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The #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Shaped Charge Warhead


The #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Shaped Charge Warhead

If you need to smash the dwarven-made locks on the gates of Lothlórien asunder, launch this! (if you want to launch said warhead, you've gotta sign the petition linked on the briefing page, which is linked in my own campaign-related "title", or you can pray an imprecatory prayer against the downtime that Elfwood is currently experiencing since either 2016 or 2018!) This will one day enable us to reclaim and secure Elfwood for all.

DISCLAIMER: The Elfwood logo printed on the MEOA Shaped Charge Warhead is only used for identification purposes (of a fundamental part of the campaign's name and the target site) and is traced from scratch.

[gdm413229], founder and leader of the #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Campaign.
/ [gdm413229]

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