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Here you can find free stock photographs for your art. You can use them for manipulations, reference or even for tutorials you're free to use them without restriction.


Rules for submitting:

1. The photographs MUST have been created by YOU.
If you submit images of a person that is not you, you MUST have a signed full release before you can put their image in such a resource.

3. Blurry images as well as very small and grainy pictures will not be accepted.

4. Images that you submit here will be considered public domain.
If you don't want the images to be public domain, but for example use creative commons license, then the wiki or the photos have to be clearly marked as such. (Non-free images will only count as 1/10 of a free images for the photograph badges.)

Users are encouraged to link back to this wiki-page and credit the creator of the things they are using. This is not essential. Other than that it is absolutely free to use these images.

5. Upload your Photographs to Elftown.
The images must be uploaded to Elftown. To upload directly to the wiki you need priv (privilege) 99. Ask by commenting here or on privs and you'll generally get it. Although because Stock Photographers usually uploaded by the bulk it is better to use the "Upload a Folder of Images" feature that is shown on your house.
This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files in their original size to a wikipage.
Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also uploading images.

6. Remember to follow the Uploading Art Rules.
If you are unsure, ask one of the Photo Reference Bosses.

How to place your donation:

Post your photo submissions in the Reference Pictures Submissions page for approval by the Photo Reference Bosses. Please write under the images what they are!


Reference Pictures Sections

[#Animals] | [#Backgrounds] | [#Model Stocks] | [#Objects] | [#Plants] | [#Other Images] | [#Weapons]

Amphibian Reference Pictures
Armadillo Reference Pictures
Bear Reference Pictures
Big Cat Reference Pictures
Birds Reference Pictures
Bison Reference Pictures
Cats Reference Pictures
Deer Reference Pictures
Dogs Reference Pictures
Dolphin Reference Pictures
Elephant Reference Pictures
Ferret Reference Pictures
Fish Reference Pictures
Fox Reference Pictures
Giraffe Reference Pictures
Goats, Sheep and Cows Reference Pictures
Horse Reference Pictures
Insect Reference Pictures
Kangaroo Reference Pictures
Koala Reference Pictures
Meer Kat Reference Pictures
Otter Reference Pictures
Pig Reference Pictures
Prairie Dog Reference Pictures
Primate Reference Pictures
Rabbits Reference Pictures
Raccoon Reference Pictures
Reptiles Reference Pictures
Rodents Reference Pictures
Sloth Reference Pictures
Swan Reference Pictures
Water Fowl Reference Pictures
Wolf Reference Pictures
Zebra Reference Pictures

See also:
- Animal Feet Reference Pictures
- Bird Nest Reference Pictures
- Pet Food Reference Pictures

Autumn Reference Pictures
Buildings Reference Pictures
Cave Reference Pictures
Cityscape Reference Pictures
Desert Landscapes Reference Pictures
Fog Reference Pictures
Forest Landscape Reference Pictures
Haunted House Reference Pictures
Lakes & Oceans Reference Pictures
Landmark Reference Pictures
Landscape Reference Pictures
Lawn and Garden Reference Pictures
Moss and Peat Reference Pictures
Mountain & Hill Reference Pictures
Nature Reference Pictures
Plains Reference Pictures
Rain & Floodwater Reference Pictures
River Reference Pictures
Sky Reference Pictures
Stem & Leaf Detail Reference Pictures
Sunset/Sunrise Reference Pictures
Swamp and Bog Reference Pictures
Tropical Landscape Reference Pictures
Waterfall Reference Pictures
Water Fountain Reference Pictures
Waterscapes Reference Pictures
Winter/Snow Reference Pictures

Model Stocks
Ears Reference Pictures
Eyes Reference Pictures
Feet & Legs Reference Pictures
Full Body Reference Pictures
Hair Reference Pictures
Hands & Arms Reference Pictures
Mouth Reference Pictures
Nose Reference Pictures
Portrait Reference Pictures

