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So you want to be a member of the Elftown Academy Staff? That is great news, and we hope that you can help us spread the knowledge that we all hold amongst ourselves.

However there are a few things that you must do before you can join the staff :)



How does it work?
Volunteer Elftowners share their knowledge in the form of wiki-lessons. Students may either sign in on the classrooms themselves or just randomly browse through the classes.

Who can join?
Everybody can. In students there are no restrictions, but teachers really should KNOW about what they teach.

The Workers
The following titles work for the Academy:
- The Teachers are the working force of the Academy; they teach one or more classes and answer the students' questions.
- The Professors are there to make sure the department is organised and may remove teachers that are absent for long periods of time or fail to do their job.
- The Board of Governors do administration, have all the powers of the professors and teachers, and accept or deny applications (see below).

-Students can sign in on the class they wish to attend.
-Professors and teachers submit an application on Academy Applications by using the Department Template for departments and the Classroom Template for classrooms. A Board of Governors member will review your application.


Your Application

Here are a few pointers, before making your application:

- When you create a new class, make sure it doesn’t already exist.
- When it doesn’t exist yet, ask the board if the class is wanted.
You may save yourself a lot of work, or you may receive a few tips on the content.

The class must have:
- the classroom template
- correct information and proper lessons
- a link back to the Academy and the department it falls under
The class should be exported and freely editable, to allow contributions by other members.
Of course the class may not violate the Uploading Art Rules.
Use images sensibly, and keep things up to date and organised.

To take over a class
It is possible to take over a classroom that someone else started, if that person has been absent for a long time and you have done work for the class (i.e. creating more lessons).

Please do not contact members of the Board of Governors about this in personal messages.
If you have something to say, make a comment on Academy Applications.


To post your application:
Academy Applications!

Remember: Use the Department Template and/or Classroom Template!

Submit your application ON Academy Applications, not in the comment section!


Go or return to:
- The Elftown Academy
- Academy Applications

Username (or number or email):


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