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22 June 2004


"Ice Fairy" by [Skydancer] (nominated by [Mordigen]

A venture into an icy waterfall with a camera nearby was the basis of this stunning photomanipulation by [Skydancer]. The wings were based off of actual butterfly and dragonfly accoutraments, beautifully accented to created this chilled fae. They're my personal favourite part of the picture, although the blending of the background (almost like steam from the warmer air hitting her fridgid skin) is a nice, imaginative touch. [Skydancer] speaks of the shoot fondly, of the beauty of the locale and the subject, even if it did result in a severely sprained wrist, to which he can only bemoan happily, "the things we do for our art!"

Congratulations, [Skydancer], and keep up the good work!

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