Basket Reference Pictures
Bench Reference Pictures
Bird House Reference Pictures
Bird Nest Reference Pictures
Bone Reference Pictures
Book Reference Pictures
Bowls Reference Pictures
Chain Reference Pictures
Clock Reference Pictures
Cloth Reference Pictures
Clothes Pins Reference Pictures
Computer Reference Pictures
Coral & Seashells Reference Pictures
Crayon Reference Pictures
Cups and Tumblers Reference Pictures
Dice Reference Pictures
Dolls Reference Pictures
Drum Reference Pictures
Fan Reference Pictures
Feathers Reference Pictures
Furniture Reference Pictures
Glass Bottle Reference Pictures
Guitar Reference Pictures
Harp Reference Pictures
Holiday Decorations Reference Pictures
Jewellery/Jewelry Reference Pictures
Keys Reference Pictures
Lights Reference Pictures
Pen & Pencil Reference Pictures
Perfume Bottle Reference Pictures
Playdough Reference Pictures
Playing Cards Reference Pictures
Potpourri Reference Pictures
Props Reference Pictures
Rusted Objects Reference Pictures
Statues Reference Pictures
Stone and Rock Reference Pictures
Tealight Reference Pictures
Tea Pot Reference Pictures
Toy Reference Pictures
Trunk Reference Pictures
Utensils Reference Pictures
Violin Reference Pictures
Watch Reference Pictures
Wire Reference Pictures
Wooden Box Reference Pictures

Cacti Reference Pictures
Flowers Reference Pictures
Fungus Reference Pictures
Misc Plants Reference Pictures
Swamp & Marsh Reference Pictures
Trees Reference Pictures

Other Images
Creation Reference Pictures
Fire Reference Pictures
Food & Drink Reference Pictures
Ice Reference Pictures
Mystical Reference Pictures
Pet Food Reference Pictures
Rainbow Reference Pictures
Snow Reference Pictures
Texture Reference Pictures
Vehicle and Travel Reference Pictures

Bladed Weapons Reference Pictures
Blunt Tip Weapons Reference Pictures
Firearms Reference Pictures
Misc Weapons Reference Pictures


Thanks go to [H3_six] for the wiki idea.

Elftown Photo Reference Marathon - Help us expand the stock photo collection!
Reference Pictures Manipulation Challenge & Reference Pictures Creations
Reference Pictures Links

See also:
Figure Artist Reference
Elftown Tutorials
Digital Art Resources
Reference Photographers
Reference Pictures Submissions
Photo Reference Bosses

Username (or number or email):


2007-10-09 [Cia_mar]: jitters, are you taking donations of pics?
you can take anything you like from my wikis

2007-10-10 [Hedda]: [Cia_mar]: It's pretty hard to know what you have done that can be used for these pages as you have done so much other things. If you have reference pictures that are free for anyone to use, and you want to add it here, then just add it in the right place and the world will be a little better place

We might say that you add it in the wrong place, but we'll be grateful never the less, so don't worry!

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: Thanks [Hedda] ^_^
Thanks [Cia_mar] too :)

Just add what you'd like to donate in a wiki and post the wiki in the Reference Pictures Submissions and I'll sort the categories out :)

2007-10-10 [Skydancer]: just a note here, if you submit images of a person that is not you, you MUST have a signed full release before you can put their image in such a resource. Just an FYI.

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: Indeed. Thanks will add it on the wiki. I meant to and aI forgot ^^'

2007-10-10 [Skydancer]: :)

2007-10-10 [Cia_mar]: no worries..... i will sort through what i have adn send things your way....

2007-10-10 [H3_six]: What if there is people in the background but they aren't really recognisable?

2007-10-10 [Cia_mar]: good question

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: I don't think there's a problem if they're the main focus of the picture ;) (usually blurry etc isn't really good for reference and the such ;p)

2007-10-10 [Synsae]: would not seem like an issue... but if it is... I would think any people in the background could easily be cropped out before submission?

2007-10-10 [H3_six]: I think they could be cropped out in most cases. Considering they are open pictures, I'll just avoid pictures with strangers. It doesn't seem quite fair to use them.

2007-10-10 [H3_six]: This is the image I was thinking of, the people in the back are fine but dude in the front is a bit iffy.

