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And The Point Is?

Questions for the Cap'n

Now a wiki award winner!

back to the house of...[Captain Rachel Black]'m bored...*pause* aaaand I wanted to make a new wiki that would involve me and expressing my opinions and all that good business. So, leave your questions in the comment box and I will post them on here and answer them to the best of my ability. There is no limit and no question is off limits :)



[The Black Cat in Your Path]: "Wheeeeeeerrreee do you go to buy your shoes? How many pairs do you have? Aaaaaaaaand, would you prefer to wear shoes or go barefoot? :P "


We have the coolest shoe place in my town called Bong's Bootery and that's were I get a good amount of my shoes, mostly because Dameon(the owner I *heart* him ^^)sells really high quality shoes. I've never bought sneakers from anywhere else because I have arch problems and he sells the perfect kind of tennis shoes for my poor achealis (?) tendon. However I have been known to buy other places if the urge so seizes me. For instance I bought these really wacky pair of boots when I was in a little market in Lithuana, they're pink and black and have lace up fronts with random patches of Lithuanian brands on the side (I'll have to get a picture of them...) I would prefer to go barefoot normally, but since I live in the upper midwest (upper upper upper *hint hint* as in you can't get any more upper than where I live XD) the cold rather prohibits it. But in the summer unless I'm going someplace I can usually be found barefoot :) Oh...and I have...*counts* 2 pairs of sneakers, 3 pairs of heals, 2 pairs of choir shoes, 4 pairs of boots...and 2 pairs of flip flops XD (13)

*Update: Um yah...I get all my shoes from Journey's (except for sneakers those I still get at Bongs, barring converse) I have WAY more shoes now...too many XD


[Xorital]:".....hmmm, If you could get away with one thing, what would it be?"


Hahahahahahahah...I there were no repercussions...probably physical relations with a certain...guy...his code name as concocted by myself and my girlfriends is Daniel Mead. He goes to my school and he basically has the body of a greek god. Buuuuut that's never going to happen because one: he's not interested (as far as I know)and two, well I'm just too young for that sorta thing ^^' (yes 16 is too young people!) And thanks bud for making me sound like a complete harlot XD


[Atayemi]: "I'm weird, so I'm going to ask a weird question. :P What sort of laugh do you have?"


It depends on how funny the joke is. You see I have many laughs. They range from the machine gun laugh (normally the result of a witty comment). To the really high pitched hyuk huk kinda laugh (when I'm surprised). Then there's the blast (HAH!), that one normally happens as a result of an accident like somebody tripping. And last but certainly not least my evil laugh which basically goes something like this (tee hehehehehe) kind of an evil snicker XD


[Sul'Laria]: part 1:Do you like waffles? if so, what kind and to what degree?
part 2: what is the insane, rebelious, weirdest,embarasing exc. thing you've ever done? and or something nobody knows about you.


part one: I luuurve waffles, but I like them plain with butter and syrup. part two: something nobody knows about me...hmmmm...that's a tough one because I'm pretty much an open book...OH! This one time at a ski lodge I really had to pee and I went into the bathroom without really inspecting the toilet I sat down on (I didn't notice it was already clogged with toilet paper). Well I did my business flushed and OH CRAP! yah it started to overflow...welllllz I calmly strode from the stall and washed my hands and left XD when I came back for lunch the bathroom was closed and I heard one of the women walking by say: "well at least SOMEONE got their business done" XDDDD


[Thunder Cid]: What would you do with your own ship in the 14th Century?


Hmmmm....I would most likely travel the Northern waters of Scandanavia pillaging monistaries and innocent costal villages, becoming the most feared female Viking history has ever known. With the help of my trusty ship The Cranky Dragon of course...


[Duke Devlin]: So... Just how often do you find yourself pondering the meaning of life?


On Average? I would say...once a month...ish? hahah It doesn't cross my mind very often XD


[Artsieladie]:Hmm... Ok, here's a question: If you found yourself very attracted to someone, suspected that they might feel the same about you, but they did things to drive you away instead, would you give up on the whole idea or pursue/try to reach that person? ;)


I am one of those people who recklessly endangers their emotions in the pursuit of the opposite sex. But, as my current status reveals: a year of just simply getting to know a person (all the while craving more XD...of course) can work wonders in the way of getting someone to like you.


