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Written about Sunday 2010-04-25
Written: (4444 days ago)

The color of hunger is everything. Like a really shitty watercolor thing. You know how that goes, like... the paper is too thin, so there are spots where it looks eroded, or like,sunken in. There are bits and flashes of different colors, as if a rave were behind your eyelids. There are empty bits in the color of hunger, splashes that were missed, like when a teacher erases everything on the board but one little bit and it annoys that one person in the class with OCD. The color of hunger is ugly and brown in some places, and sometimes purple and green in others. It's weird, but that's what the color of hunger is.

...Got bored. creativewritingprompts.com.

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Written about Saturday 2010-02-06
Written: (4521 days ago)

Name: Holly

Birthday: February 3rd 1995

Current Location: In a chair.

Eye Color: Brownish and greenish.

Hair Color: Black.brown

Height: 4"11

Single or Taken: Desperate?

Do You Smoke: Nope.
Do You Shower Daily?: Yeah.

Hug or Kiss?:Kiss

Soup, Salad or French Fries?: Salad

Do you believe in God?: Not really.

Country Born in: Wonderland

Shoe size: 6-8.

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Where do you work?: Nowhere.

When did you start using Facebook?: Last year?

How much time do you spend on Facebook a day?: Ten minutes, I think.

Do you own a cell phone?: YEAH!

Do you like to text?: Love it

Play an instrument?: I'm a bitchin' kazoo player, and I can play the scales on the piano.

Have any tattoos?: I want some.

Fruit: Apples

Flower: Sun Flowers

Ice Cream: Mixed.

Restaurant: Denny's.

Sport: Field hockey.

Soda: Diet Pepsi
Song: I hate everyone- Get Set Go

Color: White

Saying: Real eyes realize real lies.

Actor:Brandon Lee

Alcoholic Drink: Champagne is good. I think I like Mike's better.

Sight: Um..

Smell: Vanilla/ coke a cola/ Monster

Favorite possession: iPod

Mall store: Newbury Comics

Fast food restaurant: Wendy's

Comedian: Gabriel Iglaseius

Sandlot or Little Rascals: Little Rascals

Hard Candy: Strawberry

Cartoon Character: Alucard

Kind of pants: Skinny

Swam in freezing water: Not planning on it.

Been attacked: Mhm.

Been on a plane: SNAPES ON A PLANE!

Bungee jumped: NO

White water rafted: Uh...I put a leaf in a stream...that count?

Pulled an all-nighter: Tried to.

Broken a bone: Not yet.

How did it happen: What happened?

Lied about your age: Nope.

Been in a hot air balloon: Almost

Cried during a movie: Often

Hold grudges: Yes

Believe in ghosts: Yes

Have an obsession: Music.

Get along with your family?: Eh. Depends.

Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: Arizona

Do you like roller coasters?: Sometimes

Enjoy spending time with your Mom?: My mom is my best friend...

Ever think about the price of gasoline?: Yeah._.

Ever type "kik" instead of "lol"?:kik, no.

Want to get married?: Not really.

Like seafood?:Nope.

The best advice you've ever got:I'm not going to tell you, then you'll learn my secret.

Last movie you watched: Blades of Glory

What's your bedroom like: A disaster

The best thing that has happened to you this year:.............

The worst thing that has happened to you this year: School/ my own mind and stuff.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear: Blue?: -makes Blue noises from Blues Clues- BRUPH BRUH BOOW!

What's the best grade you've gotten on an essay?: ....................<.<

On your feet?: Dead skin cells.

Ocean/pools: Pools

Coke/pepsi: Diet Pepsi.

Summer/winter: Summer

Sugar/salt: Salt

Silver/gold: Silver

Ketchup/mustard: Sweet an' sowah.

Pants/shorts: Either or

Math/art: Art

Big Mac/Whopper: They're equivalent.

Beer/Wine: Neither

Coffee/Tea: Coffee. I like tea,too.

Apple Juice/Orange Juice: Grape.
Boxers/Briefs: Boxers.

Rain/Shine: Shiny rain.

Truth/Dare: Truth

Contacts/Glasses: Contacts

Skiing/Boarding: Neither

Do you have plans for this weekend?: Might hang with Brooke. Doodling and writing. The usual.

What are you planning to do?: Shower.

Who are your best friends?: They know who they are. <3

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?: Sometimes.