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: I can make all of them disappear in a few minutes if you want :)

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: Here: good as new :D <URL:stuff/h3dune.jpg>

2007-10-10 [H3_six]: :D Thanks Jitter.

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: You're welcome ^_^

2007-10-10 [Synsae]: I just thought I should mention... I just took a couple new pics of my pistol that can be sumbitted, I am going to take more of it later... but right now... It needs to be cleaned, because I have not cleaned it since I fired it Saturday, and that is dangerous

2007-10-10 [moira hawthorne]: H3_six where (as in the world) is that dune!?! it is most impressive!

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: *is impressed at the speed this has filled* Only 3 empty galleries :O I think I'm going to cry with joy x)

So far people who have contributed are (no particular order):
[Jitter], [Hedda], [H3_six], [sequeena_rae], [Synsae], and [Cia_mar]

Thanks everyone for making this such a full gallery with reference images :D keep them coming :D

2007-10-10 [sequeena_rae]: You're welcome ;) And of course I'll keep them coming :P

2007-10-10 [Synsae]: ok, I put up a new picture of Vlad that could be used... located here (I got to find the name of my own wiki... moment) of course :-P

2007-10-10 [Synsae]: found it... lol... Dave's Random Photos

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: I have it on watch ;)

2007-10-10 [Synsae]: oh... lol... I saw number of watchers said 1... thought it meant me... oops

2007-10-10 [Jitter]: I just put it on watch before you commented here x)

2007-10-10 [Cia_mar]: i am going to ask [Remos Page] if i can donate some of his pics for him... he has wonderful nature shots!!!!

2007-10-11 [H3_six]: Yeah, they are great. :D It's a part of the Yeagerup Dune system near Pemberton WA. Quite spectacular, though not very well known. You can literally see them swallow up the forest as they move.

2007-10-12 [moira hawthorne]: there are huge dunes at Point Peely in Canada like that... maybe not as large... likely not... b/c Ive only seen family slides of them... I wasnt yet born... I keep saying I want to go there and camp some time

2007-10-12 [moira hawthorne]: ooooooh you mean WA = Western Australia - wow
had to check google and your house! thats where you are from!

2007-10-12 [H3_six]: >.< I forget about WA - Washington. If you ever get a chance to visit those dunes, bring something to sandboard with! ;D Fun times.

2007-10-12 [moira hawthorne]: if I ever get half way around the world I will sit there and watch the young kids break their necks...

2007-10-12 [Kyrinn]: Wow.. finally found my way into here. This is awesome!

2007-10-12 [Jitter]: :D It is isn't it? :D

Now if you take macro shots of those spiders.... >:3

2007-10-12 [sequeena_rae]: Yes!!

2007-10-12 [Kyrinn]: You should put your spiders in here Squee. >:3

2007-10-12 [sequeena_rae]: I have >:D

2007-10-12 [Kyrinn]: Oooo good. *goes to find them and bookmark that page* very good spider reference.

2007-10-12 [sequeena_rae]: Naww, thank you :3

2007-10-12 [Hedda]: Please write under the images you submit what they are! Do use a box-tag (like box100 or box200) to nicely group the image with the describing text.

In that way one can use Google to search for "silver teapot" and then find the Misc Objects Reference Pictures page.

Loads of images without text under them are pretty useless as no one can find anything there.

2007-10-12 [Jitter]: I updated everything up to 'Other Animals'

2007-10-12 [Hedda]: Nice! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-10-12 [Jitter]: ^___^

I love my ctrl+H button on Notepad. Makes everything about wiki editing easier ^_^

But then again I love everything about notepad anyway!

2007-10-13 [Hedda]: It seems like the link was just wrong. Fixed!

2007-10-13 [Jitter]: o_O I can't even think why I had this link wrong o_O

My Brain capacity isn't what it used to be loool

2007-10-16 [Hedda]: Mouth Reference Pictures and Nose Reference Pictures updated. Keep the images coming!

There are still a few GByte left on our harddisk... I guess I have to buy a new one before Christmas.

