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The World Of Alos


The Empire of Enorin
The Kingdom of Sirgel

Introductions and Rules
Alos Character Sheet

Alos Characters

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2014-02-24 [Kbird]: thanks.

I cant find a good fire castle but I have two ice castles on the other computer..

2014-02-25 [yamisango]: Oh wow cant wait to see them

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/190343/1393302477.jpg>

2014-02-25 [Vhnori Valmos]: OH I love that! It even has a sheer ice wall! ^^ Im totally going to use that one, lol

2014-02-25 [yamisango]: That is so cool

2014-02-25 [Kbird]: Okay. ^_^

2014-03-01 [yamisango]: Any more pictures?

2014-03-01 [Kbird]: Hmm I'm still trying to find a good fire castle...are there any normal villages?

2014-03-03 [Vhnori Valmos]: Im still working on the other villages and city-states. Ive been a bit busy lately so I havent had much time to focus on the RP. Hopefully I can get back to work on it soon. ^^

2014-03-03 [yamisango]: Wish u could help

2014-03-03 [Kbird]: Okay.

2014-03-08 [yamisango]: Oops I ment I

2014-05-05 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ok everyone, I am very sorry for the long extended absence from this RP. Ive had sort of a really bad writers block which has prevented me from doing much more. However I think Ive come up with some new cool ideas for this Rp and if I can get it all sorted out I can finally get this world fleshed out! ^^ Expect quite a few changes and updates to this RP while I experiment with different layouts and whatnot.

2014-05-11 [yamisango]: Awesome I cant wait. Id be happy to help with the ideas if I was able to

2014-06-15 [Vhnori Valmos]: Woot got the backstory more refined and made it into an image to make it look more epic! lol

2014-09-01 [yamisango]: I like it. It looks and sounds great

2016-07-28 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Ooh, this looks cool!

2016-07-28 [Vhnori Valmos]: Yeah, sadly Ive not been able to work on it much due to what seems to be a lack of interest from others, and the fact that life for me has been tough so I havent had time to even finish building it, lol.

2016-07-28 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: That's a shame... I know how that feels. :(

2016-07-28 [Vhnori Valmos]: Yeah, hopefully soon I'll be able to pick this project back up and get it finished enough to be able to start RPing here. I have big plans for this place but its going to require more than just a few people. Which is hard to get since ET is kinda dying out, lol

2016-07-28 [Synirria]: I've had this page on watch for so long lol

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