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Jayme smiled warmly. "Alright then. I'd be happy to be yours." she said and leaned forward, kissing him lightly.

"That is a challenge." Addaline confirmed as she nuzzled him back just as gently.

John leaned in, pressing his lips against her warm, full ones. He'd honestly never felt this way about... Well... Anyone. This was different... This was warm, and sweet, and he didn't have to try so hard.

"Fine then. I'll be on the crutches all day." He nodded his head, accepting the challenge and kissed the top of her head.

Jayme almost fell forward as she leaned over the table. She flailed slightly and had to pull back, and couldn't help but to laugh.

Addaline rolled her eyes. "Oh Sherlock, I think you'll only last about 10 minutes." she said honestly.

John meeped and secured his arms around her, laughing lightly. "Are you alright?" He smiled, caressing her cheek.

"Then I will last all day." Sherlock reassured confidently. She underestimated the sheer power of his stubbornness.

Jayme blushed out of embarrassment and nodded. "Yeah, I'm alright." she said and smiled kindly.

Addaline again rolled her eyes. "Riiiiight." she said, she hardly believed he would last.

"You sure?" He smiled warmly, then looked up and thanked the man as he brought over their pizza.

"I will. Just because you doubt me, now I shall." He smiled and stepped out of the cab once it parked. He walked into Scotland Yard with a proud limp, rolling his eyes when he saw Anderson. "Good to have you back Sherlock!" Anderson smiled, genuinely glad to see the detective and slapped a hand on his shoulder. Sherlock tensed, his eyes rolling back for a moment and closing, before looking at the oblivious Anderson with a calm look of utter disdain.

Jayme nodded again and smiled kindly. "Yes, I'm sur- oh my god that looks awesome." she said, getting distracted.

Addaline followed after him with her hands in her pockets. When Anderson came over, she smiled, knowing he wasn't all that bad of a guy, though he was a moron. She grimaced as Sherlock's shoulder was hit. She wrapped her arm around the detective's waist. "He's injured there, Anderson. Don't mind the glare." she smiled.

John chuckled lightly and sat back down. "Yes it does... This place has fantastic pizza. I still want to go to New York though. I hear their pizza is delicious."

Anderson quickly pulled back his hand. "Oh! I'm so sorry Sherlock, I didn't mean-" "I know you didn't mean to. You would have done it much hader if you did. No, you're just an idiot who forgets when someone has been in the hospital."

Jayme smiled. "I can tell ya, the pizza there is amazing." she said. "But you need to try the fish in L.A." she said and gave a dreamy sort of roll of her eyes.

Addaline nudged Sherlock disapprovingly and made him sit down in a wheelchair.

"Fish? We'll have to go there sometime." John smiled and munched happily on the pizza. "You, Addaline, Sherlock and I should just take a road trip."

Sherlock stayed standing, his arms crossed. "Nope." He smirked, still standing. Anderson looked back and forth with them. "Sherlock, maybe you should sit down..."

Jayme nodded and smiled softly. "I agree. Though I have to say, I think Addy is happier here." she admitted.

Addaline stared hard at him. "Sherlock, you need to sit." she said. "It isn't even about our bet anymore. You're going to injure yourself further."

"Really?" John asked after swallowing a mouthful of pizza. "Are you sure it isn't just because Sherlock is here?"

"I'll be fine. You challenged me and I am going to prove to you I can do it. Anderson, get me a pair of crutches." "But-" "Please don't speak, Anderson." Anderson pouted but went off to get them.

Jayme took a bite of pizza and nodded. "I'm sure." she said, and continued before taking another bite. "Even before she met you guys, when she was asked to come here, she was immediately lit up. She hates America."

Addaline scowled slightly. "Sherlock, try not to be so harsh with him, he's trying." she said softly so Anderson wouldn't hear.

John laughed lightly. "I've never been. but it can't be as bad as Afghanistan or Iraq... It's ridiculous over there."