2007-10-16 [Synsae]: hmmm, I am assuming the number next to the contributer's name is the amount of photos that they contributed... so, I just want to mention something that probably needs to be corrected, I do not think I have contributed 49 photos... I think its more like 24 (not that I would not mind it saying I contributed 49, I just do not want to take credit for something I did not do)

2007-10-16 [sequeena_rae]: Jitter, did you take the numbers from EG Artists?

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: [Synsae] I counted them one by one today. I will recount them if you want but I really think they're 49.

Squee... Eh?

2007-10-16 [sequeena_rae]: I was just wondering :p I remembered that you said to Sunny that you took the layout for the names from EG Artists so you might have taken the numbers too without realising.

Wai, 103 images from me :D

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: Nah I counted the images one by one xD

I kept the notepad file where I took notes. They won't make sense to anyone but me at the moment though but I indeed seem to have cretided more to Padu

I will recount tomorrow @____@

2007-10-16 [Synsae]: well do not worry... I'll try to contribute up to 49... and beyond... lol

2007-10-16 [sequeena_rae]: You've done a lot of work Jitter, well done :p

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: Hehe thank you ^^

As I said before I'm quite dangerous (to myself mainly) when I'm bored x)

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: Would Fire photographs fall under objects..? Backgrounds...?

2007-10-16 [Synsae]: I would say if the fire is more in the background... then backgrounds... if not... then probably objects

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: Thanks.

Ok recounted most of them (ahhhh @_@) I don't have the energy to count Squee's at the moment but since I know which and which are mine I'll count mine soon too.

2007-10-16 [Kyrinn]: I have a hand ref actually. Just need to find it..

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: goody :)

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: I cheated my own self I have 122 xD

2007-10-16 [Hedda]: Well, I would prefer if people donated less and sorted out the good ones, instead of doing like lazy me and just submit everything. So I'm not sure that number-counting is a good thing.

2007-10-16 [Kyrinn]: I think it just matters that people are contributing. Its not like people get special badges for amount of references contributed.. right? O.o

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: read [470714 (Unknown or private posting)] and beyond :P Although I was planning to move the counting to a private wiki for now and only posted them here to confirm the numbers

2007-10-16 [Synsae]: what do you mean we are not getting badges??? lol

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: From what I have gathered there might be badges in the future since the donors are listed in Sourcerers

2007-10-16 [Synsae]: ah, cool, I did not know that...

2007-10-16 [Kyrinn]: Cool! thanks for showing me that, I completely missed it!

2007-10-16 [Jitter]: I ressurected something old actually x)

2007-10-17 [Hedda]: [Kyrinn]: What people do get is the right to put credits to themselves on the page they have put photos on. That might be more important than any badge because about 10 to 100 people per day look at these pages, and getting your name there might be very important to your career or general wellbeing.

2007-10-17 [Cia_mar]: that is a good point [Hedda]
hmmm... never thought of that!

2007-10-17 [Kyrinn]: Ah, I see! very good!

2007-10-17 [Jitter]: Please from now on say how many you gave in the comments of the wiki you added images to!

Added <insert number> new images.

2007-10-18 [Jitter]: Apologies for the wiki change spam. I added the banner and got rid of some useless codes, and set them all to allow non members to comment

2007-10-18 [Synsae]: no problem... figured thats what you was doing <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-11-10 [Jitter]: I added a new wiki Reference Pictures Used for works done with pictures from this wiki :)

2007-11-10 [Cia_mar]: cool idea!

2007-11-10 [Jitter]: Credits to [H3_six] for it ;)

2007-11-10 [Cia_mar]: :}

2007-11-13 [Hedda]: There are 335 GByte left on the harddisk now! You're upload too few images! <img:stuff/sm5.gif> <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-11-13 [Synsae]: Don't worry... I plan on taking more photos, eventually

2007-11-14 [Jitter]: 335 holy moly O_O

I will eventually get back to it. I have several cat images on my hardrive but they need sorting out.

2008-08-05 [Hedda]: If you now submit images with () after the img-tag (Like <img200:stuff/z/1/p102002.jpg>(My Name)) it will change the file-name to that (In this case to: <img200:stuff/My_Name.jpg>(My Name))

This generally looks much better and makes the images easier to find with image searches.

