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I am walking home, and I am aching.

Nothing ever gets more resilient,

I just grow used to the pain.

It’s the same thing every day.

And every day. And every day.

I am tired.

Tired of the repetition of my steps

As I am stuck in this rut.

Stuck in this wicked groove. 

I am tired.

Tired of fighting.

So I will cede to my throes,

And give in to their wake.


There I am standing, dark and alone
Shivering, for the wind is cold. 
I go to speak, yet my lips fall apart,
Abandoning me.

The silence unbroken deafens my ears
On my knees now, I am brought to tears.
I go to scream, yet my lungs collapse,
Abandoning me.

There I am gasping, sad and alone
Shuddering, for my skin's gone cold.
I go to sleep, but death turns it's back,
Abandoning me.


The image you see before you, isn't me at all.
What is it that you see, you ask? 
Quite simply, a mirage.

The smile you see me wearing, isn't a smile at all.
What is it then, you ask?
Quite simply, a facade.

The bravery I display, isn't bravery at all.
Why is that, you ask?
Quite simply, I am a coward.

Tucked tail and all.


In this humid state, I lay.
Blank. Empty. Hollow.
I am a well run dry
And the bucket has hit the bottom.
Empty bottles betray my path
On these long nights alone.
My mind is a funeral parlor,
Cluttered with condolences
Of loved ones lost and
Of lives forged from
Sirens and a car crash.


An ocean, receded. 
The moon pale as I make my way forward, closer to you.
As I approach, there is calm in your voice.
Calm, as you tell me to come closer.
I stand now in awe, powerless against the softness of your lips. 
Powerless against the waves that come crashing down.
I am carried by your embrace to the depths,
Where only you can hear my cries.
Yet you are deaf, to my struggle.
I am drowning now, in darkness, with your hand held in mine.
And in my ear, you whisper, It will all be over soon.


As I take the long way home tonight,
There is comfort in the thought of you.
Car horns blaze and engines roar while
Birds chirp, desperate to be overheard.
But I care not for their attention,
For there is only you.
Only brilliance.
Only beauty.


The point of no return
Has already been passed.
Seeds sewn to sin have
Blossomed into the Wretched.

With agony, they writhe.
Lying through their lips
While they smile.
Plotting in secret.

They move forever silent
On the swift wings of deception.
Like phantoms, they fly.
Breaking through the daylight.


From the slab of gray I look up
To see the clouds bleeding in the sky
Like red ink smeared on the purest paper.
The full moon rises up behind them,
Its pale light soused with crimson.
The shadows it casts surround me
Like a flock of crows as the
Sanguine rain begins to fall,
Making the rivers run red.
Flowers of the deepest black
Bloom their petals like an
Angel spreading its wings
At the base of where I lay.
The flowers surround the
Garden of cadavers that is
Lying lifeless before me.
Taking my first steps,
I rise up from the grim
Gray loam, now stained scarlet.
The sweet scent of iron
Begins to overrun my nares,
And I slip slowly once more
Into the state of being alive.

A Challenge:

I stand on the front lines of this war,
Seemingly alone.
A great army approaches, shaking
The earth with their terrible force
Like phantoms in a stampede.
I stand my ground, and solemnly
Close my marveled eyes, preparing
For what approaches.
The world is still as they stop,
Robbing the world of all but silence.
A bellowing horn sounds in the distance,
And then at last, the silence is broken by
War cries and deafening foot steps.
The earth cradles itself in tremors
As they advance upon me, still standing.
They raise their weapons, so close
To me now that I am shaken.
Like a wave crashing down, they
Are finally upon me.
I open my eyes and in an instant,
I see a glint of steel flash before me.
The blade passes cleanly through my
Body, as does the rest of the onslaught
Like wind through a window.
The worst is over now as they continue,
Blinded by their ignorant rage.
Until one by one, they fall of exhaustion,

Penance:(For [xhideously-t.a.k])

And war was carved into the night sky
By the Jaws dripping wet with sin,
Open to consume the Righteous.

The wicked teeth stopped short
By the great and holy throne,
Which ascended into the Heavens.

For this offense, oh mighty Dragon,
You shall be cast out of the sky,
Your wings clipped and bloodied.

High above the desert, the eagle will fly
Forever out of your infernal reach,
And you will be starved of vengeance.

Those who have wronged you
Will begin to feel your wrath.
But they are forever protected, by the Light.

Eyes In Storms:

The weather could not be more perfect
On this beautiful, sunny day.
When a storm approaches
From the darkness of night
And overtakes the sky.
Our fragile hearts are the clouds
That rain tears of necessity and pain.
The shadows of doubt are cast
Over all that was once bright.
The eye of the storm is here.
This could be the calm before the end
Or the silence, before the beginning.

The Price of Bravery:

Desperately, she screams,
Praying for attention.
And now, he sees it,
A hope for redemption.

He yells for him to stop.
He commands her release.
His demands are ignored.
This cannot end in peace.

