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Written about Wednesday 2011-07-27
Written: (3986 days ago)

I have another poem. Let me know what you all think.

The pain and the hurt

Will it never end?

Someone, please make it stop!

He's hurting her, again.

She doesn't deserve this

the horrible sound of his fist

as it hits her once more,

then he breaks in the door

the neighbors all know

though, she tries not to let it show

they do nothing to help and I wonder


Can't they hear her cries

why does it seem

that no one even cares

while once again he pulls her hair

the black eyes and bruises

that she must hide

he wont let her escape

though she has tried

how many more tears

must my mother cry?

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Written about Monday 2005-10-03
Written: (6109 days ago)
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grrrrr...... No one's on here when I am :( Whatever. Fixien... where are you?? :(

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Written about Friday 2005-05-06
Written: (6259 days ago)

Hey Kirk thanks for like totally making my day! I feel pretty oh so pretty, I feel pretty an witty an straight! An I pitty any girl who isn't me today!!!!!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-04-13
Written: (6282 days ago)

Hi everyone.

 The logged in version 

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