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So you want to nominate someone to be on the Featured Art? We are very glad that you think this person deserves to have their art showcased, but first we must ask that you follow a few ground rules:

1. You may not nominate your own artwork or use multiple accounts to nominate yourself. If caught doing so there are Severe Consequences. However you may ask a friend to nominate you.

2. The image must follow the uploading art rules. This especially includes the rules regarding copyrighted material. The piece can be any media including photography, sculpture and even premade patterns like needlepoint or paint by number. As long as the work was done by the nominee, it will be considered for the Featured Art.

3. The image must appear on Elftown, by an Elftown artist.

4. Make sure you're nominating a specific picture, not the artist in general. Be specific in your description on why you think it should be nominated so that when the image is considered, we know exactly which one you mean. If the artist has numerous pieces you like and you just can't choose, let us know and we'll try to choose a good one on your behalf.

5. While there's nothing against nominating an artist twice, please keep in mind that we like to give everyone a chance, and if you are nominating an artist after they've already been featured a first time, they will not be considered for a very long time.

6. The picture should be uploaded to Elftown either on the nominated member's house or on a wiki page belonging to the nominated member. If it isn't uploaded to Elftown however, it can still be nominated but one of the Featured Image Bosses will upload it on behalf of the nominee.

7. Each nomination must include the following information:

Nominee: The house name of the nominated artist
Nominator: That's you. Since it's a message, I'll have your name, no need to leave it.
Info: Detailed description and the reason you are nominating this picture, as well as any additional information that would help in writing the official description. We want to hear why you like a picture and why you think it should be featured but we won't turn down any nominations just because the reason is very simple i.e. I like the colours.

8. Please be patient. The Featured Image Bosses have a long list of nominees to work through and we will get to all nominations eventually. Pestering them about a nomination will not get them to post it any quicker.


Now that you've read through the rules, you're ready to nominate!
To do so, either use to Featured Art forum: <joinforum:2054:nominatenow> (Featured Art Nominations) or contact [Nioniel] or [Stephen] directly via private message. Just send in your nomination in the form of a message (no guestbook entries, please!), and they'll get to work as soon as they receive it. If you're nervous about contacting a perfect stranger in a private message just head to the Featured Art Nominations forum and place your nomination there! Click here:: <joinforum:2054:nominatenow> (Featured Art Nominations) !

Any questions? Ask [Nioniel] or [Stephen]!


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2004-06-01 [bow]: i think ImmortalLove should get a nomine thing for her pic of orlando bloom thats on her page. because it looks so real and for a pencil sketch it looks like she had no mistakes and never had to earase i think this show just how good some artists on here are

2004-06-02 [Kaimee]: you might want to re-read the rules [bow], icluding where youre meant to sent the entries.

2009-01-09 [Hedda]: 6 doesn't make any sense anymore as the image can be on a wiki-page too.

8 can be removed, I think.

I don't dare to touch this page as I don't know anything about it though.

2009-01-09 [Yuriona]: Updated. ^_^ Thanks for the heads up on the outdated stuff.

2009-06-13 [Teufelsweib]: I guess it wouldn't be any harm to add somewhere on this page that 'art' contains besides pencil and digital art, also photography and other media (to make it clear, since apparently not everyone is aware of that yet)

2009-06-15 [Yuriona]: Ok, I've added a bit to rule two so people know that all media will be accepted as long as the nominee did the work i.e. put the paint on the paint-by-number. We will still have to watch for stolen images though, especially with photographs.

I also took the liberty of removing unnecessary comments from the page. Anyone who wishes to discuss the validity of certain artistic mediums should do so in the Featured Art forum (which isn't just for nominations ya know): <joinforum:2054:nominatenow> (Featured Art Nominations)

2010-02-25 [Hedda]: [Kaimee]: What happened to the usage of wikiimg on Mainstreet? I like that! I want to comment when I see the image, so when I click on it, I want to come to the wiki-page.

2010-02-25 [Hedda]: I fixed it now so that we'll get more comments on the piece.

2010-02-25 [Kaimee]: Thankyou ;) I was a sleepy kaimee last night.

2010-10-17 [Kyrinn]: We need to update the Image Bosses on this page. :P 
I needed to try to be official anyway and fixed it. lol

2010-10-17 [Kaimee]: Great! xD

2012-01-10 [wicked fae mage]: There's no rule up against it so I'll inquire: are we allowed to nominate art that is entered in an unofficial contest?

2012-01-10 [Nioniel]: I think so. :)

2014-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: No more girly featured art! Feature that one pic of [spider]'s or something!

2014-10-04 [Nioniel]: [spider] is already one of the Featured Painters, but if you'd like to see more of their work featured, please submit your nominations (if you have any) through either PMs or by using the appropriate forum.

2014-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: No.

2015-02-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Featured Art needs a comment box. Also, 50% (19) of the last 38 featured works show a female, whereas only 13% (5) of them show a male, none of which appear very masculine. Of the artists themselves, 82% (31) have been female, 16% (6) male, and 2% (1) unknown.

Three of these 38 prominently displayed flowers. Other feminine features included bunnies, seashells, hearts, and rainbows.

Only two had demon looking things.

Just sayin'.

2015-05-09 [Stephen]: Featured Art doesn't have a comment box because the pictures change from time to time so the comments would quickly out date and we'd rather people actually message artists about their work. It also prevents troll-type members from pointing out flaws in the art, since Featured Art isn't meant to be art critique.

By all means nominate something that's not pretty and fluffy looking if you feel so inclined. :P

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