Sherlock looked at her. "What do you mean? This is the nicest I've been with him since we've met. I'm pretty surprised I haven't kicked him."

Jayme smiled sympathetically. "I've never been, but I can't even begin to imagine what it's like over there."

Addaline rolled her eyes and couldn't help but to smile. "I honestly don't think he's that bad. He just doesn't think sometimes. It's common amongst men." she said and wrapped her arm around his waist, since he looked like he was struggling to stay standing.

"Don't try to." John chuckled, keeping light hearted. "It's scary to even think about." His hand absentmindedly drifted to his shoulder.

Sherlock looked at her and kissed the top of her head. "The only time I don't think is when you steal the thoughts from my mind with your smile."

Jayme noticed it. "Is it bothering you? Being shot twice in the same shoulder must be a bitch." she said softly, taking his free hand into her own hands.

Addaline couldn't stop a small blush from creeping along her cheeks. "Oh shoosh." she said and nuzzled his chest gently, absentmindedly. She could feel holes drilling into the back of her head, and she knew it was Donovan, the dirty whore.

John looked at their hands and smiled, squeezing it lovingly. "No, just the thought it bothering me. I should know better than to leave myself open like that."

Sherlock chuckled. Sherlock: 1 for being a charming showoff.. he couldn't help but think. He felt the eyes on him and looked over. "Donovan, don't you have better things to do than stare with such disdain? Anderson is in the closet if you'd like to help him "tie his shoes"."

Jayme shook her head and smiled softly. "What's happened has happened, there is nothing we can change about it now, but we can learn."

Addaline shooshed him softly by putting a finger to his lips. "Don't bother with her. She's not even worth the wasting of your breath." she said and looked over her shoulder at Donovan as she was about to speak. "No, don't bother opening your mouth. I know you've been trying to turn Lestroodle against me. It won't work."

"Lestroodle?" Lestrade questioned from leaning on his doorway. "Where did you come up with that?"

"Yes we can. Next time I'll make sure to get shot in the other shoulder." He joked and laughed.

"It's an adorable nickname, is it not?" Sherlock looked over at Lestraud. "Have you seen Anserson? It shouldn't take him so long to get me those crutches."

Jayme rolled her eyes and smiled. "That won't be happening."

Lestrade looked at Sherlock, glad to see he was up and walking, but could tell he was in pain. "I sent him to get a wheelchair, thought it would be better."

"See? I told you." Addaline said.

"Are you going to make sure of that?" John smirked.

Sherlock grumbled and limped towards the closet. "He can't even obey a direct order." He muttered and pulled out two crutches from the small room.

Jayme nodded and took a bite of pizza. She smirked as she chewed on it, but she knew well that protecting him with all the shit he and Sherlock got into, well, it wasn't going to be easy.

Addaline and Lestrade both rolled their eyes. Addaline looked at Lestrade and sighed. "He's being stubborn because I don't think he'll last long on those, especially since his feet are hurting him and his shoulders are messed up as well."

John ate another mouthful of pizza and smiled. "You're in for a handful then. Sherlock might take that as a challenge."

Lestraud pinched the bridge of his nose. "Just let him. Trying to stop him will only make him sulk in his room for another three or four days."

"A challenge out of it? Like, trying to get you shot? Oh he better not." Jayme said.

Addaline sighed. "I'd rather him pout than to hurt himself more." she said with a deep frown. She was obviously worried about him.

"No, he'll just put me in danger to see if you can save me." John laughed. "I wouldn't worry about him though."

Sherlock used the crutches to walk in circles around the two. "Where's your solar system now, Lestraud?" "Sit back down, Sherlock." "Nope."

Jayme looked concerned, however. "Isn't it bad enough that you've gotten shot?" she asked.

Addaline rolled her eyes. "Just be careful and don't hurt yourself more, that's all I ask."

John shook his head. "Nothing is ever enough for him. Don't worry though, I'll make sure he behaves."

"I'm fine." Sherlock reassured with a grin. Anderson came back with a wheelchair and frowned when he saw Sherlock. "You really should sit down Sherlock..." "Shouldn't you be off doing something stupid?"

