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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-16
Written: (5885 days ago)

Tis my fucking Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-11
Written: (5890 days ago)

Have you even wonderd if ur past will come back to haunt you? I mean have you ever thought what would of happend if you toolk the other road, were would you be? Who would you be with? What job would you be doing? Would you have kids by now?
My past haunts me every now and then, some times it's not haunting me some times its a really good thing to remember so not to do the same bad things again or to remember to keep going on for there is better things to come. My past has finaly caught up with me and i have to say there is alot of things im not proud of, i have chased people away and hert tones, but now i am reaching out to them and the ones that hear me cry that know me now and that know i will never hert them to hold out your hands and catch me. To every one in my past and to every one in my life now, you might be mad at me, hert by me, love me, care for me, my best friends, and my old friends, i can make a promise to never hert you again/ever, ya'll are all i have. This letter is to all my friends.
I love you!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-31
Written: (6235 days ago)
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i love some one very much and i want to be by his side till the end of the circle that every thing go threw. he is my life, he holds my heart, he makes me week with just one kiss, but now i have to leave for a while and my fear of this is he wont want me for very much longer. but i have hope and trust he willl. i love u babe

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Written about Wednesday 2005-05-11
Written: (6255 days ago)
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i am looking in the clowds, trying to find my self, i am asking my self who do i want to be, but all i here is no one but me.

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Written about Friday 2005-04-22
Written: (6274 days ago)

I sit and wonder if i could just start over again, i wish i could have avoided the wrong path and said nothing, it was only a little green monster that grew and turned from green to black. i wish i should have done what i was supposed to do, i wish i would have never turned down this way and now be cause of some of my disitions i am exacly what green day says (i walk a lonly road) and really i walk alone. i wish i had my family back my day of the year is coming up and i can sherly say i will be alone at a table with no one by my side. i pray every night "god, please let me and my family look over this and love one another again, at least give me this or somthing better".

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Written about Tuesday 2005-02-22
Written: (6334 days ago)
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I stared, motionless, before the mirror. As always, I stared untill I'm convinced the there is no glass, nothing, separating me from the room i see on the other side.

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Written about Friday 2005-02-18
Written: (6337 days ago)

I didnt do it!

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Written about Friday 2005-02-18
Written: (6337 days ago)

Why should you try to move on from the very first love of your life but you always keep thinking about how much you wish your next will be just like him ,,,,,,, is it me or am i so stupid for wishing on a star for that love again.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-02-08
Written: (6347 days ago)

How weird am i?

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-16
Written: (6431 days ago)

TO IS MIKEYS B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Written about Wednesday 2004-04-28
Written: (6633 days ago)

to day is uniform day and it sucks cause i dont feel well... and i have to visit with donald after school.

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