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14 May 2004


"Forgotten words in carved stones..." by [Anonymous] (nominated by [Calico Tiger])

"Forgotten words in carved stones with golden torques as guardian dogs for an ancient god." From Irish folk tales, [Anonymous] created this decorative and beautiful Celtic-style cross. It uses a handful of common Celtic symbolism (look closely for a "green man"), for business owners into Celtism. When asked about its meaning, [Anonymous] firmly insists that telling it would destory its enigma. I'm not well-versed in Celtic mythology, but I'm sure several of you who are will enjoy this piece. Even though I'm ignorant to its hidden meanings, there's no denying the ecclectic appeal in its complex details and careful placement. It's a beautiful image, well-done in almost every aspect. And you can't help but have the utmost respect for the patience that has to come with getting all those details.

Congratulations, [Anonymous], and keep up the good work!

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