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Daily Art for June 9, 2003

June 9, 2003


Today's art is: "Bile'Rah (Slashing Pain)" by [Avatar]

Today's art was nominated by: [skylie]

About the artist and why this picture was chosen for the daily picture:

There is a story behind this picture, a complex and compelling tale, and that's what I like most about it. It's not just some random piece of work; it has a deep and interlacing story behind those glowing eyes. Bile'Rah, the subject of this dark piece, is one of the enemies of the character Avatar, an enemy called an Apocolypse. The Apocolypses were brought into [Avatar]'s Battlefield project to be a match for the unmatched power for his namesake character. He would like to assure you that, despite their visage, they are not deamons, but humans, given deamon-like power because of their weapons. And the weapon in this picture is what ininially caught my eye. The red light cast over the intricate details on the axe is just a beautiful effect. This is not the original picture of Bile'Rah that had caught my eye (I believe I like the other better), but this is [Avatar]'s latest update with the piece.

Congratulations, [Avatar], and keep up the good work! -- [skylie]--

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