Jayme managed a smile. "I hope so. He seems like he can be a lot to handle..." she said and finished off her slice of pizza, grabbing another.

Addaline rolled her eyes slightly. "Thank you, but Sherlock is being insistant on using crutches." She said and looked over at Donovan, who was across the room glaring daggers at them.

"That, my dear, is an understatement. I'm still kinda baffled as to how Addaline can handle him." John smiled, taking a sip of his water.

Sherlock looked over at Donovan. "Dear, I would get you checked out. Herpes is a terrible thing. I hear they make excellent ointment for it though." He looked over at Anderson. "I'm glad you stopped seeing her before you caught it. Donovan says it itches like crazy."

"Wh-what!?" Donovan screeched.

Holmes pulled out his phone and brought up something. "I can't even believe you gave me herpes... It itches like crazy!" was heard on the phone. The woman's face burned and she stormed out.

Jayme smiled. "Addaline is like that. Unless she thinks shes the cause of something, she sticks with it until it gets sick of her." She said fondly.

Addaline snickered as Donovan stormed out. She patted Anderson on the shoulder as well. "I'm glad you smartened up in that aspect at least."

Lestrade ran his hand over his eyes and down his face. "You are all going to drive me to drink."

John smiled with that same fondness. "Perhaps then he'll become a little less unbearable."

Sherlock smiled cutely at Lestrade. "If you drink you're going to wreck your liver. That already happened to your father, please don't be a repeat of him."

"He's not that bad is he?" Jayme questioned with a slight smile. (I dreamed the Addy leaving cause he gets poop beaten out of him again. A year later John has no choice but to come find her because Sherlock had been drinking since she left. It was so bad he moved out of baker street and now cant be found)

Addaline smiled at Lestrade as his jaw dropped. "I would think you'd be used to him figuring things out without you telling him about it by noe."

(Yes.) "He is that bad." John laughed lightly. "And the worst part is, once you're his friend, you can't help but worry and worry and then he does something stupid and you feel.. Broken."

Sherlock shrugged a little and gave a "Fuck it" sort of face. "It's been what, 6 years?"

Jayme tilted her head. "Broken? How do you mean?" She questioned. She reached out and took one of his hands gently. He didn't seem broken, he just seemed tired.

"Seven." Lestrade corrected. "Seven long, painstaking years of you making me look and feel like a complete moron."

John looked at her hand, then up at her. He smiled sweetly. She just had such a welcoming look... A face he could trust. "I thought he died... And he just stayed dead for three years... I honestly didn't know what to do with myself."

Sherlock grinned lightly. "I did not make you look like a completely moron. I gave you a learning experience which, I'm proud to say, made progress."

Jayme frowned softly. "Then here he comes, out of the blue back into your life, turning it upside down." she spoke softly, understanding fully how he felt.

Lestrade rolled his eyes. "Don't let him fool you, Addaline. He made me seem like an incapable moron, though I suppose it's my fault for letting him." he said with a shake of his head.

Addaline smiled up at Sherlock. "I guess he does that to everyone." she winked playfully at him.

"I swear, he practices." John laughed lightly and shook his head.

"I did no such thing. You just gave the wrong information and I rightfully corrected you." Sherlock said simply.

Jayme smiled sympathetically. "Hopefully things will get better with Addaline being around." She sipped her water and smiled softly at him.

Before Lestrade could argue, Addaline interjected. "Now, about those case files you have for us." She asked.

"Right. There's quite a few of them, should keep you preoccupied until Sherlock can walk without any help." Lestrade commented, eyeing Sherlock in an unsure manner.

"I hope so. For his sake. I know it's better for me now that you're around." John smiled

Sherlock picked up the files and flipped through them, tossing them one by one behind him. "Dull. Dull. Dull... All of these have the answer."

Jayme couldn't stop a light blush from happening. "Me? How do I help any?" She asked.

