia through an English forum. He then wrote to me a poem called Sunrose. Some 5 years later I decided to use that as my Elftown-name, and it became common among friends to refer to me as Sunny.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Sweet chariot of fire] Now this is confusing, but even im not sure where I got the name O.o But I think... *delves back into the cobwebbed empty cabinets of my brain* that it may have been the name of a horse driving group that toured the world giving shows with ponies that had been bought from abbotoires (were being sent off to be killed because no one wanted them), I think they were the 'chariots of fire' and I liked it so I incorportaed my nature in with it :D lolsie



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Tableau Vivant] My very first name here was SJV, and those are my initials. But after I started to understand Elftown, I wanted to change it. I've been Heaven's Fall and such in my darker period =P But after that I started searching for something better. A tableau vivant is a theatrical word, meaning: Living Painting. It is used when people on stage completely freeze. They are the living painting. =] And I am very much into theatre, so it feels like it really suits me.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Teufelsweib] it's a german word. teufel means devil and weib means woman, so literally I guess you could translate it as devilwoman or devilish woman. I actually first came across the word in the german version of the Disney song "Hellfire" from the Hunchback of Notre Dame *shame now the truth is told xD*, in which he calls someone a Teufelsweib. I just really liked the sound of it, it's a strong word. and I'm really fond of devils, demons and tieflings :3 oh, the german version of the song, if you're interested in the pronunciation or something (you'll just have to follow the lyrics:

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Tekkon KinKreet] It is the name of (in my opinion)one of the best animes I have ever seen. And also I just like the sound of the name which i believe means some sort of reinforced concrete in Japanese. If anyone could help me on the translation I'd greatly appreciate it. :}

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[The Black Cat in Your Path] Well, I've always been a fan of black cats. I'm a cat lover of all sorts, but mainly black, long-haired cats catch my fancy. Naturally, throughout the ages, black cats have had several bad histories. For example, being messengers of witches, disease-carriers, demons in disguise.. etc. Of course, they've also had good histories, like being worshipped as gods in Egypt. My favorite history though, is that all black cats are bad luck if they cross your path. It's not so much that the black cat's CAUSE your bad luck, they're just a signal that bad luck is coming your way. So, obviously, I decided to play messenger as well! It's fun. :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Monochromatic Sight] came from my mood, "When caged birds sing, the world seems brighter", which was inspired by a book calledI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (darned if I can remeber the author, but...). Caged birds originally drew my interest, though, because I find I can easily relate with them. They, like me, are trapped and long to be free.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[The Cruel One] My great grandfathers last name was Crudeli which is a derivative from the latin word Crudo which means to be cruel or The Cruel One- pretty self explanatory

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] I chose this name partly from the Llama Song seen around the globe and llama's rock!!!! (sorry!) And [A sweet lil' egg named bob] Helped me to decide as well, as before I had a really rubbish name. I chose fuzzy, because the fuzzy llama on the song was funny, psychotic was bob's idea, and I just chose death to make it sound cool!!!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[The Last Dragoon] I've always been a fan of the game The Legend of Dragoon for as long as the game has been in existance, and I had it on the brain when I was trying to figure out my membername for ET. one of my favorite characters was Dart and he really blew me (and Melbu Frahma) away when he used the Divine Dragoon Spirit for the final battle, so I thought about using that in my Membername remembering ot was the very last D spirit in the game so I thought of Darts dragoon form as the last of the Dragoons and voila [The Last Dragoon] was born. ^>^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[TheRogue] My name most likely represents my rugged handsomeness and swashbuckling demeanor.. then again, it could just represent the outsider and slightly moralistically challenged acquirer of things.. it could mean a lot of things, but mostly it is just the name I chose because just 'rogue' would get me emails about being a girl from the Xmen... etc.. loosely based on a character I played named Tobias Darkholme, way back in the wayback machine. Although it is always amusing to have people call me 'the' if it were my first name... *shakes head*