[Kai Crewger]: If I gave you these items, in this order three days from now, what would you do with them?
Handcuffs (missing the key)
.07 mechanical pencil lead
Origami frog
Hamster cage (empty and cleaned)
+/= key from a white Apple keyboard
Kitty chow


Hmmmmmmm, only you Kai XD
The toothbrush would most definetly replace my current one, as that one's getting kind of shabby :p
The handcuffs? I would definetly handcuff my lover to something stable and force him to ask me to prom before I implode. Then depending on his answer I may or may not hacksaw him out of the handcuffs...If I feel like it XD
.07 mechanical pencil lead...hmmm my pencils at school are .05 so that takes that out of the equation...I would probably add it to the pile of crap that continues to grow of its own accord in my locker >.>
Origami Frog that one would probably end up in the hands of a Mr. Joel Gortmaker because he is endlessly amused by them for some reason o_0
Hamster cage (empty and cleaned) Dur! I would buy a hamster and all the trimmings...and I would name it...Beowulf. Yah that's right a HAMPSTER named Beowulf XD
+/= key would definetly go to Mr. Hurliman because the Freshman are always ripping the keys off of the keyboards in General Business so he's always in the need of a few keys
Kitty Chow...kinda obvious hahah, I'd feed it to my kitties!


[Akayume]: Sporks, spoons, or forks?


Seriously? Sporks, everytime...

Username (or number or email):


2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: There is now on Mainstreet at the bottom of the middle column:

Latest public wiki-pages:

So, this will help a little to advertise new wiki pages, if people add the keywords and make them public. Now, if folks will remember to go to Mainstreet, this will be good, too. :)

I still have not thought of a good question.... x..x

2008-12-21 [Captain Rachel Black]: Al! ([Artsieladie] can I call you that XD) *bashbash* you must inquire into my subconcious!

2008-12-21 [Artsieladie]: I don't mind. :) Yes, I must, I must! Hmm... Ok, here's a question: If you found yourself very attracted to someone, suspected that they might feel the same about you, but they did things to drive you away instead, would you give up on the whole idea or pursue/try to reach that person? ;)

2008-12-22 [Artsieladie]: Well, I like your answer. It gives me something positive to hope for than. :)

2009-02-12 [Kai Crewger]: If I gave you these items, in this order three days from now, what would you do with them?
Handcuffs (missing the key)
.07 mechanical pencil lead
Origami frog
Hamster cage (empty and cleaned)
+/= key from a white Apple keyboard
Kitty chow

2010-09-20 [Captain Rachel Black]: This was fun...I need to do this again

2011-01-26 [Akayume]: <3 chu!

2011-01-26 [Captain Rachel Black]: YOU HAVEN'T ASKED A QUESTION MISSY!...<3 chu too XD

2011-01-26 [Akayume]: HOKAY.


Sporks, spoons, or forks?

2011-01-26 [Akayume]: :3

2011-01-29 [Artsieladie]: I was glad to see this in your mood Captain Rachel Black, because it reminded me about it. :)

Well... I've gotten to know the person a bit more, but just not in a very normal or conventional way. There's a lot about him that I like, but then there's this one BIG issue, which I wish I could just totally erase, but I can't or at least not without his help. Now my question is: Is a person worth the trouble, if they've really done something very wrong and bad to you, but refuse to acknowledge they have, but on the other hand, they still have many other pluses? <_< Complicated question, I know, but it really is a complicated situation. :P

2011-01-29 [Captain Rachel Black]: (laughs) well I'll just respond to this on here. Ironically my status with the person I referred to above, reverted to something very similar to what you just described.

No the person is not worth the trouble. A person who is "worth it" would never do something like that. In the end it is just causing you a lot of pain that could be avoided. When I finally realized that I was allowing this person to abuse my feelings I dropped him like a hot potato and I became a much more beautiful, healthier, happier person.

2011-01-30 [Artsieladie]: This is what I told him, the same as you just said: If he cared anything about me at all, he would have never done what he has done and all just to save his own neck from the noose. He knows all too well what he has done, but refuses like a spoilt child to accept the blame for that which he is guilty of.

He told me that I'm not a nice person anymore and why? Because I object to being used as his scapegoat, because I refuse to accept his crap and sticking his nose in my business where it does not belong. ..And I'm not the first one who has told him that he ought to mind his own business and stay out of the business of others that does not concern him.

Dropping him like a hot potato.. I'm working towards this day. :) I've had some serious financial issues, but they are in the process of being resolved and hopefully, will be completely resolved in the very near future. Once I've achieved the "all clear" status, and he is still seeing things the way he is? Trust me.. DROP!!!

Thank you so kindly for your "wise words". :)

2011-01-30 [Captain Rachel Black]: Not "wise" just, I've been there done that :P

2011-01-30 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, but it's our experiences in life we draw from that does add to our wisdom. This is why I say that "life" is my best teacher. All the book learning in the world cannot replace first hand experience. ;)

2011-06-09 [Rice]: 8D Congrats, this has become our current feature! ...prepare yourself for weird questions.

2011-06-09 [Rice]: Can you please export the wiki so I can rate it? Thank ya kindly.

2011-06-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Why aren't you eating at Bob's Diner right now?

2011-06-11 [Captain Rachel Black]: Who Ho Feature!

2011-06-13 [Alexi Ice]: Oh! Congrats!

2011-06-15 [Paul Doyle]: Congratulations! :3

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