2008-08-05 [Hedda]: Just one problem: Don't write the same thing in two ()! It has to be unique, otherwise it will show you the existing file-name, instead of your image.

2008-08-07 [Hedda]: I have no idea what you're talking about.

2008-10-31 [Hedda]: Elftown Photo Reference Marathon isn't really started yet (But maybe very soon), but I added the link so that I'll not forget about it. <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-10-31 [Jitter]: Err. I just posted the news item about it :P

2008-10-31 [Hedda]: Yes, now it's started. <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: Access denied to this wiki-page ... fun

2008-11-01 [Hedda]: Gah! Fixed now. Thanks!

2008-11-01 [moira hawthorne]: very goood interestin idea you have hedda

2008-11-02 [Iske]: fun fun fun

2008-11-10 [Hedda]: I just found this:

And maybe:

I've done Field photos and Forest photos, and added them to: Nature Reference Pictures.

Pretty pointless unless we can make some better comments to them. It was a great source of loads of photos that are really public domain though. I added it on the link-section.

2008-11-12 [Silver Moon]: so as long as it follows the uploading rules it can be any subject matter?

2008-11-12 [Jitter]: Yes, but it should be useful. If we find it is not it won't remain on the page :)

2008-11-12 [Silver Moon]: what is the definition of useful with these ?

2008-11-12 [Jitter]: Read the page please :) It is all explained.

2008-11-12 [Silver Moon]: i did but i still don't understand

2008-11-13 [Jitter]: They have to be images than can be used in art :) Don't worry post them for reviewing and we'll let you know!

Bad: <img100*0:>


They of course have to be BIG <img:stuff/hall_gif.gif>

2008-11-13 [Silver Moon]: ok thanks

2008-11-13 [Skydancer]: umm just a note. Your statement is they are free to use without restriction. That makes them fair game for ANY USE WHATSOEVER.
Not just for art or reference. They could be used commercially also with no payment or recourse. You are essentially releasing them to public domain which means anyone can use them for anything.

2008-11-13 [Hedda]: Or for making photo reference pages like this one.

2008-11-13 [Skydancer]: Nods of course, but you are also releasing all rights to anyone to use for any purpose. A number of photographers and models have been discussing this and what it could mean for folks. What I am suggesting is that maybe you rethink your wording and put some restrictions on the use of the images, especially if they have people in them. :)

2008-11-13 [Hedda]: I'll not go into paranoia. If someone uses my photo to slander me, then they can't hide behind the fact that the photo itself is public domain. And I just have to pay the price that some will use it for voodoo or masturbation... Fame is always a two edged sword, but generally it's useful.

2008-11-13 [Skydancer]: Always your right to make that choice. I simply sugggested it be made clear to folk just what they are doing when they make that decision. :) A great many of the younger folk and probably older folk here also don't really understand exactly what they are doing when they place their image in the public domain. Or that they cannot legally do so with any images containing other people unless they have a signed release from those people stating they have that right. And its not slander if its public domain. You have zero recourse once you release it. I will now hush and no pursue the matter any further, my only intention is pure information, not to deter anyone, but to be sure folk think before they do and that they are clear on just what they are doing. We have this same sort of discussion with our models and anyone that we put on film, as many new models have no idea just what rights they do and do not have one they are paid or sign a release form.

I mean, really, I already have thousands of reference photos on Elftown. All of mine do have language limiting their use to ONLY artwork and for artists. They are not inhibited in using the references, only that that the models are protected from having their images be used in ways that are not in their best interest. You can have it both ways you know, a reference is not normally public domain. Anyone may use the reference, but they may do so only "as" reference, not for their commercial projects or their ads or their myspace etc.

2008-11-14 [Hedda]: It's of course slander if someone takes a photo of me and post that I'm a drug-addict. It has nothing to do with the photo, but what they are writing.

2009-01-08 [Jitter]: <-Awesome!

2009-01-08 [Chimes]: Jitter... you are simply amazing. :P

2009-01-08 [Jitter]: =D

2009-01-08 [Morphea]: I have been saying that ever since I got to know her.........But I am a notorius leghumper to superior beings ;)

2009-01-08 [Jitter]: <img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2009-01-09 [Morphea]: LOOL

2009-03-09 [Hedda]: I added Chernobyl2008 under a new heading as it didn't really fit somewhere else. People tend to like those photos so I think they belong here.

