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Are you obsessed with duct tape? Do you put it on your clothes, shoes, backpack, and everything else? Do you keep a roll on you at all times?

If you love duct tape (and you know you do) add your name to the list.

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1.   [#9437] Duct tape makes the world go round!
2.   [f8cfaf3] does it really?
3.   [*~*Happy The Penguin*~*] haha duck tape rocks, the redneck repare kit lol
3.   [shaunt] Duct tape is sex in tape form...
4.   [Mikey27] some words of advice to all whom don't know "If you can't duct it, fuck it... unless she's real loose to the point where you have to duct it to fuck it....
                        that's the only exception" and i love duct tape, cuz it fixes everything, and makes good wall paper...
5.   [x__starlitxlies] If you can't duct it, fuck it! I love duct tape, I use it CONSTANTLY for everything, jewelry, clothing, binders, EVERYTHING! n_n Hey, can I make a banner?
7.   [ZombiezJojo] yay!! duct tape!
8.   [firefaerie333] Duct tape is my only weapon. It keeps my dolls away from me.
9.   [I Want to Be Bella, And I Want My Edward] duct tape fixes everything. and if it can't.....well then it can't be fixed so just forget about it. DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!
10. [no hardcore dancing in the living room.] duct tape is the best thing ever invented
11. [FAiLURE. // By. Designer. Jeans.] agreed
12. [ExtremeFreak] DUCT TAPE RULES!!! If you cant duct it....F*@# it!
13. [over stimulated kittie] Duct tape is sex.
14. [~*~Tinkerbell~*~] Duct tape can fix enthing!!!!
15. [The one that WAS shay] I used duct tape to take care of all my annoyng ex's and there big mouths ^-^ hehe
16. [*~Melso~*]Whoever does not like duct tape should be shot lol..aww i'm evil muahaha
18. [Eloura] I LOVE DUCT TAPE. It solves everything. Problams are fixed when duct tape is needed. duct tape would be missed and nothing would be fixed.
19. [Asfaloth] Duct tape is like The Force; it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the world together...
20. [This Profile No Longer Exists!] Duct tape...hmmm...can fix evrything but broken hearts...then again
21. [Dj. CHRISTOFF] The stuff is pure sex. It makes me hott....^_^...O.o...
22. [TheRogue] I LOVE my duct tape, I would eat it if i could, Why would I fix anything right when duct tape's just as good..*sings*
23. [noshameinlife] Duct Tape, ummmm YAY!!!! ITS THAT GOOD!!!
24. [cute_nikki] HEIL DUCT TAPE! this stuff is like the total shizznit! *orgy* o.Oheehee
26. [blankskater] duct tape RULES!!!!! me & my friend can make n-e-thing out of it
27. [CountessBàthory] duct tape-orgasmic!
28. [nokaredes]
29. [TwiztidYoshi03] Duct tape.... very interesting... *wonders* hehehe
30. [ArtemisAngel] Ah...where would we be without duct tape? Oh yeah, that's right---HELL!
31. [jessica|hates|.™] Ahh... the lovable duct tape... so B-E-A-U-tiful... I think I currently own 16 rolls of the stuff.
32. [Account No Longer Active] No home should be without this nifty appliance!
33. [drunken_irishman] I can fix anything...wheres the duct tape!(from a shirt that i have) love the almighty duct tape
34. [~Rakasha~] behold the power of duct tape mwhahahahahahahaha *cough*..
35. [~Legato~] Duct Tape..Yay
36. [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~] i love duct tape, i use it for everything! Duct tape is like the force it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together!
37. [TAKE YOUR PILLS.©] I heart not only duct tape, but all kinds of tape. I clearly have a tape fettish. O_o
38. [candy4josh55] tie me up and....u get the point..i want your duct tape
39. [she likes the beach boys more than radio] Don't you just love duct tape?
40. [FF/Med . Johnson] duct tape is god... all worship the sticky strip!
42. [suducing rayne]
43. [Jack Off Jill] my chucks are wrapped in duct tape..... that shit dose wonders man! *looks at his duct tape wallet*
44. [Fairytale'] duct tape is the best it can fix anything
45. [SBRLexa] It's hot sex, lmao
46. [Passive Agressive]
47. [DeadInMyOwnMind~]so purtyful lmfao
48. [Cookieholic] perfect for repairing props =D I use it all the time =D
49. [Happy Camper] Duct tape makes everything better.
50. [They Call Me Joey] makes for good wallets, watches, fixes shoes after you rub holes in the soles from boarding, damn what cant it do...
51. [The Sexy Short One]- i have 2 duct tape purces and a duct tape backpack. c(:
52) [Tails Of the Revolution] Duct tape and WD-40, man...
53) [PyroDragonMaster] Duct tape is the ultimate problem solver.
54. [Angel Fangs] I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!! WoOt!!
55. [emily29] duct tape is my best friend! (along wit sharpies!!)
56. [AllyR] duct tape is the shit and a half!!!
57. [Steve*O] If not for Duct Tape my arm would still be broken XD
58. [PaniC PronE] duct tape is my best buddie =)
59. [lkjhgfdsa] ohhh duck tape makes me happy.
60. [Armchair] Ducktape: man's best friend
61. [MelissaChristine] Duct tape will fix anything!
62. [7seven7] If it sticks and it ain't supposed to, WD-40, if it ain't stickin and it's supposed to, DUCT TAPE!!!
63. [CHS_soccer14] GO DUCT TAPE love you
64. [hottcandy41] hell yea, ducktape!!!
65. [here(in your arms)] hooray fer ducktape!! ^_^
67. [Sister Insomnia] I LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!
68. [blackrigante] after learning the meny uses it has i never leave home without it
69. [Soviet] Duct Tape the Alaskans best friend
70. [Ander Calydan] Duct Tape is like the Force, it's got a dark side a light side and it holds the universe together!
71. [steph hates wow.] yumm duct tape
72. [dead account.]
73. [vagabond faery] silence is golden but duct tape is silver
74. [freak101]
75. [cradle of havok]
76. [Fireflame] duct tape. How did we live without it
77. [standingalone69]
78. [full.blooded Robot]
79. [Ice_Angel88]
80. [Kinzey {{Katastrophe}}]
81. [fungyew]duct tape + ruffies + hot unsespecting wemon = fun weekend
82. [Fall Out Boy lover]how can you not love duct tape?
83. [carebears] I love Duct tape so uch i'm goin to buy that bandades made of duct tape!!!!!!!!!!!
84. [NMBandGeek09] I love duct tape
86. [aellie] Duct tape, the handyman's secret weapon! And his clothes, and his home and his family...
87. [BettyBetty] OOOOh duck Tape Is So Pretty And So Sticky!!! I love it!!!
88. [theHOTchick]
89. [evilness13579] DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!
90. [cryingout4help]........muahahaha DUCT TAPE!
91. [Magic is in a Sunrise] Dude.... you can fix anything with duct tape...
92. [Thomior]

