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We can no longer put dragons for adoption.... it's stupid, I know, but we can't.

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[Nuktae-tal]: *leans against Theria since she was there.*

[The Dizzy Raven]: *growls* hey! lol

[Nuktae-tal]: *grumbles* what

[The Dizzy Raven]: eh... your leaning on me. lol

[Nuktae-tal]: no I'm not on [Mira Ravenheart]

[The Dizzy Raven]: *blinks* I wasn't talking about her... Don't lean on me. lol

[Nuktae-tal]: I wasn't leaning on you! I'm leaning on her!

[The Dizzy Raven]: then... why does it say Theria? XD!

[Nuktae-tal]: cause you both changed names on me!

[The Dizzy Raven]: I did? XD I'm theria. haha...or was lol

[Nuktae-tal]: well then I am... or was leaning on you

[The Dizzy Raven]: lol *shrugs* told you. XD

[Nuktae-tal]: don't change names! you ninni!!!

[The Dizzy Raven]: XD!!!!! okies
its a sad habit, I know

[Nuktae-tal]: my other friend does it all the time and it ticks me of royally!

[Mira Ravenheart]: *grins*

[Shikitty]: (( Magic Simplicity needs members! It is a magic school rp. Just go and look! If you're interested talk to [KnightAngel] ))

[Crystalwing]: lol

[CrystalBlaze]: kill me NOW

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