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Broken Skies

A Public RP by [The Black Cat in Your Path] & [Eyelash-Wishes].



The year is 2016. Life on Earth was relatively peaceful and quiet, despite political turmoil and terrorist threats. The Vluara, who have been hidden among the humans for the last two hundred years or so, had been at peace here. But their presence now bodes ill for the humans. The Xiox, who have been hunting them during that time, have found them in the Milky Way Galaxy, and have come for them. The first ships have entered the atmosphere... and all Hell has broken loose. It is three weeks following the first invasion. Millions of people have died, explosions and abductions are a daily threat. The world is in shambles. What hope do the Vluara and the humans have to fight this common enemy?


Broken Skies: Alien Races

Broken Skies: Characters

Broken Skies: Play Areas

Broken Skies: History


Time of day
Noon/Early afternoon


Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Welcome to everyone stopping by and taking a look around! Please feel free to explore the links and get acquainted with the setup! If you want to participate, please submit Vluara characters to [Eyelash-Wishes], Xiox characters to me ([The Black Cat in Your Path]) and human characters can go to either one of us! If your characters need a private residence page, please talk to one of us to help you get it set up! Again, welcome! :D

Monday, July 25, 2016
Good day, everyone! The RP is officially started and all the play areas have been unlocked! :D Feel free to post anywhere you see fit! We are still collecting character submissions from other players, so try not to move too quickly just yet, but feel free to interact with other characters!


Thursday 4th August
So as everyone is now aware the RP is fully underway! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as we hoped you would. Just a quick thing to note. This is a multi paged rp and we want you to be able to post freely throughout, just don't rush through the rp day. The time of day needs to stay consistent on all of the pages. This is just to stop us having to put a pause on some pages whilst others catch up. To help with this we will keep the current time of the RP day updated on the main page here for reference. Thanks for joining and enjoy!

Saturday, 26th November
Alright, everyone, we've officially made it out of day one! XD
We know it took a while, and we lost a player or two.... or three... but We made it out! We're moving on to day 2, and things should go much smoother now. We know it's the holiday season and people will be busy with preparations, work, and finishing up school until Winter Break, so there's no rush, but let's all try to be on at least once a day to post, hm?
And as always, have fun!

Thursday, 8th December
As I'm sure most of you have seen there has been a new section added to the characters page. The inactive characters. This does not mean that the characters there are permanently deleted from the RP, they have just been placed there as it has been well over a month since any of them have posted and the action has moved on. This allows Cat and I to see clearly how many characters we still have within the RP. If anyone has characters within the inactive section and would like them brought back, just let us know and we'll add them back up! If anyone knows they are going to be inactive for a certain length of time due to other commitments let us know. Hope you are all still enjoying the RP! And as Cat says have fun! :)

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2016-12-08 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Also, eyelash, can you change the current time of day in the rp to noon/early afternoon?

2016-12-08 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Oh yeah sure :)

2017-03-29 [Painted Autumn]: After some research I've saved the Vluara Haven pages as a text doc to my phone so I can read when I'm out and about and not lose my place. I'm GOING to get caught up if it's the last thing I do...

2017-03-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol okay, I trust you! I'm just glad you're still interested.

2017-03-29 [Painted Autumn]: Of course! I come back to ET to post then remember I don't know what's going on... so... gotta put in a couple hours of research first.

2017-07-20 [Sheamus Finn]: So, it's been a REALLY long time since anyone posted......

2017-07-20 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yes, this is true.

2017-07-20 [Asdroth]: Wait... we're still good to play?

2017-07-20 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yes... We're waiting on people to post.

2018-01-22 [Sheamus Finn]: Anyone still active and thinking of posting?

2018-01-22 [Painted Autumn]: I’m still here but I never did finish reading up on what happened. :\ I kinda skimmed. I think I made it up to where I missed my characters being spoken to in the tunnels (sorry) but I don’t really recall why there was an attack (how they were found) or how it was resolved (what deal the leader made).

2018-01-22 [Eyelash-Wishes]: No this place has pretty much died unfortunately. Not sure if there will be any restarts on it

2018-01-22 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: We could try but there are a few characters we would have to restart without because they haven't come back in forever.

2018-01-22 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Yeah we would have to find a point to restart that removes any inactive characters

2018-01-23 [Sheamus Finn]: Or perhaps move forward? Bring back Reeves from taking the body into the woods and return to the bunker.

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