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Daily Art for July 18, 2003

July 18, 2003


Today's art is: "Friendship" by [Merle]

Today's art was nominated by: [Lavilla]

About the artist and why this picture was chosen for the daily picture:

This picture seems to perfectly capture the essence of friendship as shared on a grassy knoll, on a sunny day, with shapeshifty clouds floating overhead. After all, all adventurers need to take a break once in a while! These characters are from a story being composed by three Elftowners: [Merle] herself, and her friends [Supera-Bitcha!!] and [the Black Rose]. The characters are, respectively, an elfhobbit named Morgaine, a coragous elf called Náriël, and the tormented Lineyla. As [Merle] put it, they embody friendship "in the purest form," and one would be hardpressed to disagree. What really struck me about this picture, however, as little as it is, was Morgaine's finger, pointed at the sky as she brings something to her friend's attention. Many artists will agree what a pain hands are, but she's done such a good job on a difficult perspective that I just have to gawk in amazement.

Congratulations, [Merle], and keep up the good work!

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