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]
My name went through a variety of changes over the 5+ years that I've been on ET. I started out as Cat's Eyes... became "Lady Cat's eyes" for a RPG that went nowhere. About a year or so later I decided that Cat's Eye's really wasn't my thing. I had been watching Daffy Duck<> and loved it.. besides that, I have a thing for Wayne and Schuster who also did a Scarlet Pumpernickle Sketch.. and it appealed to my sense of the ridiculous. So there you have it. Although most people just call me Scarlet.. I doubt I'll change it for a while...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[This waltz, Matilda?]
"Waltzing Matilda" was Australian slang for: travelling on foot with one's belongings in a "Matilda"(swag), slung over one's back. Aussies will certainly know Australia's 'unofficial national anthem':
Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda, you'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me. And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled, you'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me. I think I'm just a 'jolly swagman'!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[thuthuca] *quotes text from his house*: "It comes from the song of Axe Bahia, "Thuthuca", which is I believe a funny song and was popular once in Greece. Axe Bahia is a music band from Brazil, so, not knowing Portoguese I didn't know what the word means. As a girl from Brazil here in ET (whose name I forget, sorry) informed me, "thuthuca" is a vocative word in Brazilian meaning something similar to "baby" and the correct spelling is Tchutchuca. On the disk of Axe Bahia though, the word was spelled thuthuca.
My name is pronounced as "tsuh tshu kah" and not with a "th" like in the word 'theory'." The song wasn't something special, and was lost after some moments of fame, but the username stayed.<_<

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Harms_Way]- the reason why I chose it is because I'm just obsessed with it. I know nearly everything there is to know about Titanic so it only made sense that I make it my name.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[.Toxic Valentine.] - this is an album name (and also a song name I think) of my favorite band of all time, Hawthorne Heights. Almost a year ago (Nov 2007) their guitarist and 'screamer' Casey Calvert passed away due to a drug overdose. The band were and continue to be my biggest influence. My username stands as a tribute to Casey and HH who have stayed strong.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Triola] - there is a very simple explanation to my choice of name. Tri = the first three letters of my first name, Ola = the first three letters of my last name. It's true, people, it's really that simple, and that boring :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Tynuka-Rhytishy]- I'm also know as Angeldragon, Kiki~Shishinimi, Queprur, and a few others I'm sure I missed, but [Tynuka-Rhytishy] is my favorite character from my unfinished novel that I will more than likely never finish. I just tried to think of a name that started with a 'T' and letters just followed.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[hannes] - I've had many names during my 10 years on ElfTown, but this one has stuck with me for quite a while. It comes from my last name, Luhtasela-el Showk; el Showk is an Arabic word meaning 'the thorn', and törnen is the Swedish translation of that. Swedish is my native language.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Urmando The Elfling] - Urmando is a combination of 2 names: Fernando and Umur, it's a Javanese (Indonesia) boy's name!
And "Elfling" was inspired by "The dark Crystal" here they talk about Gelflings...



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Veltzeh] is a conglomeration of letters I made up about four years ago for the Elfwood moderators' IRC channel. It has the initials of my real name (V, E and L), two letters I like when they're put together (TZ) and a sound I find very nice (EH). I was just thinking that if I'm going to make up a nickname for myself, damnit, it needs to be short, simple, without special characters and unique. I've also gone by the name Varjo-olento (shadow being/creature), Lozenge master (don't ask), Aamuaurinko (morning sun, this was just to smite the list of nicks on IRC channels where I was often on the bottom and with a nick higher up in the alphabetic list I got to be on top, yay) and Ruler_of_the_Universe (mainly on IRC as a joke when we had an apocalypse in the mod channel).

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Viking] I want to be a viking when I grow up.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg> [wicked fae mage] Wicked is my pseudonym's last name, I love all fae and mages are my favorite fantasy class.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Wishing to be Ifile] Ifile is African for 'in peace' and peace was always one thing I lacked in my life and searched for.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Wolf_Wings] I've loved the idea of winged wolves ever since I heard of them. "Wolf" wings have to be the most beautiful, of all.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Wunjo*] It's very simple actual
ly. It's my favorite runestone. A friend actually called me Wunjo, because he thought the rune fitted my personality really well. I liked the name and I felt comfortable enough with it to use it as my permanent ET username!



<img:>[xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx] I chose this username from the manga "Vampire Doll" I thought that was too simple so I added "Doomed" at the start. I thought "It needs more.." So I put "X's" at the starting, and I was happy with that.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Xeroh Kanoe]-The first name I made up coming from Zero, I wanted an original form of the word, but it's not. The last name is just something to set myself off from the back.



