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07 June 2005


Brought to you by: [Ferah] (artist) and [nurendel] (nominator)

Our Dreamplace...

"It is our "dreamplace", the place where our dreams meet as we can sit together as our thoughts will be connected there at night. Since she and I live a bit from together, it would be hard to visit her with school and all but I will with vacation, so I feel this is a way there being for her, and I think she made this, since we both had the same image of the dreamplace without saying it to each other, and she drew it to make me realize how important that spot is to her." - [nurendel]

Who better than the friend it was drawn for to describe the simple beauty of this piece? The watercolours lend to the dreamy feel and the poses speak of friendship and good times shared. Bravo!

Congratulations [Ferah]!
--[Rennie] and [Yuriona]--
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2006-03-28 [Pranay]: Wonderful coloring style, its really a dream place.

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