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This wiki is centered around and devoted to anthros, also known as furries. ^_^ As far as I know it's the only anthro lover-type wiki on Elftown, other than [Adnama]'s Anthro Pirates from Anthro Pirate Gallery. Unlike my Pirate gallery, this wiki is about loving all anthros. Male, female, pirates, non-pirates, and anything else that an anthro can be. O_o

- What is an Anthro? -

For those who are clueless to what an anthro is, here's a brief definition. The word "anthro" is short for anthropomorphic, which means a morphing of human and animal or more specifically an "attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena," according to Usually anthros are more animal than human, though have the human body structure. Anthros usually have fur all over and are complete with paws, claws, hooves, snouts, muzzles, tails, scales, and anything else you can think of within, or even out, of the animal kingdom.

Most people only limit anthros to cats, dogs, foxes, and wolves. I believe if there is an animal out there, it can be turned anthro! X3 I've seen a platapuss anthro before, so I mean anything. o_o

Note: Unlike most I recognise the fact that most of us were drawn into Anthro Appreciation by Anime Catgirl's so they are acceptable as far as I am concerned. Also since they are based on the Nekomini of Eastern lore, and are usually only 50% "furry", I think it sets a precedent that Western Lore be allowed as well..Sphinx, Minotaurs, Satyrs, Naga and such  - Love, [Lord Dog]

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Even though admission to the adult wiki is now invitation only, here is a link to the Adult entrance page:
Adult Anthro Lovers



Feel free to join up if you're a fan of my Anthro Pirates or if you're a fan of anthros in general! ;3

Since we've hit 100 members I've moved the member's list to it's own seperate wiki. To join, please visit...

Anthro Lovers Members

You still don't need to message me or ask anyone to join. X3


Visit the new [Anthro Lovers] Elfhouse and see the new feature:

The Anthro Lovers Member of the Week!

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This wiki is now owned and operated by Bob's Corporate Empire. All objectors can promptly SUCK IT. Have a good day and eat at Bob's Diner.

-CEO and self-proclaimed sex offender, [Mortified Penguin]

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2013-07-03 [Slayer Chick]: ahhhh i feel ya foxyvixen17 :(

2013-07-04 [Demonicor]: Not having internet does put a dampner on being able to log in, I feel your pain having once been one of the 'netless' (though, technically, I still am if you don't count smartphones)

2013-07-04 [foxyvixen17]: i count smartphones just not semismart phones (like mine)

2013-07-04 [Demonicor]: Ah, so just smart enough to get you in trouble :P

I had one of those, could do just about everything I wanted, unless it required internet.

2013-07-05 [Slayer Chick]: what about going to a library??? free online! lol

2013-07-20 [foxyvixen17]: the evil old witch that runs my town libary has passlocked it if it wasnt i'd get it at home cuz i get the wifi signal in my house but nooooooo old crone has to lock it up like she locked up her heart

2014-08-28 [Sagacious Turkey]: I agree.

2016-01-06 [Yudan333]: This seems like a good time to mention

2016-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: FA is just horrible. But then, I don't suppose there are many furry specific sites that I would call decent.

2016-01-09 [Yudan333]: How is FA horrible? A lot of furry artists are able to make their living selling art from there or Deviant art. Are you a furry hater then? At least FA keeps up with rating so you can choose what rating specifically to look at. hey at least it's not as bad as

2016-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Whatchu talkin' 'bout? e621 is one of the few decent furry sites. FA is full of raging autists, insane drama, and horrible mods that try to enforce rules that don't even exist. Not to mention, they banned loli and cub stuff, which is just ridiculous. But it's the people there that are just so overwhelmingly awful. Nobody has a sense of humor and everyone freaks out over the most simple, casual jokes. I've been on that hellhole for 9 years now and it's only gotten worse and worse over the last decade.

2016-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: And I do hate 99% of furries, because they're disturbingly stupid, unoriginal, whiny, obnoxious, crybaby bitches. However, like 1 in every 1000 or so is a tolerable human being and the porn is pretty nice sometimes when it isn't made by some 'tardo in MS Paint.

2016-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: In any case, eat at Bob's Diner. It's basically the only semi-active place left on Elftown.

2016-01-10 [Yudan333]: Hmm i respect your opinion. I have to say everyone I have met thus far on there have been amazingly kind to me and more than decent people outside of the fandom. Those I have met have been open arms and have giving me a friendship I hadn't known. I have known only 2-3 people to cause drama but that's not just the furry fandom; it's really any of them. And as much as people consider Furries deviants I know other fandoms have their own demons. Sorry to hear all those you have run into were bad cases. Most all mine have been wonderful and I consider them family and know I can rely on them :3

2016-01-10 [Mortified Penguin]: To you, they're nice. But that's because you're all walking on eggshells around each other. You're overly polite and just going through the motions of friendship, but it isn't real. A real friend is someone you can tell to eat shit and shove down a flight of stairs onto a pile of broken glass and then get a beer with after their surgery. A real friend is someone who will never be offended by anything you say, no matter how many times you threaten to eat their dog. A real friend is someone who understands and forgives you when you finally snap one day and eat their pet schnauzer Dotty they've had since they were three-years-old. A real friend is someone who doesn't press charges after you kidnap them to keep them quiet about murdering and eating their stupid, annoying little yap dog. A real friend would STAY IN THE GODDAMN BASEMENT AND STOP TRYING TO ESCAPE. DON'T THINK I DON'T SEE YOU TRYING TO SNEAK OUT AGAIN, RICKY, I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I'LL CUT YOUR OTHER ARM OFF NEXT TIME. THAT'S WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT, GET THE HELL BACK DOWN THERE.

So, do you see the point I'm making here? Dogs taste awful and furries have no sense of humor at all.

2016-01-11 [Yudan333]: haha reminds me of my best friend Jordy! Yea she made fun of my mom dying when I was little and told me I was better off being adopted. I couldn't help but laugh it up and she just insulted me more before we smoked a bowl and had some alcohol. Oh and her wife made the BEST cake that night! And Dogs don't taste awful. Bear and Bison is better though. XD
Them Rocky Mountain Oyster though! Wheew-eee! Talk about BALLS DEEP roflao

2016-01-11 [Mortified Penguin]: But with most furries, they'd just get offended and uppity if I made fun of their dead mom and/or picketed her funeral. They don't understand that that's my way of making friends and just assume I'm doing it to be a jerk. I'm actually cutting out all the formalities and insufferable pleasantries with my actions to weed out people who wouldn't understand my sense of humor and wouldn't be enjoyable to talk to/hangout with/kidnap anyway. I would rather have people I would never like hate me the second they meet me than to waste years of my time suppressing myself and getting to know people who would only end up sucking.

2017-11-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Heh, found this old quote from the original owner about me:

2004-12-22 [Adnama]: One way or another, he won't be coming back to this wiki.

2018-04-19 [Nuktae-tal]: Who wont?

2018-05-18 [dmelik]: Rupert Bear is the best.

2022-03-09 [Mortified Penguin]: *spits a fat wad of tobacco into the ceiling fan*

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