Addaline shook her head. "Sherlock, I told you they wouldn't put you on a case right away."

"How do you mean, the answers are right here. Those are cold cases, Sherlock. Cold. Cases." Lestrade said, completely baffled.

"I haven't had someone, specifically a female someone, to bond with in a long time. They usually always leave because of my friendship with Sherlock." John explained softly.

"Only because I've been indisposed." He told Lestrade and looked at her. "Yes, but these are boring." He looked back at the detective inspector. "The DeVille case was obviously the husband. The missing child was kidnapped by the busdriver, he probably still has her alive, so I'd hurry on that if I was you. And the missing teen is hiding out with her boyfriend in Ireland."

"Fine. You're so bored? Go get the girl from the bus driver and the two terns in Ireland. I'm short on officers to send out. Addaline, care to go out into the field again as an officer accompanying him?" Lestrade asked, arms crossed over his chest.

Addaline shrugged and smiled. "As long as I don't get shot again, I think I'll be fine." She said and nudged Sherlock.

"Well that's stupid." Jayme said bluntly. "It's not like you cheat on them with Sherlock or something."

"Tally-ho." Sherlock grinned and propelled himself out the door with the crutches.

Anderson looked worried. "Lestrade, I really don't think that's a good idea.."

"They all thought I did." He laughed. "I don't know why everyone thinks I'm gay."

Lestrade shook his head when Addaline went after Sherlock. "You know how stubborn he is. Besides. Addaline will watch over him."

Addaline followed after Sherlock quickly. "You think you're up for the travelling?" She asked

Jayme shrugged. "Perhaps because a friendship like what you have with Sherlock is uncommon." She suggested.

Anderson shook his head and smiled a little.

"I'm always up for traveling if it makes me not bored." Sherlock hailed a cab, nearly falling over, then got in and scooched over for her.

"The only thing uncommon about it is that we're friends." He chuckled.

Addaline reached out and steadied him as he almost lost his balance, and followed him into the cab. "Perhaps we should warn John that we're going to be gone a while." She suggested.

Jayme shook her head and smiled. "I don't know about that. You two seem to be a good pair." She said, not trying to make it sound like they were a couple, but doing so accidentally anyways.

"Naah. Let John enjoy his time with Jayme. If I worry him, he'll only want to come to my rescue." SHerlock smiled fondly and leaned back in his seat.

John knew what she meant and smiled. "We do, in a way. But the way he is, not many people would expect him to have friends. Let alone a best friend."

Addaline nodded and leaned back as well, nuzzling into his shoulder, leaning against him gently. "That, I can agree with. I think they're doing well together."

Jayme smiled. "He has plenty of friends. Doesn't matter if he seems the type or not. People are so judgmental."

Sherlock kissed the top of her head, suppressing the need to wince away. "I think so too. I say it takes about 2 years and 4w days for them to have a baby."

"When I met him? Not exactly... He had acquaintances. I was his only friend." John said, remembering those days.

"Wow. That's saying a lot considering Jayme doesn't like kids all that much. We've talked about such things before, but she was the one that was always like, 'I'll have kids with the one, once I find him, though he'll have to do a lot of begging'." Addaline smiled softly, though she never mentioned what she thought about having kids, which was along the same lines as her cousin.

Jayme's eyebrows knitted together. "Really? Wow. I can't imagine how lonely he must've been before you..." she said softly, feeling a pang of sympathy for Sherlock.

Sherlock gave that amused smirk and shook his head. "John is the same way. He'll probably wait until she's ready and then bring up the subject."

John paused. He never really thought about it. "... I'm not sure. I think he'd keep himself occupied and not notice it really."

Addaline chuckled. "Oh what I would give to be a fly on the wall when that happens." She said with a light smile and gently wrapped her arm around his. She knew he was still sore, so she was doing her best to be careful.

"There must have been times he noticed. Hell, he talked to a skull." Jayme said with a smile. "And what about you? I read your blot when you thought he was dead. You just seemed so.. lonely." Jayme said softly, hoping she didn't cross a line or anything.

