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Written about Thursday 2004-08-26
Written: (6515 days ago)
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Aaaaagh! Make it stop! I'm at my mother's work, earning a little cash but the work is so boring and long! I have to read a 200 page bill and I'm going to kill someone! Somebody stop me! X_X

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Written about Wednesday 2004-08-25
Written: (6516 days ago)

I don't want my diary to be sad and empty like the writing at the bottom is currently telling me it is. Okay, I'll put something in it. Something sad, at least to me. I have this dance coming up and I asked this guy. He said yes and I was all happy and jump-for-joy-delighted but the next day...he died! Well...no, actually he didn't, although maybe that would have been better ^_^. Actually, it turned out that he couldn't come so now I am UNHAPPY and throwing darts at my teddy bears. I have decided not to go to the dance so I'm actually saving a couple of hundred Rands but I'm still a little melancholy. Yay! Now my diary isn't sad and empty, it's sad and full!

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