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2010-09-02 16:59:03
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Trennas Reference Photography: Post-Apocalyptic


<img200*0:stuff/Railways_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Railways_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Railways_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Railways_IV.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Railways_V.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Railways_VI.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Railways_VII.jpg>

RAILWAYS - Various views from along the Dutch railways, taken from several trains and trams near Utrecht and The Hague.


<img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_V.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_VI.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_VII.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Overgrown_Park_IV.jpg>

OVERGROWN PARK - Some shots from a park where nature often gets a chance to run free. The only human structures there are pathways and plank bridges across ponds, which are completely overgrown.


<img200*0:stuff/High_Voltage_V.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/High_Voltage_IV.jpg> <img200*267:stuff/High_Voltage_II.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/High_Voltage_IX.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/High_Voltage_XI.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/High_Voltage_VIII.jpg>

HIGH VOLTAGE - Around here we have a lot of old, but still operational electricity masts, which you can hear buzzing and cracking when you walk past them. Their weird shapes always make for some interesting pictures.


<img200*0:stuff/Lookout_Point_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lookout_Point_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lookout_Point_I.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Lookout_Point_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lookout_Point_V.jpg>

LOOKOUT POINT - One of the favorite spots for junkies to hang out is the ugly metal lookout tower from which you can overlook the highway behind the park. The tower is not the most appealing place in the world (there are a gazillion cigarette butts, it's full of graffiti and it smells like urine) but it still makes for some interesting photo ops.


<img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_V.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Wild_Garden_VI.jpg>
WILD GARDEN - The garden of an abandoned house in Katwijk. The owners moved away months earlier and in all that time nature took its sweet time to flourish.


<img200*0:stuff/Reeds_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Reeds_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Reeds_III.jpg>

REEDS - Reeds and a lot of rubbish floating in the water of a moat. It stinks pretty bad too.



CANAL- A few shots of the canal running all the way into Utrecht. It's never short on rust.


<img200*0:stuff/Gates_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Gates_III.jpg>

GATES - Some of the gates of the elephant pens at Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen. The look like anti-riot gates, which is probably what you need if an elephant loses its mind.


<img200*0:stuff/Lost_Coast_V.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lost_Coast_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lost_Coast_I.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Lost_Coast_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Lost_Coast_II.jpg>

LOST COAST - The nigh abandoned pier of Scheveningen on a warm summer day makes for a very surreal scene.


<img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_VI.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Old_Lighthouse_VII.jpg>

OLD LIGHTHOUSE - The old lighthouse at the Lauwersmeer has been abanoned for years. Its windows are covered with dead insects and the structure creaks a bit when the wind blows hard. A bit creepy, but no less fun.


<img200*0:stuff/Abandoned_Playground_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Eerie_Sky.jpg>

ABANDONED PLAYGROUND - A few shots of an abandoned playground nearby. Reminds me a bit of the one you comes across early in Half-Life 2.


<img200*0:stuff/Submarine_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Submarine_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Submarine_III.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Submarine_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Submarine_V.jpg>



<img200*0:stuff/Factory_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Factory_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Factory_III.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Factory_IV.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Factory_VI.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Factory_VIII.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Factory_V.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Factory_VII.jpg>



<img200*0:stuff/Cash_Register_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Cash_Register_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Cash_Register_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Cash_Register_V.jpg>



<img200*0:stuff/Ditched_Newspapers_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Ditched_Newspapers_II.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Ditched_Newspapers_III.jpg>






<img200*0:stuff/Jungle_Junk_I.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Jungle_Junk_II.jpg>
<img200*0:stuff/Jungle_Junk_III.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Jungle_Junk_IV.jpg>








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2009-09-17 [Trennas]: oooh! *giddy* i hope so too! Good luck with that :D

2009-09-18 [▲.]: May I use some of these? They're beautiful.

2009-09-18 [Trennas]: thank you! and sure, that's what the whole stock idea is about XD plunder away i say!

2009-09-18 [▲.]: Thanks so much! *attach* x33

2009-09-20 [Trennas]: attach? attach what? XD aaaaaah im being attached! ::p!

2009-09-20 [▲.]: I attached myself to your arm out of gratitude. xDDDDDDD

2009-09-20 [Trennas]: OMG! I have an extra limb made of human on my arm! XD

wait.. does that mean I can finally juggle now?

2009-09-20 [▲.]: Maybe. :o Although, I'm terrible at it, so I wonder how that would work...

2009-09-21 [Trennas]: me too, but with four arms it must work XD

2009-09-21 [▲.]: Can you control my arms when they're attached to one of yours? So wouldn't that really mean you only have one arm? :o

2009-09-21 [Trennas]: ......

good question! XD

2009-09-21 [▲.]: xDDDDDD

I love logic.

2009-09-22 [Trennas]: logic maketh my brain hurt bad XD

2009-09-23 [▲.]: Mine too, at times.

2009-09-23 [Trennas]: poor brain *gives brain fluffy yellow pain killers*

2009-09-24 [▲.]: Awh. xD

2009-09-24 [Trennas]: better now? :D

2010-02-20 [IonicRose]: Great pics! It makes me want to write a Post-Apocalyptic story... :)

2010-02-22 [Trennas]: thanks youss!! and please do! there can never be enough of those! :D

2010-02-22 [▲.]: Indeed. There really couldn't be enough.

2010-02-23 [IonicRose]: ^_^ true

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