Ever been given an engagement ring?: Uh...I have my great grandmother's...It's pretty. :3

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Written about Wednesday 2010-01-20
Written: (4539 days ago)

James says:
Holly says:
James says:
-mind explods-
Holly says:
-eats brainz-
James says:
Gyahh mah brainzz
Holly says:

So...there's this kid Mccorkle. He talks to me an' stuff. He makes me laugh.

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Written about Tuesday 2010-01-19
Written: (4539 days ago)

Eh..sort of a little creative writing..Sort of. God bored. Made a character. By the end you'll basically want to punch him in the face. His name's Sigmund, but I call him Iggy. Whellp...Here you go:
Sigmund is a handsome name; so it fits me and my perfect face. It's really a beautiful face,mine. It's sharp and my eyes are set just where my hair ends. Perfection. I have artfully sculpted eyebrows that darken my eyes and I'm taller than most, skinny, but not a wimp. I have beautiful hair that's short and messy,but in a pinch it can be slicked back and orderly again, and with a skin pigment of pale,I am often referred to as sexually attractive. In health, I was sought after by the opposite sex,almost unintentionally. In death, I am just as attractive as I was in health, more if I may be so bold.
  Addictions shan't be mentioned around me. Tobacco and blood can't surely be addictions,when I can make both look so good. It doesn't matter anyways; neither can be quit. I have one of those round but pointed perfect faces that just makes it hard to be angry at me. It's easy to hate something that's perfect,that others can't compare to. But alas, I'm not changing for anyone. I'd never admit this aloud,to anyone but myself that sometimes I feel like a monster. A killer. It's a lie,but I'd like to say it doesn't bother me,death. Blood is what I need.
  I'm sluggish when I'm hungry,and when I'm sluggish I sound like I'm ugly, a horrible thought indeed! I sometimes sleep or feed these feelings off. In a dark little chamber in my abode there sits sheets of violin music,an over-flowing ashtray and a wooden box. My box is black,and on the inside there is red satin lining. It smells of clovers and lemon,with the foggy musk of cigarettes...This is where I was laid to rest all those fucking years ago, but rest I do not. My abode is more or less a mausoleum,half being underground,half being above ground, looking like a house,it's style that of an abandoned house. Inside it's a little dusty, scattered music sheets around. A fireplace is near my chambers, often used. I like to be cold,but I like to feel warmth.
 I don't have many comforts that others would see necessary for life. Food I buy sometimes, but I mostly stick to my anguished hungers....I do kill people. I kill for food. I'll kill for sport. It's a terrible cycle..But like I said,I would never admit aloud,or to anyone but myself that sometimes I feel like a monster. I can't be a monster,I tell myself. I'm too beautiful. I'm too lovely,too perfect. Monsters cannot achieve perfection, that which I am. Fuck them. I'm not a monster. They kill animals for food. So do I in a sense.
I don't don too many different apparels. I like suits and ties,they make me look attractive and important,which I am.
 It's easy to kill. Victims are easy to come by,thus they are easy to kill. A snap of bone, a bleeding wrist... Easy. I tend to look for victims who appear the same. Girls who look like a barbie doll. A paper cut out. It's less guilt-inducing. I find their pleas hilarious. Promises of money,credit..comforts and sex. What good would any of these things do for me? Yes,sex is nice,but I only like it when I'm feeling low and emotional,when I actually care about something. But that's neither here or there.
 I play the violin, using my hands and my chin and my shoulders, it is an escape for me. I'll sometimes perform on the streets. Stand and play, with an tiny open coffin for any form of money. I've found candy in that little thing,sadly. Candy is dandy but liqueur is quicker unfortunately for me.
 I must sound more like a pirate than a vampire. Candy and liqueur,smoking and such. Maybe.
 Strawberry is my favorite flavor of anything. Not necessarily anyone. Usually people don't have flavors. You are what you eat,or drink, and on occasion I have accidentally gotten drunk.Maybe on purpose. Straight liqueur is sort of gross.
  Sometimes if someone has left me candy, I'll eat it. It's sort of like a cough drop, but less cough-y,more dead. Like...dead people candy. But that sounds childish.

You don't really have to bother with it. Just thought I'd share it with people. Any helpful ideas or anything, please message me. Plus I'm lonely most of the time,too. So..uh..bye.
Excuse her for the day it's just the way the medication makes her.
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Written about Sunday 2010-01-10
Written: (4549 days ago)

1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother & father's middle name)
Ann John.

2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother's dad, father's dad)
Hank Jo

3. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)

4. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Purple Platypus

5. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Lynn Leominster.

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
The Lime Green Diet Pepsi

7. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

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