Sherlock wrapped an arm around her waist, caressing her hip with the tips of his fingers. He kissed her neck gently. "I could install a webcam in their room. Or a recorder."

John laughed lightly at the mention of the skull. "Point..." He never thought Jayme was crossing a line. He felt unusually comfortable talking to her. "I suppose I was... He was my best friend and I lost him in the most horribly dramatic way anyone could imagine. I really didn't want to believe he was dead but.. well.. Three years."

Addaline smiled at him and couldn't help but to shiver lightly under his touch. "She would find it. Jayme has a knack for finding such things."

Jayme nodded. "Three years is a long time. Hell, a year is a long time. Addaline runs off when things get bad. She ran off when we were ten, and was gone for three months. She somehow managed to go to Alaska on a bus."

"Not if it's embedded in their wall and covered with a painting." he shrugged.

John raised a brow. "... Didn't you two live in New York? How'd she manage to get to Alaska?"

Addaline chuckled and kissed his neck gently. "I wouldn't want to end up watching them in a private moment. John is my friend, and Jayme is my cousin. That would just be weird."

Jayme chuckled. "Like I said, somehow she managed it. She would've came here if the plane would've let her."

Sherlock shrugged. "It would just be research." He said simply, still not really getting the social Que.

John laughed lightly. "Sherlock really does have his hands full... Perhaps it'll even them both out.

Addaline shook her head and chuckled. "I think it will be better if we don't." She said as the cab stopped at Baker Street. "Keep her running. We won't be long." She said to the cabbie and got out. She got to Sherlock's door and opened it for him before he knew what was going on.

"I hope so. She needs someone to hold her down." Jayme said, both of them unknowing of the semi near future in store for Sherlock and Addaline.

Sherlock was confused when they stopped at Baker Street. "... What are we doing here? We have to retrieve the girl?"

John nodded. "And he needs someone to not think he's a freak.. Besides me, of course."

"We might be a few days, depending on how long it takes to find them." Addaline said with a grin. "We will need clothes."

Jayme rolled her eyes. "Addaline is the last person to think that, since she's got the mindset like he does."

"Ah." Sherlock said, nodding at the logic. He still was a little suspicious, but got out of the cab and slowly made his way to the door.

He smiled warmly. "Enough about them though. What would you like to do for the rest of the day?"

Addaline walked with him, keeping a close eye on him since he seemed so unstable. "Don't look so weary. We won't be long. It'll take what, two, three days to find her?"

Jayme shrugged slightly. "I'm not sure. Wanna go see a movie or something?" Jayme suggested with a sheepish grin.

"One in a half." He said, looking at the stairs dreadfully. He made his way up them, cringing at the pressure under his arms.

"Movie sounds fantastic. What kind? Horror, love, comedy..?"

Addaline watched and grimaced for him since he seemed to be in pain. "Would you like some help? She offered as she followed him.

Jayme shrugged. "I like everything. Pick two when we get there and flip a coin?" She suggested again with a grin.

Sherlock shook his head, still trudging on like a champ. "Thank you, but I can manage."

He smiled and nodded. "How's about... Superman? Or Iron man.."

Addaline wasn't so convinced, since she hated seeing him in so much pain. However, she kept her mouth shut. Luckily, they were in 221B and not 221A.

"Oooh. I haven't seen either of those yet. I'm not a big Iron Man fan, but I do like Superman."

Sherlock got into the flat and opened the door. He loved coming home to this flat... It was better than going home to a hospital room. He walked to his room, grabbing a duffle bag and some clothes.

John nodded. "Did you know I am Superman?" He grinned cutely.

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2013-03-30 [Piercedskull]: Sherlock chuckled and gently wiped the paint away from her eyes. ”I can do that afterwards.” he said smoothly. ”I helped create this mess, I should help clean.”

Jim smirked. ”Found my cocoa stash I see... Hot chocolate on a rain day? Sounds lovely..”

