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Written about Thursday 2005-06-09
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Everything About You

Verse: Do you read the morning paper?
What's your favorite TV show?
Do you like your coffee strong?
And where do you go to be alone
Do you like the sound of thunder?
Would you dance out in the rain?
Which one would you rather go to?
The ballet or the baseball game

Hook: We're just starting out girl (here we go)

Chorus: Let's get a little closer    
I wanna know every little thing about you
Wanna read the story of your life
Tell me where you see yourself tomorrow
And what you dreamed about last night
Tell me what fills your heart with sadness
The kind of stuff that makes you laugh out loud
I wanna hear the tiniest of details
So don't leave a single one out
I wanna hear everything so I'll know what to do
To be everything to you

Verse: Do you need a four star restaurant
Would a drive-thru suit you fine
Have you got your whole life planned?
Or do you take things one day at a time
We hardly know each other, you and me
Baby I’m all ears


Hook: We're just starting out girl (here we go)


End: To be everything to you

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