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Yaris] Uh, I wanted to buy a new car a few years ago, and this is one of the models I was looking at (Toyota Yaris) ended up with an E190, which does not much of the ring that Yaris does. But thought it was kinda a cool name for this website.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Ylaraniala Majere] This is the name of the first character I came up with for a roleplay. She would be my exact twin in most ways except for the fact that she's an elf XD I chose Ylaraniala because I have always liked the letter Y and I saw an elf who had a similar name that I took it off of (Iraniala). Actually, the full first name is Ylaranialalethlathsala, but I figured no one would be able to pronounce it. Heck, no one can with the shortened version! Majere is her family name because at one point I really wanted to be the sister of these two men in my favorite story. The story is Dragonlance and the Majeres are a pivotal family in the books.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Yoruno] More than ten years ago, I started playing Vampire: the Masquerade, and RPG. My first and most beloved character happened to be a vampiric Geisha. I was trying to add a slightly dark feeling to her personality, so I made up the name Yoruno from two japanese words: "Yoru", that means "Night", and "No" that means "Of"... so her name means "Of the Night". When I came to Elftown, I was working on a pic of her... so the name was stucked in my head, and I used it. I still love it!

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Yuriona] is actually the name of one of my very first D&D characters, a wood elven ranger with copper hair and green eyes. When I joined ET I wanted a unique name that suited both myself and the fantasy feel of the site so Yuriona is what I used. Its actually my screen name on most places I'm a member of. ^__^

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Your Brompton Cocktail]- its kind of morbid, but a brompton cocktail, is mainly illegal, but its what a doctor gives you when your dying very slowly, its a slow working lethal injection (slow, but faster than your dying now, slow as in kills you within 24 hours, instead of dying for months)mixed with morphine, and it gives the patient one last moment of feeling alive and then kills them peicfully, I thought about it...and I added your to it, symbolizing...thati will be the one to take your life away...or I want to be the one to have your hearts...

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[yusuf] It's my real name



<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Zab] Yay! First on Z! >_> Anyway, my name here is just the nickname I've had since third grade when I changed my name from Sabina to Zabina. So it was pretty natural to use it :P

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[Zeus Complex]It simply started as this. I was approached by a good friend of mine at my former job and she put it bluntly that I'm quite cocky and I surround myself with a huge god complex. I could hardly agree with her because I find myself to be a very modest dude. This lead to me thinking on the subject for awhile, in which, I mixed up the word "Zeus" my favorite Mythological deity with the word complex. I thought it was a pretty cool match and made it my new name.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[zankou] I absolutly love the t.v. show, CHARMED. alot of te demons on the show have cool names but I choose zankou beacuse the acter that played him is one of my faves. Oded fher? is that how to spell it? anyway....


<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[5thwitch] I'm the 5th witch of a coven! but this is not a gratuation, just the symbol/lucky/favourite number of every witch. I mean, the 1st witch was not the chief, but only had as symbolic number the number 1. the 2nd witch had the 2 and so on. we had also a nature inspired name. I was Acacia the 5thwitch. noe to let it simple I'm just "quinta" =5th in italian.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[~Crimson Angel~]- My original name when I first joined was Misty1, my name now I chose in honor of an original character I made for a private roleplay with a friend. The character was found alone in the woods with amnesia and couldn't remember her name, but she had red angel wings so the person who found her named her Crimson.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[*mimi*]- this name was given to me by [technosexual dildo] he calls me it 24/7. its just the shortened version of maria (my real name). I do love both my names but I much prefer mimi simply because it gives my the illusion of being cute when actually im quite evil at the best of times

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[*Night_Shade*] About 3-5 years ago I was surfing the web for Cybersix sites and came across one by a girl named Nightflower. When I went to look it up on Encarda 95, it gave me a list of words, Nightshade being one of them. So, a time later when a friend and I went onto a Yugioh site (long story), I picked it as my user. Now I'm attached to it, it even describes my personality.

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[*Phoenix*] - Well, mine's very simple. I picked Phoenix cause it's been my favorite fantasy creature for a while. I also like the magestic and unknown features it brings to mine. I also like that a Phoenix is reborn from the ashes just like in Christ I'm reborn. (Please don't give me a hard time about this-it's what I think. You may think differently.) (Phoenix was already taken so I added the pretty "*-*" around it.)

<img:img/drawing/18485_1102727570.jpg>[~Spirit Fox~] - Well...foxes are my favorite animal, but I chose spirit fox because of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Now the name has many meanings for me, my personality, my character is also a fox demon, and the fox is my embelem.


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2014-08-28 [Nuktae-tal]: Mine is Korean for wolf moon I looked it up in some dictionary's. like this translation best.

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