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Smurfsången (202/57)
Melodi: Blåsippan
Smurferna blå uti backarna står
The smurfs out in the slopes are standing
barn kommer dit för att sparka och slå.
Children are coming there to kick and hit
Smurferna skriker och springer omkring,
The smurfs are yelling and running around
barnen är smarta och bildar en ring.
The kids are smart and are forming a ring.

Mor nu är smurferna fångna, mor
Mother, now the smurfs are captured, mother!
nu ska här ordnas massaker så stor.
Now we will arrange a massacre huge.
Barnen de piskar och sparkar och slår,
The children, they whip and kick and hit.
några de binder å levande flår.
they tie and flay some of them alive

Mor uti stugan hon säger så,
Mother from the cabin she says like this:
ni får ej sluta att jaga de små.
You must not stop chasing the small! 
Det där var ej många så därför jag tror,
That was not many, so therefore I think
att än finns det smurfer kvar säger mor.
that still there are smurfs left, the mother says


Smurfsången, en vacker visa för barn:
The smurf-song, a beautiful song for children:


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2005-02-04 [LazyJenny]: *laughs so hard she almost falls off chair* Come on! I want to hear a sound file with you singing this, Hedda! XD

2005-02-05 [Hedda]: Remind me sometime when I'm really drunk ;-)

2005-02-05 [LazyJenny]: *hands a bottle of vodka* Get busy! :D

2006-07-06 [pelv13]: hope you think about this next time you drink *smiles*... i am quite curious...

2006-07-09 [Hedda]: I've kind of forgotten the melody :-(

2007-11-04 [Easterling]: Smurfarna springer omkring och barnen är smarta och bildar en ring.... The best rims ever!

2007-11-05 [Hedda]: You're beyond the rim there... It's not a "rim", it's a "rhyme" in English (ett rim = a rhyme). "rim"="border, edge"

2007-11-05 [Easterling]: Ah, "rhyme", yes - thankyou for confirming that. I was thinking, while I wrote that, how to write "rim" in English but I didn't remember and just used the Swedish word hoping that someone would help me there.. (^_^)

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