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ET Pollers


Elftowners who Suggest a Poll that is then used on Main Street become ET Pollers.



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2011-06-19 [SilverFire]: I think mine probably needs removing too. ;)

2011-06-19 [Thunder Cid]: Done

2011-07-08 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Sorry, I'm not trying to sound all crazy interested in getting another badge. I've got a lot already but was really wondering how far back do you go to badge someone after something has been featured?

Okay, well, maybe I am interested in another one. Just shoot me. :P

2011-07-08 [SilverFire]: Depends on the feature. I retro-badged everyone who had been recorded as suggesting a poll for this feature, but I don't know off the top of my head when the records for it began, or if people were suggesting polls before that point.

2011-07-08 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Mine was in 2008. <poll:76254> I don't know if it qualifies or not. Was just wondering. :)

2011-07-08 [SilverFire]: Hmmm. >=/ Used Ms Polls has been going since 2007, so it should have been on there. I guess that means we need to go back and double check that all the polls have been recorded. X_x

2011-07-09 [Dark Side of the Moon]: ooh, yikes. Sounds daunting. I found mine by going back in the "view older polls" list. I'm not super busy with anything at the moment so if you need help I'm available.

2011-07-09 [hanhepi]: i'm not surprised that wasn't on the list of used polls, it didn't look like it had really been used a lot when i took over. there were/are huge gaps.
if you'll tell me a good way to check what polls have been on main street(other than "view older polls"), i'll make the list of them. but since i still can't see poll numbers for the MS polls, it could be a real pain.

2011-07-09 [Dark Side of the Moon]: It would be easier if there was a search field for the polls (search by poll # or name). Tag words could be used to help find them. But I don't know how many folks actually search for polls after they've been featured.

2011-07-09 [SilverFire]: Nope, Han, that's the only/easiest way to do it. I can't remember, have you reported in the bugs forum that you can't see the poll numbers? (possibly with a screen cap?) I'll do it some point soon unless Cid wants to.

2011-07-10 [hanhepi]: pretty sure i did, but i think it got mixed in with the poll notifications bug. i'll get a screencap and report it again.

2011-09-22 [hanhepi]: i broke it. :(

2011-09-23 [Nioniel]: Fixed, but I dunno what I did...?

2011-09-23 [hanhepi]: XD thank you. i dunno what i did either!

2013-04-01 [SilverFire]: Borked again and I have no idea wtf is wrong.

2013-04-01 [SilverFire]: and fixed again (again, no idea why).

2013-04-01 [hanhepi]: It's a template, and I touched it. Of course it broke!

2013-04-01 [SilverFire]: Yeah, basically you are a bug, Han. :P

2014-02-09 [SilverFire]: Han, *literally* all you need to do to have the right form of the badge for people's profiles is change the 2 to a 1:

2014-02-09 [hanhepi]: No shit? This whole freaking time, and it was as simple as changing one number? 

2014-02-09 [SilverFire]: Yes. <_<

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