94. [Piggly_wiggly] whoo-aah duct tape!
95. [werewolf grrrrl]
96. [Jessika Maria.]
97. [Roxcie] Duct Tape Kicks Ass!!
98. [xOx Katherine xOx] Love the stuff!
99. [arafinwë] yay duct tape!
100. [earthkynd] woot! I am member nr 100! :D
101. [youfailedme] because all anybody really needs is duct tape, wd-40, and some good liquid foundation! XD
102. [light.] DUCT TAPE!!! *covers herself in it and runs in circles*
103. [Cyber-Man says goodbye to everyone! bye!] this rocks:p
104. [Solid_Metal] I need duck tape. Otherwise I will explode.
105. [grenade] i like playing duct tape my brother up and beat him with a bat
106. [LAYER FOUR] Hoooray for Duct Tape!!! I used it to reduce the size of my warts, and inadvertently make my skin necrotic...
107. [Redeem Soul Here] They have PINK Duct Tape!!!!YAY!!
108.[Idrial the Samurai] Duct Tape rocks! Me and my master use it for everything.
109. [californiagirl]Duct Tape is totally fun!!wootwoot!!!
110. [IV_bOyLoVeR_69] Duct tape now comes in neon & metalic colors!!
110. [grey wanderer] can fix toilets, clothing, 'owies', alrternative shaving method! Jk, jk...ow....
111. [Rini Himura] it is nothing less then the chan family wrapping paper!~
112. [moonscale] duct tape is one of the basic human needs
113. [Cult Leader] Duct tape holds the world together ^^
114. [clownsies] yesh! we loves the duct tapeness! every answer to every question in one roll. (or two)
115. [My Chemical Romance] now if you think we are crazy then you don't belong here do you
116. [dragon_master_25]
117. [.Dreaming.big.] Woot! I love duct tape! Best ever!
118. [Shadow of Black] I love ducktape!
119. [Princess Seraphina] Silence is golden but Duct tape is silver. If duct tape dont fix it then its ment to be broken.
120. [inuhime] silvery
121. [Evilyne] Ask anyone I know, who's the duct tape chick?!?
122. [Shadow Girl056] I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it
123. [Babypop2010] :D yay! finally someone else who loves it as much as i!
124. [Fitzy Spyder] Ducktape fixes everything, i once saw a tree that was splitting and someone wrapped it in ducktape to hold it up
125. [mfc] sex is duct tape
126. [FamousPanda] If you can't duct it F*#& it.
127. [Lynyrd Zeppelin] When in doubt, duct it.

