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Some of our fabulous artists have been nominated and chosen to have their work featured on Main Street. This has made them part of the group known as the Featured Painters.


Featured Painters

[Charles] for "Defiance"
[Lady Di] for "Gryphon"
[saueracker] for "Drache"
[allenp] for "...bump in the night"
[Avatar] for "Bile'Rah (Slashing Pain)"
[furious] for "Humidon"
[DreamFusion] for "Bio/Mech"
[eraser head] for "Look at all da Bones!"
[tankerman] for "Capreol"
[Reynom] for "Inferno"
[stubblychin] for "Rocketman"
[Sidhe] for "Completion of Metamorphosis"
[ikke] for "Dragon Lord"
[Merle] for "Friendship"
[Bonedust] and [Bratt] for "The Jester"
[Dani-kitty] for "Love"
[RIP - Shade (02/21/05)] for " a fairy"
[Ryftwalker] for "Hunting the Wicked"
[Nightfall] for "Tides"
[Neko Rulz] for "A Light in the Darkness"
[galaxie] for "Daydream"
[Magus Ferox] for "Canthlian"
[celticsofi] for "Dragon"
[Ocean Soul] for "Gargoyle"
[Bliz] for "Allana"
[esa] for "Iruka and Kakashi"
[Apfelkeks] for "Mayel"
[Voden] for "Death of Chivalry"
[MoonHerb] for "Aquaserpent"
[evilhamster] for "Sunset"
[Shreya] for "Peglilos"
[Anonymous] for "Forgotten Words..."
[Dirty DaVinci] for "Fable"
[Peregrinus] for "An Inspired Character" 
[kay-chan] for "Lost Angel" 
[FetishFaerie] for "The Silent Siren"
[Mirre] for "Chibi Dragon"
[kayo] for "Beware"
[ave] for "Self-Portrait
[Skydancer] for "Ice Fairy" 
[empty_] for "Angel and Krow" 
[PhoenixSilverDark] for "Lena's Angel" 
[Fire-n-Ash] for "Endless Sorrow" 
[Lyndarsia] for "I Didn't Mean To!" 
[Hanako] for "Embrace" 
[Slush_Puppy] for "80 Watts' Last Stand" 
[SorceressWitch] for "Seya and Child" 
[petri] for "Loopy" 
[I Was A Teenage Werewolf] for "Sail Away" 
[Vi] for "Silk" 
[Forgotten-Myth] for "A Beautiful Tree Nymph"
[The Blonde Witch] for "Náriël's Mother" 
[starglo21] for "Harpy Eagle Griffon"
[Naunet] for "Seduction of the Fae"
[Nightshadow] for "Saea"
[liiga] for "Liiga"
[Hummingbird] for "Sitting Pretty"
[unnamed] for "Sketch"
[marose] for "Avatar"
[Adaman] for "Aixahmalunis"
[LadyMoon] for "Cat Woman"
[Savien] for "Tishara"
[The Hidden Happiness] for "Mania"
[Yuriona] for "Drow"
[TheRogue] for "In Memorium"
[Ferah] for "Our Dreamplace"
[Mom] for "Harem Girl"
[DamYouMexico] for "Why am I so Unloved?"
[EnchantedMind] for "Mystic Warrior"
[Ulaan] for "Desert Nomad"
[spider] for "Dragon"
[Nymphette] for "Dancing"
[Mafia Girl] for "Lost Heritage"
[blackphoenix] for "Green Dragon"
[WestFactor] for "Self Portrait"
[nunt] for "Cheetah"
[Wised Up] for "Bathed in Moonlight"
[silverwolf] for "Epic of Middle Earth"
[Asrun] for "jadzia"
[In my craft or sullen art.] for "Untitled"
[Kaimee] for "A detail"
[Nightfall] for "Firebird"
[Katie Staines] for "Sunset"
[alexiuss] for "Grim Sentinel"
[RoyDante] for "Dragon Lord"
[Invisible_Side] for "Fallen Angel"
[The Blonde Witch] for "Tranquility of the Darkness"
[ally] for "Writer's Inpsiration"
[Hobbit teen] for "A Hobbit Family"
[crowfeather] for "Just Want to Hug You"
[Kyrinn] for "Fever Dream"
[Elandain] for "Arkansas Sunbeams"
[shuthefuckup] for "Guardian of the Gates"
[LvSha] for "Phoenix"
[Forever Equine] for "Xeraesha"
[Jitter] for "Sea Goddess"
[Maketsu] for "War Pig"
[Perplexity] for "Hurt the one you love (Logan and Jean)"
[Kuruni] for "Mermaid's Comb"
[Nocternity S.] for "Goldenrod"
[Charybdis] for "Moon Lantern"
[Tamel] for "Self-Portrait"
[Levoton] for "Reflection"
[piro999] for "Angelic Musician"
[pixish] for "Soul Gate"
[Empee] for "Madonna"
[~Altopia~] for "A Dream with Pegasus"
[Lerune] for "Leru'nae's Tears"
[Urmando The Elfling] for "Claudia Schiffer"
[nathie] for "Portrait: Jaye Davidson"
[Lady Evangeline] for "Lady medusa"
[Son Goku] for "Peaceful Bridge"
[organicparadox] for "Javan"
[badhgirl] for "The Demise of Yofune Nushi"
[Caelicorn] for "Reverie"
[Calico Tiger] for "Artistic Calico"
[Rook] for "Lovers' Kiss"
[stuffAEAmade] for "Manga"
[Nezeb] for "The Seekers"
[Angelic nightmares] for "How I see Me"
[Evilmonk] for "Evilmonk Marches On"
[Angelic nightmares] for "How I see me"
[Paz] for "Danny Phantom fanart"
[Picasso] for "Miss Chief (the flower fairy)"
[Dark Faerie Queen] for "Jen and his Flute"
[Elwyne] for "Poor Sick Elwyne the Hobbit"
[PrincessArwen] for "Sleeping Beauty"
[TheArchitect] for "Meacy Black"
