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Jaraden's charcter studies~1

study of Laornar, first draft.. alright i guess.. image from book #1
Name:Laornar Du’Cartruillair
Alias: none unitl the end of book 4
Age:16 (18 by this drawing)
Race:Viquean (a citizen of the Kingdom of Aultenvique)
first study of Eveinis.. not liking it too much
Name: Eveinis Montaerhuil
Alias: none until Book 4
Age: 17 (19 by this drawing/ book#2)
Rank: None
Gender: Male
Race: Viquean
Prince Phoenix early study..
Name: (given name unused) Prince 'Phoenix' Alourmar
Alias: 'Phoenix'
Age:17 (21 by this drawing/ book#4)
Rank: Second Born Prince
Gender: male
Race: Viquean
study of Quelfini..
he's a dwarf by the way..
more detail plus a follow up study to come
Name: Cpt. Rasmay
Alias: none
Age: 37
Rank: Captain
Gender: male
Race: Ketahaadian
this is one of the primary creatures in the book, haven't figured out a name and i won't give away what part they plan jsut yet...
this is an early study on an Evaerwok.. they are effectively barbarians, but there is more to them then that.. more history and another study to come...
this is a study of the two true gods of my book(s)..
Jaraden ofcourse.. another study plus a smatering of details to follow..
this is an early study of the Sorcerer Jonas.. another study plus a smattering of details to follow..

/ [jaraden]
~Still to come, studies of Thoarst, Jaraden, Quelfini, Syque and Insarlot... plus i gotta add some details and backgrounds too.. won't give too much away though!
har har

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2010-04-28 [jaraden]: its a long story, but the short version is that i was workin and supporting a pregnent ex while tryin to finish my last year, something had to go... there you have it.. it sucks but thats life... can't finish my sheridan degree, and there is literally nowhere in the north-east of england up to that level or standards of illustration...

2010-04-28 [moira hawthorne]: could finish it IF you moved back to canada...

I know this may not be likely... but it is possible... the future is the great unknown...

2010-04-28 [The Dizzy Raven]: That sucks :(

Moira's right

2010-04-29 [jaraden]: i don't think that'll happen until my kids are old enough to make that desision, i would obviously have to have full custody of them by then, but if they wanted to move to canada then i would, but until then i don't plan on being far away from them ever! but your right, one never knows!!

2010-04-29 [The Dizzy Raven]: Aww you're such a good dad ^_^

2010-04-30 [jaraden]: well i wouldn't go that far.. but i'd do anythin fer my kids.. heck, i moved across the ocean for them... which doesn't make me anythin speacial, i reckon any parent should think the same.. am i right?

2010-04-30 [The Dizzy Raven]: yeah, but not many parents are like you. Some could care less about their kids unfortunately. I've met parents like that and heard news stories :( its sad

2010-05-01 [ReineBloodwolf]: hi

2010-05-04 [jaraden]: i hear you there, it is sad to hear people who clearly don't give a damn about their kids!! its the sign of the times... anyhow, i could bang on about the lack of responsibilities of this generation.. but i won't.. nedless to say i am not one of those dudes who sires kids and doesn't take care of them!! love my kids to bits! had a blast with them this weekend, it was great!!! but cheers hun!

2010-05-04 [jaraden]: hey shiome, haven't heard from you in a while.. how you been???

2010-05-04 [The Dizzy Raven]: that's good to hear from you, Jaraden ^_^
at least there are parents out there who still care

2010-05-04 [jaraden]: cheers hun!! much appreciated!!! so gonna enter that dragon contest.. just gotta find where the latest drawin went to... hmmm.. round here somewheres...

2010-05-04 [The Dizzy Raven]: hehe ^_^ take your time. you got plenty. I gave until september first because some people have finals and some people got work or vacation coming up

2010-05-04 [jaraden]: yeah, gotcha... very sencible of you!!!! can't wait to get to work on it, see what everyone comes up with.. haven't entered a contest in ages!!! giddy giddy giddy!!

2010-05-04 [The Dizzy Raven]: lol ^_^ hehe Itry
anyways, can't wait! :D

2010-05-04 [moira hawthorne]: what dragon contest?!?! tell me.. give me link plz!!!

child abuse/neglect... isnt new or old or any different... been around since two people could bang and mindless genes decide to create life.. but luckily for the human species there has always been GOOD parents about aswell!!! and as deplorable as child abuse/neglect IS... and im in way supporting it... its not always only a bad thing... many children raise above the abuse and neglect to become stronger better adults than their sob parents were

2010-05-04 [The Dizzy Raven]: ^_^ Dragons Club Art Contest

you gotta feel bad for the kids though :\ I mean, I've heard worse things happen and I really don't want to go into details

2010-05-05 [jaraden]: even though this has become a random subject change i'll weigh in.. i'm all for dicaplining one's children as the parent sees fit, even though it's not PC i believe in spankin, i was spanked when i was a kid and i know it gives youths the respect for their elders that is lackin these days!!!! now havin said that i deplore any abuse, but then, that is human nature; constantly abusin power... in the end there is no right answer, either coddle a child and have them grow up with no respect what so ever or have a child so wrapped in terror of a beatin that they are scarred for life; those are the two extreems... not very nice, but thats a fact.. me, i take a gentle hand with my two, but if they go too far they get a spankin, and only then, but they know whos boss while at the same time know that i adore them!!!

but there you have it.. havin kids is a life long commitment (spelt wrong) and those who can't handle it should be starelised... simples! ha!

2010-05-05 [moira hawthorne]: would be parents who want to adopt have to go thru/jump loops thru/basically prove their worth... a long list of requirement and checks... but any dumb smuchs can bang their nastys together and become parents... raise a child is likely THE most important job of human society... and yet in is nearly invariable given to the unexiperenced and unqualified!

2010-05-05 [jaraden]: too true!!! here here!

2010-05-05 [The Dizzy Raven]: Agreed! :)

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