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Daily Art for July 11, 2003

July 11, 2003


Today's art is: "Completion of Metamorphosis" by [Sidhe]

Today's art was nominated by: [empty_]

About the artist and why this picture was chosen for the daily picture:

We all have sparks of inspiration that just make us take a seat somewhere and work our pencils, but for something like this to become the product of such a spark is the sign of a true talent. When [Sidhe] took a break from an exhibition on lazy Sunday, he started to sketch out a male. As is common with drawings, though, it soon began to change a bit, softening into a random female, and then changing more into the beautiful fairy we see now. Boredom can be an interesting muse, and metamorphesis often happens with a sketch. We start with one thing on our minds, and the product turns out to be something else, as this piece shows us. Male, female, or fae, it is lovely and breathtaking.

Congratulations, [Sidhe], and keep up the good work!

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2005-12-03 [Vou]: o.o That drawing is so freaking awesome!!

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