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26 December 2004


"Seduction of the Fae" by [Naunet] (nominated by [Inoni])

According to [Naunet], this is the first picture that she's ever done that she was really, truly been impressed with, and it's easy to see why. This beautiful faery is well rendered, with the perfect touch of sexy coolness and originality. Based on her own pose in a mirror (although she embarrasingly admits it), the nighty that she wears was modeled from a simple bathing suit. As for the wings, the main focus of the picture, they were done in charcoal to draw more attention to them. The shape, shadowing, and creativity in the almost make the beautiful young fae that they're attached to disappear. Unique wings are always a treat to see, and these are no exception.

Congratulations, [Naunet], and keep up the good work!


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