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2009-12-03 [#9437]: Well it's been five years, it was bound to die eventually.

2009-12-03 [Hiro Kitaki]:


2009-12-31 [Rini Himura]: i love this wiki andi love all u guys! don't leave! lol

2009-12-31 [Hiro Kitaki]: *has somehow managed to wrp hisself in duct tape compleatly* pictures soon!

2010-01-02 [Rini Himura]: new ones! XD!!! yayness! how u been bro?

2010-01-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: *struggles*...*types with tongue*...ok i guess.

2010-01-03 [Rini Himura]: lol..alot has happened since the last time i was on here lol *glomps hiro while avioding his typing tongue*

2010-01-04 [Hiro Kitaki]: Geh?*startled*Gyahhh!

2010-01-05 [Rini Himura]: *giggles* soo...*unraveling a roll of duct tape to wrap up hiro more* how's things been?

2010-01-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: MPHHH!*ish now covered in duct tape*...mphhh fmuph! <all right i guess, not bad, not good.>

2010-01-06 [Rini Himura]: *rolls hiro over on his side and sits on him* well, that's good, i recently moved to a place i've never heard before in my LIFE, but other than that, i'm good too^^

2010-01-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: MPHHHH! mumpfh! muppphhh mum.<well i guess that is kinda weird. but now you have heard of it> Mtph, Gemmph mophfha meeeeh.<Btw, get offa me.>

2010-01-07 [Rini Himura]: *gets up with a pout and takes the tape off hiro's mouth nad starts unravelin him the rest of the way* yeah, i moved in with my new bf, Robert lol

2010-01-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: *stands up right and begins to spin*Thats cool. so what else is new?

2010-01-09 [Rini Himura]: nothin..just a bunch of drama. *gives hug* i missed coming on here and talkin to everyone lol. but barley anyone gets on anymore

2010-01-10 [Hiro Kitaki]: yeah...were growing up.

2010-01-11 [Rini Himura]: i've noticed..i've been havig that same problem with my other friends.

2010-01-13 [Hiro Kitaki]: yeah...when i joined i was 15. now im 21 and all my friends are leaving.

2010-01-14 [Rini Himura]: awww.honey i'm sorry...

2010-01-15 [Hiro Kitaki]: Nah its ok. I kind of feel like an old man, just content to stay behind and shoo the new generation forward.

2010-01-16 [Rini Himura]: lol..yeah i guess..i moved on from all my friends tho so i feel kinda bad.

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