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*Star Readers*

This page just started, under construction, value your input.</center>


The goal and/or purpose of this wiki-page is to hopefully increase the reading of the writers' works here on Elftown. Many writers write great works, but sadly, their works are seldom read, thus enjoyed and appreciated. Will there be an award? Of course! The next section below explains what the rewarding will be.


(badges and explanation of - SOON!)
Badges by [Artsieladie].


~ *Star Readers* ~

NAMENo. of ReadsStar Level


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Just playing around with some badge design ideas... Thus far:

When ET's badges are classified as 'shiny', I look at them, but I don't think they are 'shiny'. So when I make badges, I like to make them so they really do appear 'shiny'. lol

These are just preliminary (test) examples:

First stage of each colour:

Second stage of each colour:

Third stage of each colour:

Mega Star Readers: bronze, silver, gold

I'm not happy with the text, "Lectores" (Spanish for readers). I think I will close the eye for the 'drop shadow' layer. ....And I need 2 different sets: one set for poetry and one set for prose, I think? Maybe I'll add criss-crossed swords with the last three for an even greater badge "to read for". hehe

Username (or number or email):


2009-04-10 [Nocturnaliss]: You automatically do when you join up Writers Rock... but Artsie hasn't finished figuring this out yet. ... which might never happen as I just noticed she's been banned. O.O wtf.

2010-03-10 [*Phoenix*]: hmmm...I like this idea!

2010-08-01 [*Phoenix*]: Is this still going on or what?

2010-09-12 [Eyden13]: This look interesting, but I'm confused on what it is about.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: I believe if you read a story here on ET you get a badge, but it was [Artsieladie]'s idea and she was working on it when she left so it died. I have a feeling on one else is going to help work on it....

2010-09-12 [Eyden13]: I really like to help out. I'm going to look around and see what I could do then contact who ever it would be I need to contact to do so. ^-^

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Me too. That's just the thing: I think you'd have to contact [Artsieladie], but she's sworn off ET.....I'm not 100% when or if she's coming back...

2010-09-12 [Eyden13]: she was just on 3 hours ago, I just sent her a message.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Okay. I just know she's hasn't talked to me in forever and we used to talk everyday...

2010-09-12 [Eyden13]: awwww. I'll see if she will message me back. If not I'll try asking the council or guards mambers and see what they can do.

2010-09-12 [*Phoenix*]: Sounds like a plan.

2010-09-19 [Artsieladie]: *pops in and reads 'everything' to bring myself up-to-date* I do still pop in on occasion, but seldom to socialise, just to get something usually. I've been made to feel like I'm not wanted particularly by the owner of this place, so... *shrugs*

Been busy trying to eradicate my computer and my computer's external harddrive of the psychopath that's made himself at home in it.. for over 3 years. ...And now having to deal with health issues as a result of the overwhelming stress of being the target of a cyberstalker to the umpteenth degree with tracking and keylogging spyware that he has planted in it. NO FUN!

This wiki has nothing to do with the council or the guards. I'd like to hear your ideas, though Eyden. :) Hello, *Phoenix*. :)

2010-09-19 [Eyden13]: *Wave* It's nice to met you, and I hope everything gets better.

As for my ideas, I was thinking That readers could make profiles, and on them links to the stories they've read and next to the links rate the story from 1-5. I like the chart you have up as well. There are links to writer archives that are still really active that I thought would be cool to get involved with. Create like a elftown library for the readers to choose from.

2010-09-20 [Artsieladie]: Hi! Very nice to meet you as well! :) Thanks! It will eventually.. I'm hoping anyway.

I like the idea of having Reader Profile pages/urls! There are the little rating gizmos now that can be used too, like are used on Reviews, for example. I also have images of stars here on Elftown for rating, too.

Yeah, that's pretty much what is the goal of this wiki.. to bring out of hiding or seclusion all the writers here on Elftown, so as to not only make writers aware of and put in touch with other writers, but to also try to generate more attention/interest from the overall community about all the writers and their works and so, hopefully to spur more interest in the 'reading' of the writers' works in the process. We have many members that read books. If we could increase interest in some "Elftown Reading" of the writers' works here, this would be wonderful, I think.

I should upload the improved and additional badges. I'll try to get to this in the very near future. I think I'll put them on their own "badge page" though, so this page can be used for what is was originally intended for, and this was to list the Star Readers and what they have read and such, but I like the listing of the Star Readers Profile Page Links much better. Then the page will remain much neater, and better organised, I think, especially with the badges on their own page as well.

It's great to have your interest! :)

2010-09-20 [Eyden13]: it's no problem, and if you need any help just let me know.

2010-09-24 [*Phoenix*]: Hwello!

I just want to join this. ^-^ I don't really have any ideas...

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: Well, if anyone has any ideas that they would like to see added or just as something to start with and build on, by all means, please don't be shy! One can always create an 'idea or concept' wiki page, like a work page, and then go from, there. Right? ;) "An idea held prisoner in the shadow of silence, can never be brought to light."

It seems I no longer have the passion and enthusiasm for Elftown I once had I'm afraid and I somehow highly doubt that I ever will again, for if one doesn't learn from history, they are doomed to repeat it, and it's a road I can't even seem to get off of. So I'm sure, when I do, I will not step foot on it again. :P

Hello, April! Nice to see you as always. Supporters are important, too, with an idea or two or not. Just having your interest is wonderful, my dear! *hug* :)

2010-09-26 [*Phoenix*]: *huggles* I miss talking to you! We have to keep in touch more often!

2010-09-26 [Artsieladie]: I do as well. Yes, we do! :)

2010-09-27 [*Phoenix*]: ^__^

2010-09-28 [Eyden13]: Give me a few days then I'll make a page ^-^

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