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Elftown is about you!

Fill out this form. Username, password, email and a short description are needed, but the more you write, the merrier it will be. Your email will not be shown if you don't activate that in your house.

Elftown can delete or ban anyone, but the members themselves, not Elftown, are responsible for their actions. Talk to each other first and only contact the Elftown Guards if someone breaks the only truly important rule in town:

Don't be an asshole!

Extra note: Elftown is about meeting other people, but if you only want to flirt with people, you try Elfpack or Fake instead. If you're around 12 or younger, Elf12 might be more fun for you as Elftown isn't for kids, even though we have no age-limit and members of all ages.

Have you forgotten your old account's name? Just write about it in here and we can probably find it, especially if you fill out the same birthday, password and other into.

Try to write in correct English with proper words, capitalization and grammar. No netspeak, because this is a presentation, not a chat-message! Note: You need to submit a working email-address and please write some words in English in the description.
All the non-highlighted fields may be left empty if you're lazy.
Pick an easy and nice looking username that you can remember with at least 2 characters. You may not use '[', ']', '@' or tabs, and in the first and last position you must not have a space. Note: Yes, your entire real name works fine as username too.
Password (Note: You have to select a unique password.):
Password again:
Should Elftown send an email to you when you have a message or something you watch has been updated?

Do you want your presentation and diary to be viewable by non-members?
Time before being automatically logged out:
Fontsize to use:
Stylesheet to use: (Do choose index.css or index/something if you don't know what you're doing!)
Your full real name. Leave this blank if you don't want to tell, but please don't write junk here.
When you have registered you can upload a photo.  
When you have registered you can upload a drawing.  
Elftown work
If you are a part of the Elftown crew, what do you do? (This just shows your interest, choose everything if you want to have dirty hands.)
Elftown titles and orders
What titles do you want to claim? (This is just for fun.)
General description. Use normal text. HTML doesn't work, but you can use pseudo HTML. Only inline your own images or images you have permission from Elftown to use here.

Don't know what to write?

Just write a little about yourself, what you do and how you view the world, and don't forget to tell us about your fantasy and sci-fi interest (Or write that you don't have any and we'll try to change you...)! Don't lie or register as someone else than you, but you're free to leave information out. Very simple example:

I attend to Poke High/work at a museum/am between projects.

I often compete in camel racing, but I want to go fishing some time.

I love fantasy because hobbit babes are so hot! When I was younger I was a fan of Star Wars, but Jar Jar ended that.

Year of birth
Which year were you born?
Month of birth
Which month were you born? (Number 1-12)
Day of birth
Which day of month were you born? (Number 1-31)
Not needed if you have given date of birth.
Fantasy race personality
What kind of fantasy race do you think is typical for someone with your personality? Are you like a hairdresser elf or a charming orc? Ducks are greedy, friendly and opportunistic. Dwarves are greedy, sullen and honourable. Elves are moralistic, vain and honourable. Halflings are friendly, opportunistic and merry. Humans have strange goals in their lives and try to be something they aren't. Orcs are opportunistic, aggressive and practical.
Place of living
Where do you live?
Where do you live more precisely? Feel free to write country-part, town-name, part of town and so on.
Known languages
Which languages do you speak? (Only pick languages that you really can understand! It's highly annoying for people searching for someone that really knows a language to find a lot of annoying kids pretending that they know 15 languages. We just think twice before permantely ban people and their entire network if they behave like annoying kids.)
Elfwood artist
Elfwood artist?
Elfwood writer
Elfwood writer?
Elfwood URL
URL to your Elfwood gallery. Leave blank if you don't have one!
Fanquarters URL
URL to your Fanquarter. Leave blank if you don't have one!
Wyvern URL
URL to your Wyvern page. Leave blank if you don't have one!
Home-page URL
URL to your homepage. Leave blank if you don't have one!
Weblog URL
URL to your weblog (like Livejournal). Leave blank if you don't have one!
Favorite URL
URL to your favorite place on the net. Don't write Elfwood's or Elftown's URLs here.
ICQ number
Your ICQ number (see if you're interested).
Elftown crew wannabe
Are you or do you want to be an Elftown volunteer? (This turns on some features for Elftown-testing)
Favorite drawing objects
What do you like to draw?
Computer interests
What do you like to do with computers?
What kinds of music do you like?
Other interests
Choose as many as you wish.
Civil status
Sexual preference
Body shape
What kind of body do you have?
How tall are you in centimetres (The value has to be normal human size or nothing.)? (1 foot = 30.48 cm, 4'8"=142cm, 5'=152cm, 5'2"=157cm, 5'4"=163cm, 5'6"=168cm, 5'8"=173cm, 6'=183cm, 6'2"=188cm, 6'4"=193cm, 6'8"=203cm )
Private Information
Here you can put private information that you only want your friends to see. Like your address, phone number and passwords to your friends only pages.

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