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2006-08-01 10:24:24
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A little Tutorial on how you can use textures, what they are and what the different blending modes do (and what they are).

- This tutorial contains a bunch of images - be patient. Lots of big images = goodie for tutorials x)
- This tutorial was not done by a professional. It might be a more complicated or less perfect way to do the desired, but it's a possible way and it works :)
- Dedicated to [LadyMoon] <3 ;)




Starting image, texture, result:
<img150*0:stuff/tutorial_why_textures_normhair.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/tutorial_why_textures_gold.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/tutorial_why_textures_goldenhair.jpg>


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2006-04-29 [Jitter]: I forgot to mention that this helped a lot with my latest manip "Love crimes" ^_^

2006-04-30 [Ocean Soul]: Haha well, glad it did help :D

2006-09-01 [H3_six]: So that's what all those options are for. Maybe I should find the handbook. Thanks for the tutorial.

2006-09-01 [Ocean Soul]: You can always click on help in the program.. there are a lot of tips and explanations :)

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