He separates the two,
He pushes her away.
The wicked knife comes out.
There is a price to pay.

Sharp pain in his stomach,
He clutches at the wound.
The villain runs away.
He fears he may be doomed.

Fallen in the street
He starts to yell for help.
No one pays attention.
The damage has been dealt.

He has no home to call,
No siblings to be missed.
His lungs begin to fail.
Death’s lips, finally kissed.

Now, into the darkness
His soul has slipped away.
The price of bravery
Was not his choice to pay.

Forgotten on the street
After saving a life.
This poor homeless hero
Met his end, from the knife.


Above all, I can see
My shadow that is vast
Yet wavering in strength.
The once loyal Sun has
Left me, abandoned.
The Stars have reigned
Down from the heavens
And now I am aflame
With falseness and shame.
I am called Caesar.
And Rome, has fallen.

A Silent Burial:

The crows shall cry round and round
The casket that never was.
Containing underground
The child in silences’ jaws.

Heaven cries as everyone he loves
Blindly eclipse his view.
Crows, replaced by doves
Of scarlet feathers then flew.

Silently, he screams for all he’s worth.
His lungs, not filled with air
But the breath of another birth.
And unanswered, goes his prayer.


This is not a battlefield.
And this is not a war.
Pick up the pieces
Left behind by the gore.

Velvet wings soar high above.
Ultimate and darker than death.
In song and merriment they point,
At those who will spend their last breath.

There is no hall of heroes,
Built by the chooser of the slain.
Only ashes as white as snow
That hope to bury the pain.

So put down your sword,
And put down your shield.
There is no glory here.
No honor to yield.

Close your eyes now, to rest.
And be taken on this bed.
May your spirit now be at peace,
If there is any peace, for the dead.

The Dawn of Reckoning:

These wings of black shed their feathers,
And blood shall rain from the sky.
Not of the innocent, but the wicked will weep.
For the streets shall be soused in crimson.

As darkness falls, we shall rise,
And in horror, they will run.
Teeming with fear shall they be.
An irony so sweet.

As they cower in the night, we will revel.
Revel in the light that will be brought forth
From the cries of malignant men,
And the cheers of the auspicious.

So arise my brothers, arise.
For we knock on Hell's door tonight.
Fly into Apollyon's abyss
With thy sword and spear raised.

Pierce this heart of darkness.
Bring peace to the fallen.
Bathe in the blood of evil.
Bathe in it's blood, tonight.


Defer to rejoice upon the refuse of war.
Riots occur daily during storms of wind and rain.
Throughout and within, they rage like a tempest.
They cry no longer in sorrow, but in delight.
Weary as they have become, their work remains unfeigned.
Peace now roams inside the halls of the lurid and obscure.
No longer bleak, is the pathway unto accord.

The Crowning Breath:

This vigil now burns brightly
As I embrace this scythe of petals into my flesh.
Why has no one yet told me?
I no longer see my breath.

The darkness stands before me.
I face it, all alone.
It's eyes never stop staring.
I feel now that I must go.

The cold wind now, takes me.
Into this gray winter sky.
These wings spread now, greatly.
And still no one has told me why.

Out of the darkness, I ascend.
Solemnly spiraling through the air.
The silver clouds rush by me.
To take a look down, I dare.

The stars now surround me.
Oh God, where have I gone?
I'm by myself now completely.
The darkness now, has won.

I open my eyes for the last time.
Gazing with horror at the scene.
The scarlet stains everywhere.
So it wasn't just a dream.


The radiant warmth cast upon me.
This vast expanse of happiness
Is my favorite place to be.
Accidentally found, was this riptide of beauty.

As I stand speechless, it moves farther away
Farther away and farther still.
My heart breaks.
And I am left devastated.

I wander amongst the shadows of sorrow.
Aimlessly moving my legs.
And they stop at the familiar sensation.
A warmth so long since felt.

I open my eyes for the first time
And find myself gazing upon you.
The smile that reflected what seemed to be the sun.
Was right in front of me all along.


A plague so terrible I could die.
No feeling, no hope.
Help me spread my wings and fly.
To hold you, is all I wish.

And at last, I am saved.
Finally absolved of this disease.
My savior, nowhere to be seen.
And I am pushed to the brink.

Resolute, no longer.
My bravery stripped away.
But then you appear again.
My guardian angel.

Your light shines upon me.
And in the warmth, I am delivered.
The horizon is so far away now.
The horizon is so far away.

The Betrayal:

He throws his life away, day by day.
His path writ in blood and iron.
Oh grave, where is thy victory?
A grand martyr you have made.
Death was the perfect way to end the charade.

A facade so sweet, no being would foresee.
An endless macabre cast upon them.
Lament engraved unto their once so blithe faces.
Was it worth what you have achieved?
The extinction of the innocent.

A new era approaches.
The zenith of the carnage elapsed.
Liberated, are the souls of the slaughtered.
Lifted is the bereavement from their shoulders.
Judas draws breath no more.

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