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26 November 2004


"Harpy Eagle Griffon by [starglo21] (nominated by [Jeesum Crowe])

Late night inspirations can often lead to our most original concoctions, and this creation from [starglo21] is such a thing. Mixing a Harpy Eagle with a black panther, this strange and beautiful creature surfaced. [starglo21] intended to make her look viscious, to keep true to the disposition of a Harpy Eagle. With the small eyes peering over the menecingly sharp beak, the impression is certainly strong. Not only does the artist do well with making her hybrid intimidating, but she is technically sound with impressive animal drawing techniques. A more recent version of this image, with colours, can be found on [starglo21]'s Elfwood Gallery, and it's definately worth a look to see how this piece has progressed through the time it took to get it on Feature Art.

Congratulatiosn, [starglo21], and keep up to good work!


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