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Velithia Morningstar





[Vhnori Valmos]

Character Name: 

Velithia Morningstar, goes by Jackie in her human form.




16 human years


Velithia is a gentle and laid back young teenager with very human like tendancies due to being raised by humans for much of her life. However she has very strong protective instincts towards all animals and anyone she views as a friend or family member. For most of her life, she has never once felt any kind of hate or anger. Although the humans around her always get angry and agressive, she herself has never understood the reasons for that and always does her best to make people calm and happy.


She generally uses an oak and carbon fiber layered longbow(120 pound weight)


In her Vluara form, she is short(About 4' 11") and very obviously younger looking than other Vluara. She has bright sky blue eyes, with light robins egg blue skin and orange speckled dots(similar to freckles) dotting her face, neck, shoulders and upper body. She has long blonde hair with a light redish/orange hue that streaks through every strand of hair about half way down from the scalp and stops halfway to the tips.


Velithia was born on earth but lost both of her parents when she was only 2 years old. She was adopted by a human family who quickly learned that she wasnt human, however they still loved and care for her despite her differences. As she got older, she fell in love with singing and even learned that her voice attracted wild animals, to the point that her family always got upset at her for taking wild animals home since animals loved her. Early into her teen years, she met another Vluara for the first time and became good friends with them, learning as much as she could about where she comes from and who she is. A couple years later when she turned 16, the Xiox attacked her people and killed her human family after learning who she was.


She is a self taught archer, more for sport than anything.


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2016-07-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Okay, so I like her, but I have some notes:

1.) The Vluara are naturally peaceful people. Like they would never want to seek revenge or fight anything or anyone else, even if that other person has done them wrong. Even in self-defense, they try not to use violence, but rather try to disarm and detain. So her violent desire for revenge would have to mean she's at least half human, as humans have natural tendencies towards violence.

2.) I don't mind that you say her singing can calm people. Singing tends to do that in stressful situations. However, saying that her singing allows her to attract and control animals is a bit far fetched. The Vluara species only has one general talent, and that is the gift of camouflage. We have not yet discussed individual talents yet.

3.) I don't mind the longbow. I think that's actually a great touch (but again, if she were to actually have the desire to use it, it would mean she's not full Vluaran). However, I find the fact that she has access to all those kinds of poisons and toxins a little.... improbable. Unless, of course she went out and collected them and bottled them long before this attack occurred and has kept them stored until this moment? Other than that, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be going out hunting for black widows, puffer fish, or poison dart frogs (which aren't really indigenous to the area, either, BTW), or what have you. So unless she bought some of these poisons, or prebottled them, I doubt she'd have time to make them as a hobby, considering she's supposed to be running and hiding for her life.

Other than that, I think she's great.

2016-07-26 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Yeah I agree with that. She just needs a few small adjustments and then she's good

2016-07-26 [Vhnori Valmos]: Yeah, those are all good points that I kinda overlooked, lol. I have this habit of kind of going a bit overboard with some of my character creations, so the critisizm is good. Give me a bit and I'll alter those problems. ^^

2016-07-26 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ok I fixed her. Realistically, even if she had access to poisons and whatnot, she probably wouldnt even have time to make them since they take alot of cultivating and mixing properly just to make it work. She will probably only barely have time to make her arrows, much less anything else, lol.

2016-07-26 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Yeah she's good now :) I'll add her in

2016-07-26 [Vhnori Valmos]: Oops, had to quickly fix a little issue in her history, lol

2016-07-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Yes, much better! Though, because I'm OCD, I would also like her bio to be consistent appearance-wise with everyone else's. Do you mind..?

2016-07-26 [Vhnori Valmos]: Well I can at least make the layout the same. I cant really do much about an actual Vluara picture since im a horrible artist, lol. And im still looking for a good image of her human appearance.

2016-07-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: That's fine, you have the descriptions up for now, which works. But the centering, the borders, bolding of the section headers, and her name at the top in H2 italics would be nice. Lol. Or you can unlock the page and I'll do it up for you. :)

2016-07-26 [Vhnori Valmos]: I havent used the ET wiki syntaxes in awhile, so it would probably go quicker if you do it, lol

2016-07-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Okay, so you can start her anywhere, whenever you're ready. :)

2016-07-27 [Asdroth]: Is that a recurve, or a compound bow?

2016-07-27 [Vhnori Valmos]: Its a compound longbow with a bit more than double the draw weight of a standard adult bow. Shes not quite special enough to craft her own bows yet.

2016-07-27 [Asdroth]: Okay. Because 120 raw longbow would be just increatble for her to hold back in the ready position with no problem... And scare me.

2016-07-27 [Vhnori Valmos]: Shes well trained(and funny enough, self taugh), plus shes quite a bit physically stronger than the average human, especially now that the world has gone to shit. How do you think she got up on top of that billboard sign WITH her bow, arrows, and some food? Heres a hint, she didnt use any ladders. ^^

2016-07-27 [Asdroth]: O.0 oh my poor human. Lol.

2016-07-27 [Vhnori Valmos]: Just dont give her a reason to shoot you, lol

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