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Tutorials and Lessons.



Digital Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the digital arts and the use of programmes like Photoshop or OpenCanvas.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>A Method of Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Adjusting Brightness
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Akhi's Colouring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Brushes-to make one in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Page
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cell Shading
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cel Shading in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Chain Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create a Brush on Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>CT: Portrait Manipulation
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Ink/Colour Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Lip Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Scan/Prepare Sketches Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dana's PS CS Layer Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dar's New Color Tut
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Digital Sketching
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dipping Into Digital
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Drawing Scales
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dur's Photoshop Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Fire
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Lightning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Watermarking
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eliminate White Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Feathered Wings
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Generating Transparent GIFS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hair Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hypnotising Eyes
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How do I Make Transparent Images?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Color Lines
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Colour in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Create a Starry Night
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Mouth
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Ink in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Maintan Colours in B&W Images - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Make a Crystal Ball in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Inkting and Scanning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Iris Removal in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Jewel Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Make an Image in Sepia Tone
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Making Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mirror Text in Photoshop!
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Neat Tricks in MS Paint
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Pentool Lineart
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Perspective Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Layers for Newbies
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Lightning Magic
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Putting Images Together
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rainstains Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-color in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Hair
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Short fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Lips Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Vector Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Grid Method
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Get Started - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Traditional sketch to CG painting
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Transparent Gifs - with Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tree Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Triola's Lineart Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Watermarking your Work
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Why Textures?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Wing Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zabs Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zardra's Portrait Painting Tutorial


Traditional Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the traditional arts, compositions, sculpting and other tips and tricks.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Acrylic on Leather or Canvas
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Composition and Negative Space
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Anatomy/Face Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Portrait
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Facial Structures
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>From Doodle to Drawing
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Nathies Pencil Shading Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>One Part Silicone Molds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Faces
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Some Sculpting Basics
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Draw a Fantasy Creature
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Working With Prisma Colors


Miscellaneous Tutorials

Tutorials that we just couldn't place somewhere but are useful or too fun to ignore.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Advanced HTML - Character Entities
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Animated .gif tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Asinine Cat Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Contest HOW-TO
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cover Your Assets
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create An Old Picture
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Egyptian War Tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Emoticon Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp - to install
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hairpin Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Herringbone Wire Weave Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to make a beaded crocodile
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Quick-Edit Wikis in Notepad
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Write a Script
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Irulan's Paper Making Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Learning HTML
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Lightsaber Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Marketing Art Online
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mood Image Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Outline Cleaner
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photographing Art
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>SEO HOWTO - How to make search engines love your page.
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Non Repro Blue Trick
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial on How to Write Tutorials

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2009-01-09 [Jitter]: Elftown Tutorials Submission Page:p
[Lady Moon] is updating this page and badges. I don't want to step on her toes or something <.<

2009-01-09 [Veltzeh]: But [Lady Moon] has been gone for years now. :o

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: She was seen 21 hrs ago o_o and she still is active council according to her badges at least.

2009-01-09 [Triola]: That's because Jitter really means [LadyMoon], not [Lady Moon], right Jitt? ;)

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: Yes :P

2009-01-09 [Hedda]: There is a submission-page? I think my comment here should be enough...

2009-01-09 [Hedda]: It was a rhetorical question.

I don't see why I should go to another page when there is a perfectly fine comment box here.

2009-01-09 [Triola]: Because comments disappear further back, and it's a lot more work for those maintaining this page to always have to look back for possible submissions when they can have all of them neatly added to one wiki-page?

2009-02-26 [Chimes]: Triola has a point.

2009-02-26 [Jitter]: Yep and it's neat and tidy there *loves submission page*

2009-07-07 [windowframe]: I removed a tutorial of mine that I found here because I never finished it, and it was crap anyway. (I was only down for one tutorial on Tutors anyway, so that doesn't need changing).

2009-11-09 [Hedda]: The Grid Method should be added? I leave that to anyone who knows a crap about art ;P

2009-11-10 [Jitter]: I'll get to it as soon as swine flu decides to let go of my system *flops*

2009-11-10 [windowframe]: I just noticed that some tutorials are now broken as the images don't work anymore (inactive photobucket accounts suck -_-) Maybe we should have a rule that the images in a tutorial need to be uploaded to Elftown, to avoid this happening?

2009-11-13 [Hedda]: Definitely! I always upload images from other sites to Elftown if I see them on important wiki-pages.

2010-08-19 [Ghost the Hybrid]: i'd like to ask if the wiki i created to teach a friend how to make an origami crane and dinosaur would fit here? it's my first tutorial and it might not be perfect and i did take all the photos myself. i'll leave a link to the wiki in case you want to check it out

Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial

2010-08-19 [Chimes]: 'please add your tutorials to the Elftown Tutorials Submission Page.' :]

2010-08-19 [Ghost the Hybrid]: ok thanx for the help

2010-11-19 [Akayume]: What are the stars for? O.o

2010-11-19 [windowframe]: Indicates newest tutorials.

2010-11-19 [Akayume]: Ahhhh, I see, I see. That makes sense.

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