[Zab] for "Wolfie with Snow"
[Aarden] for "Faerietale"
[Qibossa] for "Kelpie"
[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] for "Trapped in Time"
[hannes] for "At the end of the Rainbow"
[Petra.] for "My Favourite Things"
[deeterhi] for "Franco and Chris"
[Orluni] for "Merlin's Dream"
[seejessiedraw] for "The Offering"
[anaiya] for "Pray"
[Cat0132] for "Toxik"
[Tableau Vivant] for "Uncaged"
[aurodi] for "Prey and Predator"
[Shreya] for "Igor"
[Ms. Steel] for "Through a Portal"
[Thistlewood] for "Eva"
[Dr.Mandarian] for "City Impressions"
[jaraden] for "Merman Warrior"
[eurayo] for "Data Monk"
[CookieDough] for "Ancestor"
[Talkris] for "Steampunk Raven"
[Kharn] for "A jovial fellow indeed!"
[lahael] for "Fleeting Anatomy"
[Duredhel] for "Alenavaye's Piece"
[Ryo-Oni] for "Unusually Cute"
[travs the bean] for "Sitting with the Ancients"
[blu.nation] for "Follow Me"
[Future Dictator] for "Art Block"
[Pnelma Tirian] for "Little Red - Absolution"
[Chel.] for "Book Worm"
[spiritee] for "Eliza's Bedroom Monster"
[vpartworld] for "An Elven Fairy"
[t a k a] for "Breath"
[▲.] for "Glory"
[Artemis Riddle] for "First Woman"
[Friendly with Trolls] for "Rabbitz"
[Triola] for "Streets I walk"
[dayah] for "A Magical Gift"
[sweet.tx.tea] for "Ice Meets Fire"
[Dint] for "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea"
[Cia_mar] for "Cia's Forest Fairy"
[Eyonic] for "Beasty Man"
[kattikawn] for "Golden Goddess"
[Astrid.] for "Heart In Shadows"
[Draugluin] for "Panda Bear"
[Elmiira] for "Footprints and Feet"
[Anvikit] for "Sometimes I Wish I Was A Lion..."
[Captain Rachel Black] for "Reflection"
[smakeupfx] for "The Right Tools for the Job"
[Trennas] for "Steampunk"
[Dericious] for "Swirly"
[Thistlewood] for "Embrace"
[Hendercrazy] for "Little League"
[moira hawthorne] for "Raphael Black"
[AuroraLumos] for "Sunset"
[Tynuka-Rhytishy] for "Mom"
[falynangel] for "Willow"
[Sith Kitten] for "Lai"
[Feasting on Needles] for "Layered Tales"
[animefreak0o] for "Requin"
[Kuramasgirl] for "Gryphon Portrait"
[Lite] for "Musically Inclined"
[Dark Side of the Moon] for "Cafe des Artistes"
[citrus_cissi] for "Young Girl"
[Fallen Seraph] for "Moonlight Writer"
[Wish_Alley] for "Dreamer and the Dream"
[Chrilith of Akhai] for "SciFi DaVinci"
[maryanne] for "Balance"
[Bente] for "Medusa Baby"
[Plunderbunny] for "Blob Critters"
[Sunny Silverunicorn] for "Dual Spirits"
[Ravenclaw] for "Playing with Negative Space"
[Solveig] for "Handbell"
[That Nik Guy] for "Beast"
[The Whistler] for "Poison Ivy"
[Thrice] for "Aubrey"
[Oghirdor] for "Man in the Tree"
[Amery] for "Intaglio"
[The Alchemist] for "Untitled Lady"
[RemovedAcct] for "Spray"
[tavis harts] for "Awaiting Disaster"
[Karithina] for "Sewer Stream Burlesque"
[nehirwen] for "Distracted Creator" and "Female Drow"
[Morrigon] for "Begrimed"
[Ramirez] for "Spring Soon Follows"
[yusuf] for "Reaching Out"
[bratkitty] for "In The Forest"
[WonderTweek] for "I'll Damage You"
[Disgustipated] for "Maiden & Protector"
[BlueEyed-Devil] for "Searching"
[Cloudwatcher] for "A New Home"
[Daisy_Sandybanks] for "The Perfect Cup"
[Witch Hunter] for "Batman!"
[absence] for "Card Lady"
[Galactic Jellyfish Overlord] for "Rainbow Hoark"
[nerdawareness] for "Indies Have Hearts"
[toycar] for "Self Portrait"
[Engwannuniel] for "These Wings Will Guide Me"
[Viral_Tide] for "What Next?"
[Elisha Kelly] for "Portrait"
[Synnehelene] for "Elftown Dweller"
[Rainbow Dragonflies] for "Rushing Waterfalls"
[sorrowking] for "The Shoggoth Tamer"
[JajaJulie] for "Time To Bloom"
[Lokio] for "Jewelery Set"
[Aeolynn] for "A Spirit"
[Linderel] for "A January Morning
[The Dizzy Raven] for "Lovecraft's C'thulhu"
[Nuriko-kun] for "Unmasked"
[Nevermore.] for "Guitar Pin Up"
[Yoruno] for "Yoruno"
[Hirgalad III] for "Art of Life"
[Galatea] for "Sanctuary"
[To the Welkin] for "Writer Lost"
[Serwa] for "Land of My Heart"
[Aliz] for "Man In Red"
[FridaFrost] for "The Eye"
[Teufelsweib] for "Phantom Scene"
[Chi] for "Self"
[JajaJulie] for "Spring Bunny"
[Ŧhe Jøker] for "Blackbird"
[Artsy] for "Sweet Tooth"
[Erin go Bragh] for "Stray"
[Fire fae] for "Family"
[rinkydink] for "Painted Seashells"
[akhirah] for "Light Elf"
[Cassave] for "Sumbrose"
[kamisch] for "Fancy"
[Morrigon] for "Pearly Breath"
[Figgy] for "Nia"
[astraeacaron] for "Pirate Queen"

