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Daily Art for June 4, 2003

June 4, 2003


Today's art is: "...bump in the night" by [allenp]

Today's art was nominated by: [Bonedust]

About the artist and why this picture was chosen for the daily picture:

This picture almost doesn't need my commentary. It truly speaks for itself, in a way that you can hear the snide chuckles of the subjects themselves. Adventuring goblin brothers Dreck and Kilk the Quick might not be as cute as their whimsical names, but they are certainly a display of excellent artwork. This intricate pencil drawing started out as a simple goblin sketch for [allenp], and turned out to, obviously, be far more. It's amazing how sometimes just trying to whittle out the image in your head onto your paper can become something so great, isn't it? They seek the Dragon Axe, said to be forged on the Anvil of the Sun, amid the carved corridors of the dwarves. It's such a perfect illustration, complete with chilling expressions and an excellent use of shadow and light. Needless to say, the artist claims this piece chalked up his drawing experience quite a bit!

Congratulations, [allenp] and keep up the good work!

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