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Written about Wednesday 2006-04-12
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Fool For Love

I had just got a magazine and I was on the phone with Amber when I spotted a fill in the blanks pre-written story. Amber filled in the blanks before I read her the story:)

I've been crushing hard on Brett for months! He's like candy corn and mango put together. But he doesn't seem to know I'm alive, so I've got a fluffy plan to change all that. I went to the mall to get myself a super hot toe sock, but they only had my size in brown and I wanted it in black, so I bought it a size too small. The next day before school, I spent 4 hours on my hair and makeup. I even used my lotion that smells like strawberries, but I think it was kinda old because it smelled more like mozarella. By this time, I was running late. I quickly splashed on some pine-sol and Rachel McAdams perfume and hoped they went well together. When I got to school, andrew young stood next to me and said, "Something smells like a rotten chicken stir-fry sandwcich." Gosh Darnit! Then the bell rang just as I was flinging, so I had to slowly run to class. My outfit was so small that I could hardly move adn I fell right on my eyebrow! It hurt so badly, I cried like a drumset. When I got up, I realized I'd ripped my pink halter top open and my sideburn was totally sticking out. Of course, that's when my crush rapidly walked by and said, "Something smells watery!" He looked right at me with his flamingo eyes and gave me a steep smile. Well, I guess my plan worked, at least he noticed I'm alive.
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