2009-08-24 [*Phoenix*]: I have a couple wikis that I'd like to add as reference material. They are:
Fire Photos
Scenery References
April's Other Pictures


2009-08-24 [nehirwen]: You can add them to the Reference Pictures Submissions page [*Phoenix*]. Nice photos btw! :)

2009-08-27 [*Phoenix*]: I did right after I commented here...I hadn't noticed until after.....Thanks! I'll have even more soon!

2009-11-26 [Lothuriel]: Please Note Jewelry Reference Pictures has been added to replace the old one that had a misspelled title. Please add it to your watch list and enjoy!

-The Reference Pictures Staff

2009-12-02 [Linderel]: *dies* It was not misspelled D: 'Jewellery' is entirely correct!

2009-12-02 [moira hawthorne]: Jewelry (USA spelling) or Jewellery (UK spelling)
of course I prefer Jewellery

2009-12-02 [Linderel]: Precisely.

2009-12-02 [Kyrinn]: I dont think the spelling would matter, but thats just me. Just because its the American spelling it doesnt change what the page is about.

2009-12-02 [Linderel]: Yes, but my point was... the name didn't have to be changed because of a misspelling because there never was one. xD

2009-12-02 [Kyrinn]: Then that should be taken up with [Lothuriel] in private perhaps? :)

2009-12-02 [SilverFire]: ET's official pages all use British English spelling. I know this isn't technically an official page... but it's... sort of semi-one. <_<

2009-12-02 [Lothuriel]: I didn't fracking change it, first of all. A couple of moderators thought it should be changed and changed it. I think there is a big deal being made out of nothing, personally. Why should it matter that we changed it? No one was really watching it. 

2009-12-02 [Linderel]: You did make the comment, though. Well, anyway... I'm sorry? I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking anyone, I was just being my typically nitpickerish self.

2009-12-02 [Lothuriel]: Then I apologize for my harshness...the "*dies*" part came across to me as a bit doesn't matter now right?<img:stuff/kis-gif.gif>

2009-12-02 [Linderel]: Hehe. Yeah. I tend to go for the melodramatic occasionally when talking language xD All good!

2009-12-02 [Lothuriel]: I am from eastern Kentucky, though. So, you see it's perfectly natural for me to rape the English language on a daily basis.

2009-12-02 [SilverFire]: This is just a suggestion, but since English people would search the page for "jewellery" if they are looking for pictures of jewellery, so how about making it read Jewellery/jewelry reference pictures.

As a side note, my firefox dictionary appears to be trying to play international diplomat and insists the only correct spelling is "Jewelery" <_<.

2009-12-02 [Nioniel]: Sorry all, that was my bad, I made the suggestion to change it to [Lothuriel] and I suppose that as U.S. citizens neither of us were too familiar with the British English spelling of the word, so it made sense for it to be changed. If you all decide on what you want the page to read (jewellery/jewelry/jewelery) I'd be happy to change it to whichever is best so that no one else has to deal with it.

Personally the word "jewelry" is looking a bit ridiculous now that I've read it/typed it so much.


2009-12-03 [Lothuriel]: I thought it was a good idea. *shrugs* Like I said, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I Googled Jewellry and jewelry just to see what popped up. A lot of important sites popped up with both searches. Jewellry isn't recognized by most online dictionaries either. 

But, be that as it may...I don't think it matters much. I am game to do whatever. I am from the states so, jewellry looks plum weird to me. *shrugs*

2009-12-03 [Nioniel]: :)

2009-12-03 [Skydancer]: This is an international site, therefore in my opinion, it should be in international language spellings. Elftown is in Europe after all, we in the US are blessed to have it to use, and we should very much not be "american tourists" but rather learn to expand our views, thoughts and acceptance to all the planet that we are citizens of. My opinion of course.

A blessed and happy Yule to everyone, may it be one of forgiveness, understanding, peace and friendship across all borders. Be they here in the "states" or in the state of the world.

