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Written about Thursday 2006-10-19
Written: (5729 days ago)
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Only the Sun Knows How I Feel

To the Sun there is nothing more beautiful
More radiant, rare and fair than its lovely moon
But they barely glimpse each other, they part too soon
And this distance almost makes the sun tearful

It is not to be put down so easily though
Each morning it rises with a fiery passion
And it hopes in its affectionnate ascention
To finaly reach its love, be united so

Despite its will at noon it reaches its climax
It must sadly go back down and slowly relax
But yet as it sleeps it gathers its strength anew

So the next day it can set off even higher
Reaching for that shared future that is much brighter
Because I know I can be so happy with you

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Written about Friday 2006-09-08
Written: (5770 days ago)

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