2013-03-30 [Piercedskull]: ”Cleaning doesnt always have to be boring. We can put music and dance as we do.” he joked, freeing ner eyes of the paint.

Jim walked.over, pinning him to the counter. ”Oh Im sure you'll find out plenty as time goes by...”

2013-03-30 [Piercedskull]: Sherlock gently let go of her face. ”That won't do. I insist that you take the bed.”He said, crossing his arms as if that was that.

”Of course. you're aiding me to Sherlock's demise... besides. I could just kill you if you betray me.” he grinned. ”And we wouldnt want that...”

2013-04-01 [XxTsomexX]: Need more spaces but until then... Jameson/Jim post:

Jameson's face turned a dark shade of crimson as he felt Jim's wandering hand. "Y-yes, you-I-we could do that..." he stuttered. He had heard that the first time doing Sex was painful, so it made him a bit worried.

2013-04-02 [Piercedskull]: He flinched slightly as she caugt anstrand of hair wrong, but smiled when he was kissed. ”Not with any exes or anything?” Sherlock asked softly.

”You naughty thing you. But at least you're honest.” he nuzzled his neck

2013-04-02 [XxTsomexX]: "If I were honest to Addaline, she'd probably kill me herself. Murdered her high school love, shot her to get her off the force so she wouldn't get to the evidence of that murder... you know." Jameson said with a slight shrug.

2013-04-06 [XxTsomexX]: I need more spaces but I'll answer here:

As John and Sherlock spoke with each other, Addaline moved up with the blanket and nuzzled Sherlock's neck gently, and couldn't help but to grin. "Nice seeing you John." She chuckled as John left. When he was gone, she looked at Sherlock with a smile, kissing his jaw lightly. "He's a good friend. He probably thought you were being hurt or something, and that's why he came rushing in." She purred softly.

2013-04-11 [Piercedskull]: Sherlock nodded. ”Hopefully she'll listen to reason.... I miss her terribly.” he looked so sad, curling up on

2013-04-22 [XxTsomexX]: ?

2013-04-25 [XxTsomexX]: <img:>

Addaline's cousin, Jayme. Following John's blog, just like Addaline.

John pair up :3

2013-04-25 [Piercedskull]: Jayme, Jameson and Addaline.

2013-04-25 [XxTsomexX]: Yup. You can tell who is adopted.

2013-04-29 [XxTsomexX]:

2013-05-08 [Piercedskull]: John shyly removed his clothes. He had nothing to hide, but he was a proper Brit and wasnt usually exposed like this.

2013-05-22 [XxTsomexX]: Time skip indeed :)

2013-05-22 [Piercedskull]: Squee!

2013-05-24 [Piercedskull]: ”I am the lucky one...” he chuckled and planted gentle kisses on her collarbone. ”I missed it too... I was going out of my mind with out you being so close...” he looked up to her. ”I was worried you would never trust me again.”

”I don't mind.” he chuckled. He was taken by surprise as their lips met, but he pressed back, placing his hand on her neck.

2013-05-25 [Piercedskull]: Sherlock winced as she rolled them and kissed her tenderly. ”I know...” he leaned down, kissing her neck gently.

John kissed her with a gentle passion, caressing her neck.He felt her nervousness and let her take the lead.

2013-05-25 [Piercedskull]: ”No, its alright. I'm fine.... Just moved too quickly.” he kissed jer forehead,nibbling her neck.

”Missing out on what? Kissing?” he chuckled. ”Have you never been kissed?”

2013-06-03 [Piercedskull]: ”We'll find out won't we?” he said in a sultry voice and a clever grin. ”Or I'll just have Lestraud send me a.wheelchair and wheel myself around.” He stretched a bit.

”She doesn't have to.” John called, shooting the guy in the back multiple times.

2013-06-03 [Piercedskull]: ”You can't stress yourself either, love..” He said sweetly, caressing her cheek. I am perfectly capable of rolling myself around.”

John covered his mouth and tried not to laugh, instead yelping as he was shot in the back.

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