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okay the banner sucks so it is going bye bye ....
Hey people!!!!!!!!!!!!

This wikki is only for:
[shadowfire09] --the best singer ever and the absolute ruler(bow down to me)
[An Eversor and Ender]--can't have a party without kenzi!
[blond_e_067]-- one who can't sing at all
[DarkAngel3]--- sex queen! (by request) kimmi we will always love you
[I am what I is!] jayci ur the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...remembenr...fat girls like cookies!! jm

[slipknotrocker#1]--- yay taylor!
[esperanza] --- Sex Princess (by request) DJ BABY! ( I think she is a bit british With her saying "love all the time")
[DeadInMyOwnMind~]--- our snack queen
[rocker55] -- easily confused, but sexy...
[chainer401]-- Sex Knight (again by request) boooya buaby
[lohawefniwubf]-- Sexy Prince {Esperanza's prince} (knights taken!)
[Miss.Kayree]...CARRIE!!!!!! foamy rules!!!!
[macus] PARTY!!!!!!
[Roxcie].........Just like Jade......can you handle another????......hmmmm.....i wonder???...Pink Rules!!!!
So if you are not these

STAY OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drinks brought to you by Esperanza
coke- spiked of course
Moutain dew- almost spiked
Mikes hard lemonade-doesn't need to be spiked
Water-not spiked...alot
Punch-with who knows what.. drink with caution
Note: shadowfire and blond_e don't really drink anything spiked in fact we don't drink at all. Oh well. Nore does esperanza but that doesn't really matter does it, we'll fake it...
aanother note: you can get any of the drinks listed above not spiked

Snacks baby! run by evilchicky666
Chips-all sorts
Different hard candy's
Lemonds baby
Strawberry's (esperanza is addicted)

Music-- Run by esperanza
All sorts of music around. The radio is cranked up not too loud, see esperanza doesn't like loud music but I'll turn it up a bit by request. Any song's I'll bump for yah, and on the intercom i'll announce anything.. Just request things love

More things we have:
A dance floor
Love seat
A couch
4 bean bag chairs
A recliner
1 table for snacks that's near the wall setting near the table full of drinks
another table for the drinks
The lights go down but theirs spotlights on the dance floor

Decorations.... (for everyday .. ect)
The dancefloor is made of black, white, and pink tiles. (your welcome jade_ Lighting in the danceroom exists of Blue, red, green, yellow and bright orange.

The love chair is now covered in a deep dark blue satin. The old green bean bags were thrown out since they got a hole in them, so now we have 2 black ones, and 2 light blue ones.

The couch is covered in a dark black silk cover with red trim. It is also pretty beat up from all the people.

The recliner is uncovered, it is still it's normal blackish color. The recliner is pretty beat up from many people launching themselves on it.

Fake silk spider webs hang in the lobby, silk covers hang right after the door when you walk in, then right after you encounter the spider webs, (we have to add a creapy touch). After the spider webs we have a tank setting on a table next to the enderance that contains a snake.

for the partypeopleunited gym go to this wikki ( it is big for those of you who can't read)


(kinda obvious don't cha think?) if you know the password on here than you know the password to the gym.

Rules-------- (more can be added)
No being a complete bitch!
Have fun!
Go ahead get drunk
No bringing in food or drinks unless authorized by shadowfire09 or esperanza

Singing provided by Shadowfire (although I'll stop when asked by anybody but Blond_e) My new co-singer is punk roka

*NEW MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!*

Back to school party scheduled for monday september something or another (lol) at 3:15 central time.....BE HERE FOR IT!!!

Username (or number or email):


[DarkAngel3]: Really?

[lohawefniwubf]: RAWRRRRR

[DarkAngel3]: That's crazy!

[lohawefniwubf]: RAWRRRRR

[rocker55]: look, im late again. i need to fux this ficking internet!

[rocker55]: did i just say fux this ficking internet? cause ive been saying that a lot lately...maybe its a tumor.

[lohawefniwubf]: They're called spoonerisms. I do them alot. Worst was when I was like, romancing a girl. And went to say Knight in shining armor. Ended up saying Shight in knining armor.

[rocker55]: oh my god...youre a girl?

[lohawefniwubf]: When I was romancing a girl. Not I am a girl.

[rocker55]: i always sorta felt like you were the gene simmons of this party...

[DarkAngel3]: He is...

[rocker55]: oh...*cough*...this is awkward

[lohawefniwubf]: Well the make-up is a must.

[rocker55]: if i didnt know any better i would think you were a cult leader or something.

[shadowfire09]: nope. that's me.

[lohawefniwubf]: I'm not a cult leader, but I still steal babies and throw them into fires.

[rocker55]: ive thought of starting a cult before, but then a certain government would kill me.

*drops two sandwich baggies of white powder* um...sorry shadowfart, thats all i could get.

[shadowfire09]: why do you keep calling me shadow FART!!! it's fire. FIRE

[rocker55]: because thats my new nick name for you..shadow fart.

[shadowfire09]: oh okay

[rocker55]: if there was any fire involved it would cause an esplosion

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