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Urk och bläh!

Här är några svenska icke-ord.
Here are some Swedish non-words.

Swedish     English/Explanation
Ah!         Ah! Nice! Wonderful!
Aha!        Aha! I suddenly understand now!
Aj!         Ouch! Damn it hurts!
Aj då!      Ouch! That was bad!
Argh!       Argh! Lazy version of "Gah!".
Attjo       Achoo! (Sneezing sound)
Bah!        Bah! (You're ignored!)
Bläh!       Bleh!/Ew! (It's discusting!)
Brr!        Brr! (It's cold!)
Böh!        It's boring!
Duh!        "You - *sigh*!" You're worth a sigh! 
Ehum!       I want to say something!
Fy!         "Ugh!"/"That is horrible!" or "Shame on you!"
Gah!        Gah! (Expressing frustration/annoyance)
Gnn!        Gnn! (Sullen version of Grr!)
Grr!        Grr! (Making angry noise)
Haha!       Strong laughter
Heh         Oh!
Hehe...     Normal laughter
Hihi!      Childish laughter
Hoho       Santa-laughter
Hm...       Hm... (I'm thinking!)
Höhö!       Goofy laughter
Jippi!      Yippi! Hurray!
Mhm.        Very soft "Aha!" like "I got it!"/"I heard you!"
      Note: It does not mean "Yes!"!
Mmm.        A less strong "Yes!"
Mmmmm!      Nam-nam! Very tasty!
Oj!         "Oups! (Something suddenly happened!)" 
            or a surprised form of "Wow!". 
Oj då!      Oh, that surprising! 
Ojsan!      Oups! (I accedently messed up!)
Oups!       Oups! (I accedently messed up!)
Pang!       Bang! (Sound of a handgun)
Prrr        Prrr (Purring like a cat. )
Puh!        Phew!
Raj!        I'm partying!
*snyft*     *sob* 
Suck!       Sigh! (Don't get confused here!)
Tata!       Trumpet-sound to use whenever you don't have
            a trumpet orchestra at your disposal.  
Tihi!       Girlish laughter
Tsss!       Arrogant sound. "It's not worth discussing!"
            or "That's wrong!" or "You really suck at that!"
Uff!        Oif! Ouch! (After being hit in the stomach for example, 
            but not after being hit by a hammer.)
Urk!        (Something) Hit by general badness. Less direct than "Usch!"
Usch!       "Ugh!", not as an Indian, but as a saying that "It's bad!".
Ynk!        I want it badly! / Please feel sorry for me!
Åh!         "Wow!" or "Oh, is it like that!" 
Åhå         Interesting!  
Äsch!       Dash it!/Oh, never mind!
Öh...       Eh... (I'm saying something eventhough it has no meaning...)
Öhum...     "Oh!" + "Eh..." + "Hm..." 



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