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Written about Tuesday 2009-01-13
Written: (4911 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2009-01-13
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Written about Friday 2008-02-08
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*sigh*... Oi...you know what I hate...how easy it is tp become attracted and then to like someone more than a friend... I've had my girlfriend for over a year...yes...it goes down hill a lot but then it also goes uphill...but it's just strange...on monday at school I met this gorgeous chick and well, sadly I have started to like her...Mind you, I'd never cheat or anything like that...it just hurts knowing that I like other people as well, I know it's standard human emotion...but still. On the bright side I guess some asshole of a friend of mine blurted out that i thought she was hot and that i liked her right near her... so a lil while l8r I found out shes happy being single...which is good I mean theres no stress on me or anything...but yea...she has this adorable lil noise she makes when she seems scared and just I dunno...shes a great friend especailly for knowing me only since the start of this week. Well, if you want...comment... But for those who will comment, I have a question for you...

This girl, at the start of the week, did not like hugs ok...now on tuesday, i gave her a hug, along with wednesday and today... now. she may not like hugs but shes accepting them... now heres the strange part...I was standing in the hall when all of the sudden,. BAM! I hit the floor because the girl glomped me... now how does someone go from not liking hugs to glomping you . Could that mean something? I dunnp, you decide..:)...Night peepz

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Written about Saturday 2006-12-16
Written: (5669 days ago)

k this is just a few poems I wrote oneday in math class. Each only took 5 mins so they probaly aint too good but k here goes

Halloween Fright:

On this day
once a year
your worst fright
your greatest fear
shall engulf you
try to run
try to escape
you hide in bed
but whats that creek
Look under your bed
get ready to run
because you are experiencing
the halloween fun
your fears of ghosts, ghoulies,
monsters, zombies
hellish creatures stalk the night
waiting to give you
a great big fright
You scream and run,
the small cry in vain
the strong are outmatched
the weak are already dead
you hide from the skeletons
and the boogieman too
but do not fret
for if you survive
the unleashment of hell
for the night it lasts you
will have treats galore
on halloween...

By: Ray aka Xx.Angelic.xX Xx.Scars.xX

the next one is...


Some dreams are good,
some dreams are bad,
some dreams torture the person,
some dreams fuel the weak,
Dreams are a portal Which leads to many things,
an escape from the pain of reality,
some people dream of earthquakes,
some people dream of hurricanes,
tidal waves and pouring rain,
in dreams,
you can be lead to a place of peace
and happiness or it can lead you to a place
of Destruction, pain, payment,
and ridicule
some involve brutality among the enemy
some on the weak
much suffering is at stake
running, screaming, crying out into the depths
and darkness of the dream
die for your mistakes
be swallowed in your pain
as you twist and turn and suffer
you eventually awake and gather yourself to know
...it was but a dream...

By: Ray aka Xx.Angelic.xX Xx.Scars.xX

and finally

The Shadows:

The shadows consume,
the shadows fall,
the shadows progress over all,
the shadows hide,
the shadows show
the shadows hide
emotion wounds it has consumed
There I wait hiding in despair
hiding in pain
hiding and waiting
the shadows take
the shadows hold
the secrets from a broken soul
will there be a true savior
to join with the shadows
to mend the wounds of
the hidden broken, and shaken
saddened and depressed
dark soul that...resides in me

By: Ray aka Xx.Angelic.xX Xx.Scars.xX

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