255 Painters


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2010-03-28 [NOOOPE]: Nooooooooo!

2010-03-28 [Kaimee]: >:3

2011-03-29 [Akayume]: [Kaimee], shouldn't the last featured art by [▲.] be here? o.o "Grace"?

2011-03-29 [Chimes]: I thought it was 'Glory'... at least it is on her DA. I'm pretty sure.

2011-03-29 [Akayume]: It was. Sorry. XD I thought I typed that, but I'm a little tired. DX

2011-03-29 [Kaimee]: I'm confused, it is here, whats the issue? O.o

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: She changed her username since she was featured, and when I looked for the name I didn't see it. I think that's where the confusion came from.

2011-03-30 [Kaimee]: ...her name was [▲.] when I featured her :P

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: O.o.. No, I think it was Method Ensues...

2011-03-30 [Chimes]: She had that name when she was nominated, when she was featured it was fever ray. :)

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: Weeeeeelll, I didn't look on mainstreet. Whatever. :P I must just be going crazy or something.

2011-03-30 [Kaimee]: But since elftown automatically updates her name wherever it's in use, it's a non-issue anyway! :)

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: I know, I know. :P I just didn't see it silly.

2011-07-25 [Chimes]: Not a clue why I did that. I have no brain.

2011-07-25 [Nioniel]: <3 S'okay. I lubb joo brains. ^^

2011-09-22 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Yay! I feel so honored! =D

2011-09-22 [Nioniel]: :D

2011-10-07 [Cillamoon]: lol, I see you Mel following me! :) Thank you too.

2011-10-07 [Nioniel]: :D No worries.

2011-10-10 [Alexi Ice]: Yay! Anime is being featured! Too bad she hasn't logged on in forever >.<

2013-07-18 [Ŧhe Jøker]: oh... wait.. when did this happen..

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