2009-12-03 [Lothuriel]: Input is always welcome! ^__^

2009-12-03 [SilverFire]: "Jewellry isn't recognized by most online dictionaries either. " But "Jewellery" on the other hand. :P <_< *ducks and runs*

2009-12-03 [Lothuriel]: OK.

I know I am being corrected here.

But *scratches head*

I am apparently to dense to catch it. 


2009-12-03 [Lothuriel]: OH! Nevermind. I just noticed the extra e. Which could explain why it didn't show up in online dictionaries. <img:img/mood/61513_1224163020.gif>

2009-12-03 [Nioniel]: Okay...should we put it back to the British English spelling and have alternative spellings listed in the 'keyword' space? I feel like we're going in circles.

:P to you Silvie.

*tired but amused*

2009-12-03 [Skydancer]: It would be good to have all forms in the key words in order to improve the google and other search engine hits.

2009-12-03 [Nioniel]: That's what I thought.

2010-01-18 [*Phoenix*]: I noticed that some of my pictures have yet to show up here...hmm. Just wondering what happened and if I could help. I added some already, but I've got to go for the night and probably won't be on for a least a day or so...Thanks for all everyone does here. I would love to be part of everything!!! My application is waiting in the wings so hopefully I'll be crew soon!! *crosses fingers* *waits in agony*

2010-01-18 [Nioniel]: Hmm...I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I had missed any. I know that some of the ones you had added were already in wikis that were/are listed/linked on some of these pages. Apparently it is a bit too confusing to keep track of what needs to be added, what has been added, and what simply needs to be counted when you submit, or rather, resubmit old wiki pages with new photos on them. If you don't mind, re-add the wikis with photos that have yet to be added to these pages to the Reference Pictures Submissions page and I will happily take care of them properly. Please leave a disclaimer somewhere though, preferably on the Reference Pictures Submissions page, that the photos you are re-adding have already been counted towards your numbers on Rference Photographers

Also, if in the future you could only submit photos on new wikis, I am certain that that will help us to avoid any future problems or situations similar to this one.


2010-01-20 [*Phoenix*]: Sorry, I didn't realize it would cause a problem. I will make sure to use new pages. :) I want to help the best I can.

2010-03-03 [SilverFire]: Would it not make more sense to link at the bottom to Figure Artist Reference and SPADNAA than Elftown Graphics, which isn't a reference resource at all?

2010-03-14 [*Phoenix*]: Is there a book section? I would like a reference picture of a book or something like that...

2010-03-14 [nehirwen]: The images of EPRM Book Reference will be added when the winner is announced, so there will be a book section soon-ish.

2010-03-14 [*Phoenix*]: okies....I wasn't sure if there was one already...

2010-08-09 [SilverFire]: Hey [Nioniel], do you want to implement your jewellery/jewelry suggestion? I think half a year is enough time for people to object if they had a problem with it. :P

2010-08-10 [Nioniel]: Yup, will-do in about two days, still on the road now. :)

2010-08-24 [Nioniel]: *facepalm*
Forgot about that until just now.

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: Lookies, lookeies! *jumps up and down pointing like a 3yr old* Bone Reference Pictures

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: Awesome! Now add it to the proper category up thar so people can find your awesome work.

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: I can't...The edit button isn't there. It's why I commented it.

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: Are you not a member of the Crew Forum?

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: No, I'm a trainee right now for the reference pictures bosses.

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: Well that stinks. Which category would you like me to put it in? i will let you decide...a test young Padawan

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: They were originally in Misc Objects Reference Pictures
so under objects would be the most logical. I thought under "animals," but there are also some pics of a human skull model so that wouldn't work; thus the objects because they're tangible. ^^

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: Could we possibly underline the categories? Please....<img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>

2010-09-02 [Nioniel]: Yup. :)

2010-09-02 [Lothuriel]: YAY!!!

2010-09-04 [*Phoenix*]: Bowls Reference Pictures to go under objects please.

