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Written about Wednesday 2009-10-14
Written: (5365 days ago)

1. Smoked a cigarette: Ayup
2. Smoked a cigar: Nope
3. Snorted coke: Nope
4. Smoked Weed:Nope
5. Been high: Nope
6. Had sex: Not with a guy...
7. Said "I hope you die" to someone: Ayup
8. Tried to kill someone: Nope
9. Tried to kill yourself: Ayup
10. Got in a fist fight: Nope
11. Lied to your parents: Ayup
12. Given someone a bruise: Ayup
13. Ditched someone: Ayup
14. Freak danced: AYUP!
15. Stole something: Ayup
16. Cut yourself: Ayup
17. Skipped school: Ayup
18. Hung up on someone: Ayup
19. Threw up at school: Ayup
20. Done someone elses make-up: Ayup
21. Kissed someone of the same sex: All the time
22. Had a burping contest: Nope
23. Snuck out: Ayup
24. Been to a school dance: Ayup
25. Thought your teacher was hot: Nope

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