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Written about Thursday 2014-06-19
Written: (2929 days ago)
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I'm currently feeling like a total bitch. My 17 year old brother stopped by my house to beg for a lighter. He'd snuck out of my parents house (with a friend) and had a pack of fireworks that he was planning on setting off under people's cars. I told him no and offered to set up a bonfire or engage him in some video games but he refused and they left. I ended up calling my mom and telling her to check his bedroom... Ugh my husband says I did the right thing, my sister thinks I overreacted and am just causing problems between him and my parents. We live in SC... Hearing gunfire in our neighborhood is not uncommon. I could seriously see him getting shot or arrested.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-06-10
Written: (2938 days ago)

Welp my husband lost his job today. He forgot some equipment to take to a job site and was fired on the spot, not even a warning. Meanwhile, other employees show up to drunk to work and even drive the company cars. And no, this isn't a common thing for him, he has been employee of the month almost constantly for the last year. Apparently the place is in an uproar with people threatening to quit if he isn't hired back and his manager was crying when he told him. (The owner is the one who ordered him fired) I don't want him to go back there though, I have watched him work his ass off, sometimes not getting home until 5 am of the next day. I'm just ranting because I don't want this on Facebook, to many people on there who would just LOVE this sorta thing

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Written about Sunday 2014-06-08
Written: (2940 days ago)

Well... my rough week has turned amazing. My German Shepherd puppy (5 months old) killed my rabbits including my best doe and my daughter's pet. My husband gave me an ultimatum and said I had to either shoot her, give her away or get rid of all my farm animals so she wouldn't kill anything. Self-sustaining farming is my dream and goal so I'm not willing to give up my animals and I'm sure as hell not going to shoot her so I sold her. I have to say though... the farming community in my area is amazing. I had been talking to a local rabbit breeder to purchase on of her bucks for 30 dollars, I had to cancel our appointment today due to the carnage I woke up too. This lady, whom I have yet to even meet face to face and is renown in our area for some of the best quality rabbits available, has been a godsend. She gave me 5 rabbits, 4 does and the buck I wanted for 50 dollars... These are rabbits I've seen her sell for 45+ each(the does). Another lady gave me a bunch of wire and fencing supplies to help me repair my pens so that I can bring the new bunnies home. Honestly, I'm a bit stunned about how easily this community I'm part of came together and it cemented my desire to remain a part of it.

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Written about Friday 2014-06-06
Written: (2941 days ago)

Had a really rough day yesterday. Fixed it so I had a babysitter and could go riding and come home and get online for a few hours and that went wrong. Babysitter cancelled, horse riding partner is moving out of the house she has with her bf and now my my mother in law is on her way to drag me out because my sister in law told her I broke down yesterday. *sigh* I just wanted a stress free day

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-31
Written: (2947 days ago)

I honestly can't remember all the places I need to post. Please feel free to poke me (side pages included) and I'll get them all tonight

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Written about Wednesday 2014-05-28
Written: (2951 days ago)

I won't be on at all June 27-July 1st. Some friends and my husband and I are packing up the dogs and going camping. Sadly, there is no wifi so we'll all have to learn to survive without our computers and x boxes. Thankfully, the dogs get to come and the cabin is on a lake. I have the feeling Becca and I will be in heaven while our respective spouses will be attempting to create X-boxes out of wood and fire :D

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Written about Tuesday 2014-05-27
Written: (2951 days ago)

I'm starting to realize just how much of a recluse I'm turning into :P Since last week, I have not had a single day to myself. I have been dragged out to do errands or just had people randomly drop by or call me and talk for hours. I don't mind people so much and I love my friends and family but I don't want to see them every day! I enjoy being alone at the house with the dogs and my x box. ~Confessions of a Blossoming Recluse

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Written about Monday 2014-05-26
Written: (2952 days ago)
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I feel like crying right about now. We have over 10k in debt because of my husband's hospital bills. This week I paid all our bills got groceries and kept back 30 dollars for gas and dog food. I usually hide it so Cody won't spend it but yesterday he got all offended cause I didn't trust him so I gave it to him last night. This morning I asked for some to put gas in my car and I find out he spent it all. Thankfully I already put gas in his car so he can get to work but I needed dog food and gas in my car. Looks like the dogs are getting cooked food this week and we're missing his family's cookout.

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Written about Sunday 2014-05-25
Written: (2953 days ago)

Ugh apparently I drank more than I thought. I just walked into my yard and found way to many empty liquor bottles, a bucket of cement and cement covered shoes. Oh and I have a hangover from hell and I gotta go pick up a horse in a few minutes :p

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Written about Sunday 2014-05-25
Written: (2953 days ago)

Ugh last night was completely awesome. I got surprised by some friends and way more booze than I needed access too.

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-24
Written: (2955 days ago)

So I'm now drinking alone while my husband and his friend drink in the next room >_> Apparently I get better at video games when I'm drunk off my ass and after winning every match for the last hour my husband got pissed :P

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Written about Friday 2014-05-23
Written: (2955 days ago)

Ok, seriously my husband is REALLY good at giving me presents. Like holy crap good. When he proposed to me he gave me a knife. A good quality useful knife that I could take to the barn with me. When we got married he got me a horse (technically he gave me permission to get one of my choice and his funding). For mother's day he bought me a new rabbit who has had babies and is a perfect mom. For our two year anniversary that is this June? He has booked a week long vacation at a beach in NC (Folley's Beach I think) AND he bought me a second horse. Please excuse me while I thank the goddess for the most amazing man I could possibly ask for. I never imagined I would find someone who, not only deals with my weirdness, but is someone I can talk to, drink with, play with and kick his ass on video games. I'm just feeling so loved right now, I can't help but share

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Written about Thursday 2014-05-22
Written: (2957 days ago)

Just found out my husband will be working 3rd shift for a week in a few weeks. I can't decide if I'm excited or depressed. On he one hand it means later nights for me, all the dogs on the bed. On the other hand it means not sleeping with him at night, having to keep the gun closer to my bed and being freaked out without him. :/

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Written about Wednesday 2014-05-21
Written: (2957 days ago)

Ugh please just shoot me now. You know the incident where I got lost on a road trip from hell? Well the same woman is now blowing up my phone to try and make me go with her again tomorrow. I'm not joking, she texted once and asked and then while I was trying to think of an excuse as to why I can't go she called me 6 times.... In 5 minutes. Ugh

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Written about Sunday 2014-05-18
Written: (2961 days ago)

Well that was depressing. Cooked the rabbit... Couldn't eat it. I kept picturing the furry bunny >_> Now I feel kinda sick

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Written about Sunday 2014-05-18
Written: (2961 days ago)
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booooored.... someone do a side page with me!

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2961 days ago)

Just butchered my first rabbit... I threw up... twice. :P

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2962 days ago)

Drunken game featuring Soul Caliber.... Perfect

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2962 days ago)
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My turn to have a drunk night :3

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Written about Wednesday 2014-05-14
Written: (2964 days ago)
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That completely awesome moment when everyone is online and posting XD

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