2010-09-04 [Chimes]: You need to put a <hr> between the table and the loose images and the table needs to be un-centered. :)

2010-09-04 [Nioniel]: Loose images centered, please. Tables un-centered. :P

2010-09-04 [Chimes]: Did my comment not look like it meant that? O.o

2010-09-04 [Nioniel]: I guess I read it more like, You need to put an <hr between the table, and the loose images and the table needs to be un-centered.

Instead of,

You need to put an <hr between the table and the loose images, and the table needs to be un-centered.


2010-09-04 [Chimes]: ... 'between the table' would make no sense. :P The table is just one thing so it's can't be 'between' it. I think it reads like the second one. Except without the oxford comma. :P

2010-09-04 [Nioniel]: Ah. Did I mention I hadn't been up for very long when I read that? XP

Still kinda sick and sleepy, so I demand a pass on this one. :P

2010-09-04 [Chimes]: A pass you shall have. :P <3

2010-09-04 [Nioniel]: Thankies. :)

2010-09-06 [Lothuriel]: Added Dice Reference Pictures and changed my count. ^__^

2010-10-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Was there a Dragonfly reference section? Did I miss it? If not, there should definitely be one! I've got a lot of those sort.

2010-10-20 [Lothuriel]: Go ahead and submit your photo wikis and i will create a special place fer 'em! ^__^

2010-10-20 [*Phoenix*]: I also took pictures of Dragonflies, but they're all under Insect Reference Pictures; just so you know.

2010-10-20 [Lothuriel]: I am working on breaking that one down. So, this will give me a good opportunity to get my butt up to doing it! ^__^

2010-10-20 [*Phoenix*]: okies. ^^ Good luck with that! If you need help give me a holler.

2010-10-20 [Lothuriel]: holler! LOL...seriously though, I am sure I will need help identifying some critters

2010-10-20 [*Phoenix*]: Okies. ^_-

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: I was wondering if I could just... donate photographs. Some things I want to donate have already passed in contests, etc.

2011-04-18 [SilverFire]: "- How to place your donation:
Post your photo submissions in the Reference Pictures Submissions page for approval by the Photo Reference Bosses. Please write under the images what they are!"

Yes! You can! :D Do it naow!

2011-04-18 [Ravendust]: Mmkay, awesome, thanks :)

2011-04-18 [Nioniel]: Thanks Silvie. :)

2011-05-05 [Lothuriel]: Ah much better ^__^ YOu got it [Chimes]

2011-05-05 [Chimes]: It was just 'cause the capitalisation wasn't the same. :)

2011-06-13 [Cillamoon]: Added Dolphin Reference Pictures page.

2011-07-18 [Cillamoon]: Oh wow, love the columns!

2011-07-18 [nehirwen]: I'm missing a boat/ship reference here, I know there are several images with boats/ships out there already. :)
Also, where went Trennas Reference Photography: Post-Apocalyptic I can't find it back here. :\

2011-07-18 [Nioniel]: I think that [Trennas]'s page got split up between the different categories and that most of it ended up in the Rusted Objects and Buildings sections.

Not sure about the boats, though.

2011-07-18 [nehirwen]: It's not on either wiki, I've looked on a few that would make sense, but I just can't seem to find it. ._.

You don't think having a boat reference is a good idea, or what aren't you sure about?

2011-07-19 [Nioniel]: Oh, I guess I answered without checking this page, I thought there already was a boat/ship reference. :3 Since there's not, though, there definitely should be one.

I'll try to find his photos tomorrow, then. I remember splitting them up onto the rust and buildings pages, I don't know where the heck else they'd be if not on those pages. :/

2011-07-19 [nehirwen]: Okay!

2011-07-19 [Chimes]: They're in Vehicle and Travel reference pictures :P

2011-07-19 [nehirwen]: How weird, thanks! x)

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I don't know if I'm overlooking, but is there a hamster/rodent reference page?

2011-09-27 [Chimes]: There is indeed a rodent one. :)

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Oh, pft, thank you! I looked like 5 times, hehe.

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Thank you again!! -gets to work-

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: How about red pandas, lemurs, and rhinos?

2011-09-27 [Chimes]: We can make pages for any that don't have one. :)

2011-09-27 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Okies, I'll get them submitted first.

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