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A Featured Image Boss acts similar to an Elfwood Moderator and views nominations for Featured Images. He/She then selects pictures worthy of being a Featured Image. For more information, check out the Featured Art page and the Featured Art archive.

If you would like to nominate an artist or picture for Featured Art please go to nominate a picture or join the Featured Art forum: <joinforum:2054:nominatenow> (Featured Art Nominations).


The Featured Image Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]

Featured Image Bosses Veterans#FI Bosses


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2010-02-24 [*Phoenix*]: hmm...looks like they've all been fixed already...

poo...and here I was all ready to help! :(

2010-02-24 [Yuriona]: Well [Hedda] has been doing some server work on Elftron. Could be there was nothing wrong with the pages at all but a glitch due to the upgrades. ^^

2010-02-24 [*Phoenix*]: that could be because all the links are there now. :)

That's a really weird button that just popped up...."Check for more comments" what exactly is it there for!?

2010-02-24 [Chimes]: Checking if people have posted more comments while you're on the page... so you don't have to reload it :)

2010-02-24 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. I read the new news post right after I asked that!

2010-02-24 [Yuriona]: Upgrades are funny like that.

2010-02-24 [*Phoenix*]: yeppers...

2010-02-24 [Kyrinn]: Oh, is THAT what that does? O.o

2010-02-24 [Yuriona]: Yes'm.

2010-02-25 [Kyrinn]: Nifty! At least it works. *hates the new image set up*

2010-02-25 [Yuriona]: *hasn't uploaded anything new for a while*

2010-09-20 [Kyrinn]: :O OMFG

2010-09-20 [Kaimee]: Big changes huh? :) Yuri and previously-known-as-slavork have a lot on their hands at the moment, so we've got two new volunteers in the meantime :D

2010-09-20 [Kyrinn]: thats good cuz Ive been waaaaaay too busy of late.. Ill supervise. :P lol

2011-01-06 [Linderel]: *poke*

2011-01-06 [Chimes]: I'll update it at some point tonight :] Once I've had some foods.

2011-01-06 [Linderel]: \o/

2011-10-07 [NOOOPE]: At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful dick, the pic of mine featured on mainstreet is really old and bad. Could my pic be replaced by the next one in line? You can take the badge and everything. I've wanted to be featured for a while, but with something that deserves the attention, you know? I find this pic kinda embarrassing.

2011-10-07 [Kyrinn]: I asked the same thing when I was featured and was told no, that the picture that got the nomination would be the one featured because it meant a lot to someone to nominate that particular one. So, probably no on that..

2012-05-01 [Serwa]: Cheers!

2012-05-01 [Nioniel]: :)

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