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Artwork of

Webart by [TheRogue]

Banner by [65tyjvw45b]

I was so surprised the first time I got gift art from someone drawing my Calico Tiger persona. And I was so thrilled!! And since that first one from [Kraisa], I've gotten so many from so many talented artists *huggles everyone*

There's far too many to display in my bio. So, instead, I present to you a wik page dedicated to the beautiful things such wonderful people have drawn for/of me ^_^

I can't believe that this has become an issue... Do not post artwork here that is not yours. Don't be an art thief. Do not steal any of the images from this page or I will turn you into kitty litter. Don't be an asshead, read the Uploading Art Rules!

By [Kraisa]

Mood Icons By [65tyjvw45b]
See also <URL:>

<img:stuff/deis_heart.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_horny.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_bow.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_daisy_dukes.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_bad_hair.jpg>

<img:stuff/deis_kissmyass.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_gassy.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_blackpaint.gif> <img:stuff/deis_sick.gif> <img:stuff/deis_sick2.jpg>

<img:stuff/deis_annoyed.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_yarn.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_food.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_shaved.jpg> <img:stuff/deis_smartass.jpg>

I'm a Master Smartass!

And the gif-ified version of the mood icons:

<img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Annoyed.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_BadHair.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_BlackPaint.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Dukes.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Food.gif>
<img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Gassy.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Heart.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Horny.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_KissAss.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_RedBow.gif>
<img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_ShavedPussy.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Sick_1.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_Sick_2.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_SmartAss.gif> <img:stuff/Deiscorides_CT_Butticon_ThoseDays.gif>

Mood Icon by [Stratakus]

By [Vestaka]

By [TheRogue]
<img:stuff/calico_by_TheRogue.jpg> <img:>

By [Sunny Silverunicorn]

By [Paapuu]


By [Yncke]

By [Mordigen]

By [Paul Doyle]
Also see Cali-Pauly Comic

By [Paul Doyle]
Also see Cali-Pauly Comic

By [Lord Dog]

Image has been deleted because the person who created this one can't seem to accept that I do not want my artwork displayed in other peoples' houses. Goes on then to blame my friends for this instead of actually reading the Uploading Art Rules and respecting the fact that I don't like people taking my artwork.

By - [Pleaing Contemporary Insanity]
This image was removed for being a stolen image. The actual artist is Anna-Karin Larrson whose homepage can be found at

By [peura]

By [Paul Doyle]

A little something until I get Part Three finished, and also part of a grown-up wiki adventure :-)

By [Paul Doyle]
Also see Cali-Pauly Comic

By [prisoner#81378]

By [Rennie]

By [Nioniel]
<img400*0:stuff/aj/169023/Calico Tiger.jpg>

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2004-10-15 [ButterflyFairy]: *walks in with yaoi for me and Cali* (^_^)

2004-10-15 [Calico Tiger]: Woohoo! *runs off with butterfly and the yaoi in her tentacles* ;)

2004-10-17 [Calico Tiger]: I've put a password on this page now because [Pleaing Contemporary Insanity] decided to edit the page to put [NUNZNHEAT]'s name in her place. Unbelievable...

2004-10-17 [Paul Doyle]: That sucks :/

2004-10-17 [Pleaing Contemporary Insanity]: Please Listen --- Anna([NUNZNHEAT]) is my sister and she came onto my account and put that pic onto this wiki... and when I found out... I was ripshit! so I decided to change the name.

2005-01-20 [~Intoxicating~]: hi i want some one to tell me if it is ok that i put up runic images from a site that told me that i could or will i get into truoble?

2005-01-23 [irulan]: You will get in trouble - read the Uploading Art Rules - we really want to see images that you create! And btw, this isn't really the right place to ask about that. :)

2006-08-24 [.Toxic Valentine.]: how can i add one for you ? i know you dont know me but i loke your house alot and decided to draw sumthing 4 u ..

2006-08-25 [Calico Tiger]: Send me a message with the image linked in it :) Since someone posted stolen artwork once, I now take a look at it and add it myself. And if anyone ends up wanting their artwork removed, they just need to send me a message for that too :D

2006-08-25 [Paul Doyle]: Yipes, Cali, I see an old link was broken (the Mods accepted Part III, then they rejected it, and then ET crashed. Then they let the third pic in, anyway :P) Anyhow, if you want to replace all three of those inlined EW images, here are three images I uploaded to Elftown. *toddles off to find'em on the P-the-AD page*

2006-08-25 [Paul Doyle]: Never mind, just the third one's inlined :

That'll get rid of that ugly broken tag :-3

2006-12-02 [Lord Dog]: I should probably update a picture of Calico, You still around?
Think of it as a way for me to make cheap (insert end of year holiday) Present

2006-12-02 [Calico Tiger]: I'm always around. I'm like a cockroach. Can't get rid of me <img:img/mood/44166_1164144907.gif>

2006-12-02 [Lord Dog]: Nah not like a cockroach...more like a (insert really flattering term ) Sorry kids just started throwing each other around and my train of thought was derailed(they are only 1 & 4)<img:img/mood/44166_1164145171.gif><img:img/mood/44166_1164557391.gif><img:img/mood/44166_1164903263.gif><img:img/mood/61691_1132959456.gif>

2006-12-02 [Calico Tiger]: Kids are talented that way!

2006-12-02 [Lord Dog]: anyway the gist was something ye'd not want to be rid of and glad its around always...<img:img/mood/61691_1132936287.gif><img:img/mood/61691_1132959456.gif>

2006-12-02 [Calico Tiger]: <img:img/mood/44166_1164218094.gif>

2007-09-06 [Calico Tiger]: New one up from [Paapuu] *happy dances and slobbers*

2010-09-05 [Nioniel]: Just finished one for you. :)

2010-09-05 [Calico Tiger]: :O

I feel bad. I forgot about this page xP

2010-09-06 [Paul Doyle]: She (as in the character) does deserve to be illustrated, again . . .

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